Hard to Hide

Our personality can say so much about our goals in life.

From an early age, most of us are taught to write. It is a requirement for expression within our schools and for interaction in society.  We have all learned to join up our letters. 


“As long as we are studying penmanship in school or at home it is a merely mechanical operation; we simply follow the copy-book or the blackboard letters written by the instructor, but after we have mastered the art of penmanship, we become independent and write and form letters of the alphabet to suit our personal taste and ability. Our hand then becomes the unconscious instrument of our brain and merely transcribes into letters, words and sentences, the active thoughts as they are formed…. We find just as many different kinds of handwriting as there are people.”

 ~Hugo J. von HAGEN 

Graphology: How to Read Character from Handwriting, 1919


True Graphology, is a complicated business. It requires meticulous measurement using special rulers, statistical analysis, and a lot of time to analyse the handwriting of one individual. 

Our personal script says so much about us… it is like a window into our soul.

I have only attended a couple of informal lectures on Graphology, so don’t know much, but I have learned enough that I can see that there is some merit to it by  looking at my own handwriting. I include it here so that you can look at it too. It is a quickly produced piece so that my traits show up best. 

Of course, I use unruled, plain white paper. There must be no guiding constraints to a true handwriting sample. Everything matters. The space, the style, the pressure, and even the choice of pen.


I will share with you on the next post what my handwriting reveals about me, but perhaps you can guess? Am I introverted, or extroverted? Am I generous or mean? Am I secure, or insecure? Can you rely on me, or am I self-serving. Am I ruthless or gentle?

Am I a world saving hero, or a shrinking violet? Do I want to be in your life close and in your personal space, or am I distant and uninterested? Do I care about you, or do I care about me? Am I fun, or a misery guts?

All will be revealed soon. I can tell you that I am not perfect! 😂 

Graphologists have had a field day with most leaders and celebrities of the world. Their handwriting says so much about them… And some couples (in relationships) can have similar looking signatures. Shockingly so in some cases.

Have a look… Do you recognise this couple?


But some close relationships can also show opposite characteristics in the  handwriting, meaning that we can either complement each other ( a positive relationship) or find conflict ( a negative relationship). Who do you think these signatures belong to, and do you see complementing each other, or conflict? 


There are a lot of positive aspects as well as negative aspects to each characteristic writing style… It shows that we have a choice to be either positive or negative in our lives, and that is really important, because there’s a little wiggle room for change.

Graphology is not a science. It falls far enough outside of an absolute, not to be allowed in law courts (like the lie detector test). But occasionally, Graphologists might be called in to give police an idea of the type of person they might be dealing with in some unsolved cases. Writing traits can show the psyche of a potential criminal, and let police know what kind of person they might be investigating. 

Our writing is unique, but so is our Signature…


Our signature is what we put out to the world to say who we are publicly (rather than our private image which is only shared with close friends and family). It is generally more stylized to suit what we wish to project, rather than what we actually do with the rest of our  more emotive writing style. 

What do you think that your handwriting says about you?

Watch this 2 minute video. It might help you decide.

Under Whispering Trees


Ever since I can remember, trees and plants have meant so much to me. My first real memory in a garden was as a tiny 18-mth-old toddler, visiting my grandparents. It was Spring and the daffodils and tulips were in bloom. I remember moving along a concrete and stone path, as fast as my wobbly little legs could carry me, toward a brilliant red tulip. I remember… I wanted to smell it. It did have a subtle scent; slightly sweet, like rain. My grandfather, observing, was so intrigued by my single-mindedness, that he captured the moment on his old ‘Brownie’ black and white camera. I bent ever so delicately, without touching the bloom, to sniff-in, a long slow reverie. I was inconsolable when taken back indoors. I wanted to be in the garden. Lots of tears and I struggled terribly when picked up against my will. 


Growing up, I spent more time in my garden than indoors. I would examine caterpillars, ladybugs, worms (apparently I was fascinated with them as a toddler), and I would have my hands in the soil more often than not. Night time journeys in the back of the car, I would stare longingly at the trees that loomed up in the headlights like sentinels along the road. I would spend hours deciding if they were friendly or not. Most were. 

I grew,  At age 8, I tried to convert our wooden garden shed into my own house for me and my collection of pet insects. At age 10, a school mate (he is now my husband) gave me an acorn he had found. He later gave me some maggots (I think to scare me), but I loved the gift, so the joke fell flat. At age 11, I would leave that school, and not see him again for another 36 years. I kept the acorn for a while, and then planted it.


“The creation of a thousand forests

is in one acorn.”

― Ralph Waldo Emerson

A friend’s mother watched me once in my early  teenage years,  her daughter and I would go into their garden, and I would tell my friend how to talk to the flowers. We would walk solemnly around the garden, addressing all the plants with “hello, how are you today?” She told me years later that she had been very worried about me, thinking that I was an abnormal child. Maybe she was right. My mother had a nervous breakdown after my birth, and she always told people that I was evil. I was an intuitive child. My Grandfather recognised it. I think my Mother was scared by it. 

“It is not so much for its beauty that the forest makes a claim upon men’s hearts, as for that subtle something, that quality of air that emanates from old trees, that so wonderfully changes and renews a weary spirit.”

― Robert Louis Stevenson

Mine is not an unusual story and I have always been a tree-hugger kind of person. I love to touch and talk to trees silently in my mind… society is not kind to people who appear to be talking to ‘nobody,’ so I keep my secrets hidden. 

We are all born with an innate sense of what brings us life. Unfortunately, it is mostly educated out of us. I was different. My Mother was too sick, and my Father too busy to take much notice of me. Sisters were older, and had little time for a sibling so much younger. I was left in charge of my own thoughts. I did not find school enthralling, but perhaps that was good because  I never lost my sense of wonder at the magic in nature.


Trees are the most long lived life form that we have (if they are left to grow to full maturity). ‘The Fortingall Yew’ in Scotland is Britain’s oldest tree (nearly 2,000 years old). Yews are considered to be sacred trees. First worshipped by druids, Yews were considered to be able to rejuvenate and resurrect themselves (when a dying tree branch touches the ground, it will root and start a new tree). Christians adopted them for obvious reasons, and to also appease the Pagan communities. The oldest Yews in Britain are always in church graveyards where there is a reluctance to remove them.


The next most iconic tree, is the oak. There is a great oak tree in Sherwood Forest (fabled home of Robin Hood). It is thought to be between 800 and 1000 years old. The rest of the Forest was felled, replaced by a pine monoculture. The Great Oak is now held aloft with scaffolding and cordoned off from people. As a child, though, I stood inside the hollow of the tree which could hold at least 6 adults inside its hollow trunk. Access was through a narrow slit in the outer bark. I loved the feeling of being inside a tree. I wanted to be there by all by myself. I was really sad when my mother joined me inside. The Great Oak has since become frail and the tree is in now danger of collapse. With all of the other Oak trees removed, it has become starved and lonely. I have never been back to see it, even though I easily could, I do not want to see it in distress. 

Oaks are my favourite trees, but I love all trees. They hold the secrets to life and provide the earth’s natural air conditioning and protection from the sun. They provide nuts and fruits, and some have edible leaves and flowers. They provide shelter from winds, capture and release moisture in the water cycle, and give themselves up each autumn, replenishing the soil with nutrients for fungi, microorganisms, small invertebrates, beetles, wasps, bees, and other insects that make their homes in our soil. The trees themselves can be home to insects, lizards, squirrels, primates, snakes and birds, making a tree one of the most sharing lifeforms on the planet. A thousand lifeforms can live in a tree. 

And the trees can communicate as this short piece explains…

I hate to see them felled, but trees can  provide us with timber for homes, firewood and mulch for soil conditioning. We should use these resources sparingly though.

“A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people.” 

― Franklin D. Roosevelt

Forests have disappeared in ever increasing numbers, for agriculture, cattle farms and paper and biomass production. We humans have lost the connection of what trees really mean to our lives. There are calls for forest regeneration, but the ideas seem to have monocultures in mind, to cage the trees by species, rather like we cage animals. This is not natural. It is just an excuse to use the trees, rather than care for their spirit. 

I want to see real forests regenerated where they have been clear cut for agriculture. I wonder if you feel the same? Can we bring life back to our planet.

Some people have already proved that cleared forest can be regenerated and still provide some income for local people.

We certainly need actions. I am hopeful. I keep talking to the Trees, I hope that we can save them. Do you think that we can? 


Under Whispering Trees ~ A magical reverie in the forest


Oh, and  before I forget, Joseph (the young man in Kerala, India, that I chatted with the other day on Twitter), sent me a picture of his forest home.


One potato, two potato, three potato, four…


When you woke up this morning, what was your first awareness? Was it a thought, a sound, bright light, what?

Mine was sound. I listened. Birds were singing; Blackbird, Crow, Finches and a Wood Pigeon. Not the dawn chorus, but enthusiastic nevertheless, at 7:00 am on a sunny morning. Next awareness, my husbands radio (always playing BBC radio 4) with the hourly news report. Then an airplane noise overhead. As I opened my eyes, light streamed in, forcing me to wakefulness. Blue sky and bright sunshine greeted me as I opened the curtains, listening to a report on the news to implement a plan to plant millions of trees worldwide to mitigate CO2 from the atmosphere…

Looking out the window onto tree-lined scrubby land filled with small brown butterflies and hover flies, it is hard to believe that there is a problem with our world.

If only all mornings could be this perfect for everyone?

One potato, two potato, three potato, four…

A game from my young childhood began playing in my head. As friends, we’d giggle in the playground, starting a game of hide and seek tag. “One potato, two potato, three potato four” … the appointed leader would use her rolled up fist to bump each of our own in turn… “five potato, six potato, seven potato, more… You’re it!” The eighth person that she chose, was ‘It.’

So ‘It’ would turn away and hide her eyes for a count of 10 seconds at a designated home base, while the rest of us ran away and hid. “Coming! Ready or not,” ‘ It’ would warn. She then used stealth, cunning and speed to find us, and tag us with another fist bump. If we got back to home base, we were safe from the tag. If not, we became the next ‘It.’ This endless game was social, competitive, fun and removed pent up tension from sitting too long in class. Even shy little weedlings like me enjoyed this game along with the extrovert types. We all got along, no one argued. When you were tagged, it was your turn to be the catcher. You were in charge, but only until you passed the tag onto the next person. It was fair, it was fun and we all adhered to the guidelines to participate.

A lot of those tags, turned into body slaps, with camaraderie and more giggles. We connected on a physical, emotional and mental level. If we were tired, it was OK to step away and watch from the sidelines, but we could join in again at any time. It was our game. We set the rules between us, and we all profited, increasing our awareness, speed, agility, and ability. There were no tools, no money, no betting, no corruption and no complaints.

Could the world work better this way, organising our leadership roles with a connected spirit? Certainly we need leaders but surely they should always be for the common good for all of us, and we should be able to choose who gets to be a leader at any time, while sticking to the same rules that we have all decided.

“One potato, two potato, three potato, four.”


Changes to my site



I have changed my blog template. I did not like some strange things happening on the view of my pages. So I have switched to a simpler format that my phone can cope with.

The comment space can be found at the bottom of each post… Just click on the comment icon and it will open for you. I am sorry that this may not be quite as intuitive. I will see how it goes. 😊

There is also a handy little feature that tells approximate reading time for the post.

I hope those of you on computers see it all OK. I cannot check as all I have is my phone. Let me know please if you see glitches. 😊 Many Thanks  ~ Colette ❤️


Keeping them Out Letting them In


I mentioned that I do not want to see comments of a political, religious or commercial nature on my blog.

That isn’t exactly what I mean, because they are not very well defined terms.

I mean, that I do not want to see anyone promoting a political or religious idea at the expense of all others nor do I want to see the promotion of a product that will fix my life (in what ever way intended, commercial sales belong in other places, not here). 

Of course my readers can express their reactions to things that affect them (all of the above included), but I actually think that the promotion of these three philosophies, are detrimental to the human spirit. They take away our independence and enslave us to a system that we cannot escape, no matter how hard we try.

So I would like this space to be on ideas and radical thinking on what we would really like to see for our future. It can be practical and physically possible (in theory) or just a wish to find more abilities in our mind space. It can be scientific or esoteric. But I would like to see current dogmas left on a back-burner (so as to speak). Philanthropy, Science, Emotion, and positive influences are all welcome. I am trying very hard, to provide a magical spark to envision our future as something other than the future that current legal laws, religious rules, and commercial enticements, pound us with every day.

This is not to deny what is happening, or the fact we are currently trapped in do or don’t scenarios, but rather not to furnish what is happening with constant negativity, hate, anger and so on.

We need a way forward, so if I take Politics, Religion and Commercial Gains ( runaway consumerism) out of the equation, perhaps we can free our mind to find an Atlantis like civilization full of knowledge and equality, or find a forgotten ability to read nature, communicate with other creatures, or maybe, just maybe we will just leave the crap behind for a little while.

Stargazing Futures is really about looking at creating a move into a better life for all of us.

I intend (and hopefully do not fail) to make more effort to leave my pessimism and mistrust aside and make an effort to reach out beyond that which I know, and into unknown territory trying to keep an open mind.

Today, I started with a private conversation with a Twitter follower… A man in Kerala, India. I do not know Joseph, more than his Twitter profile description that says he wants to save trees. But when I saw him put a radom ‘like’ on one of my responses to someone else (he always likes something completely random as it pops into his timeline and not necessarily intended for him), I decided to say hello directly via direct chat. We had a short, but connected conversation about family and what walking in the forest means to us. A two minute conversation connected two people, world’s apart with our mutual appreciation of trees, sharing just a little about ourselves. It left me just a little happier. I actually smiled! 😊

In past years, I might have found it suspect that someone from a third world country wants to connect. We have all seen the scams that can occur, (Send money now, my mother, sister, brother has high hospital bills to pay), but if we are to move forward, we need to eliminate Politics, Religion and Commerce (illegal or otherwise), shake away our conditioned misgivings, and connect as human beings. Our survival and that of the planet depends on it! We all need to be good people, doing good things and leave biases where they belong, in the proverbial garbage bin.


Corridors of Power~ Use your own Minds!

Photo by Colettebytes


A reblog with kind permission from my lovely blog friend, Sue. I have not copied over her beautiful artwork accompanying this piece, so I encourage you to visit her amazing web site to see her beautiful photos, lovely posts and great insights.


24 Jun 2019

by Sue Dreamwalker

The Post you will read below is one I posted Five years ago. Nothing much has changed in the world in regards to pollution and the way in which we are treating each other.

I can only do my own part in being aware of my own plastic footprint, growing much of our own vegetables and fruit and monitoring my recyclingng habits.

More and more I am retreating into my own inner world as I create and manifest the world I wish to live in as I leave this old programming within this Matrix

What brings me more and more hope now are how young minds are seeing just why they are a force to be reckoned with. As we see how from the very young their awareness of our destruction of our planet is echoing further afield rattling their voices upon the doors of governments.

When we Unite as ONE, we can see what can be achieved as we saw from the School Strikes for Climate, to the Students who protested new laws in Hong Kong fighting new Extradition laws to China.

When we wake up to our internal power of Unity Consciousness, the power within, which has the power to change our reality, you can see why so much effort is being focused upon dumbing us down.

We are so much more powerful than we are led to believe.

If you have a mind, use it to educate yourself to the realities of the World.

Change is constant,

It’s time we all Woke up, and Change begins first with changing ourselves.

Much Love, Sue


“There are many magical corridors. There are many Powerful Pathways. Beware those who would claim there is but one.”

Quote: Mary Summer Rain

Another dip into my thoughts as I sit with my journal.

While I try to keep my blog a Sanctuary for inspiration love light and peace. I am far from living in the land of make believe. And know that there are many wrongs which need to be put to rights.

I try to live in my own positive bubble, because I know only too well how easy it is to fall into Pits of despair for the sufferings of the world.

Being empathetic often mean we become over sensitive to the horrors going on. And if I’m not careful, images can replay in my mind for days as my energy reaches out to those suffering souls, as I feel their pain. But I also know that if I do not detach and reign in these emotions they will serve me no good. For eventually they will end up devouring me.

Even so as I look into nature I see how birds squabble and fight for their territory. Each of us are not without our problems. We all have to find balance if we are to learn and live in harmony.

But neither can I be like the ostrich and bury my head in the sand either. Too many peoples lives are at steak.

Getting Angry about certain situations solves nothing. For Anger only feeds those who serve those same darker forces enabling them more control as they exercise their fear tactics to be used upon the masses.

We all need to be mindful of what energies we are putting out into the world.

We do however need to Wake up to what the real world is doing. And as we rub the sleep from our eyes we need to open them and start and question. Let us stop being submissive in acceptance of what we are being told by those in power. Let us look at how corruption is being exposed by those who are the elite and seek out the real Truth amongst the constant lies spewed forth. Let’s utilise and use our greatest power, as we unify for peaceful solutions and open our eyes to who the enemies of humanity really are.

When I published some facts in previous years. I was often reluctant to press the publish button for the labels of conspiracy theories soon had their fingers pointing that I was some kind of nut.

I have always maintained. Never believe one word I say. But do your own research.

You owe it to your self and your family in seeking out the true reality of how this world works. And once you do. You’re eyes are guaranteed to Pop! out of your head.

Its time to stop being blinkered and speak up against the injustices of the World its time if you have a vote to use it. And its time to understand we are all of us connected via the matrix of energy we send out.

So sending Anger only creates more to boil over. What goes around comes around.

But neither can we pretend everything in this world is ok.

As we watch scenarios play out which are bringing yet more deaths through those who play War Games with their citizens lives. Using children, teenagers either through murders or kidnappings, to escalate their causes is despicable.

We can no longer be complacent as we allow those in power to play with our World.. I speak not just about the warring of nations,

But I speak also about the war against our Earth.. Look up people at our Skies Look into our oceans and look at what you are putting into your bodies.

I tagged this within my Mind Body Spirit section.

I hope you will be Mindful.

And I hope you see we are all One Body with that of our Earth.

And lastly I hope your Spirit moves you to Wake up and engage in positive actions where ever you are in the world, to bring awareness and to help heal the Earth and her people’s where ever you can.

Is it True?


We have just over 10 years to avoid a climate disaster that will destroy humanity! That’s what they say? Who exactly is ‘they?’ Are they correct? And do we care? Well, I care. But does that even matter, except to me?

The topic of a warming world has been on our collective radar for decades. I won’t bore you with the details because you know them for yourself. The ‘They, ‘ the scientific climate researchers, have released their measured analysis of the state of our world and why it looks bad for life. The media is full of opinions, detailed statistical reports, proven theories and estimated trajectories of our survival or annihilation if we do or don’t do something. Indeed, I am currently listening to yet another hysterical report on the radio as these words tumble out. I read scary stuff every day. And most of us have been told by the propagators of that information, what we must do to avoid our own demise as a species, and to save the other species on the planet too. So where do we take this now? Are we really listening? Are we really visualising what it all means?

The details to mitigate warming trends, and to repair our human-waste-trashed planet, come in huge, onerous written reports that are barely understandable. The media interprets them in sometimes biased ways, the politicians cherry pick, based only on the cheapest financial solutions (often ignoring the obvious pitfalls), and corporations capitalize on technologies developed in a sideways solution for our eternal need to produce energy and things. It is no wonder that we are confused as to what our role is, to stop our natural world from disappearing. Will it disappear? While I can nod my head in agreement, I will switch off to that reality, to put my head back into my comfortable but false life. You know, that life that says, yeah, gotta give up my comfortable gadgetry and save the trees and animals, but oh, I need my cosy winter fire, I need my TV and my computer entertainment, I need, I need. I actually don’t need… I just don’t want to give them up. Selfish me.

Every other living thing on the planet, lives in a biodiverse balance, using only what the natural environment provides. It evolves specific responses to the threats and provisions of nature, responding eloquently to the stimulation of natural external events.

They do not create human-like chaos. They evolved carefully, and selectively. Our fellow life forms have lived on this planet, barely changed in form over millions of years. They survive catastrophes by diminishing their size, growing feathers, fur, or flippers and air bladders, to survive, dependent on nature’s changing course and persistent requirements. We humans have been here on Earth a very short time compared to flies. Yet we think that we know more than the humble insect on how to survive. That doesn’t actually look likely. We are killing them and us in equal measure. We just haven’t realised it. But the flies have more capacity to recover than we do because they do not flout natural laws.

We humans do not live within the laws of nature. We create alien, unnatural products. We have alienated ourselves from nature itself, believing we can conquer and over-ride the predominant physical laws of gravity, carbon cycles, water cycles and so on. Are we alien beings? Why are we the only species to create a false, exclusive set of criteria for our comforts that poison and destroy everything natural around us?

Does it make us happier? Does it improve our chances of survival as a species? We argue that it does, but is it an illusion? We think ourselves to be clever because our species is growing ever more populous at the expense of all others. But isn’t this how a cancer grows? The cancer cannot survive, if it kills the host.

We need to self examine how we got to this point? It seems so idiotic to ignore our own demise, yet we do it all the time. We need to find a cure for us. What will it look like, and can we do it before we destroy ourselves?

There are many movements to look at restoration of what we have killed, be it trees, animals, water purity or clarity of air, but they are up against a majority of man made systems that can’t or won’t change. Political, religious, and consumerist actions are divisive and self defeating for our human adaptation to survive. If we are to change this, we need to stop using the same methods that created the problems in the first place.

They say say we have just over 10 years to fix runaway climate catastrophe. Is it True? If it is, I am not changing fast enough. I Should not be even be using my phone and the Internet to write this. I should be returning to nature and decreasing my demand for energy.  But I continue to defy what I know. None of this is helping. Should I begin mourning my imminent death? 🤔

I think I’m back!


It has been such a long time since I posted. I intended to continue this blog with… We’ll I don’t really know… Something spiritual and uplifting, perhaps? Writers block hit when I realised, I don’t actually really know anything. I only think I know, like 7.7 billion people on this planet, also think that they know!  But as I learn new things, my opinion changes. Indeed it has changed quite a bit over my lifetime. This is one of the biggest problems facing humanity. We get it wrong all the time.

We also think we know better than any other life form on this planet and it just isn’t true. We are deluding ourselves that we have greater skills, more intelligence, more enlightenment and self awareness, than any other life form on the planet. How do we know that? We presume it, but we have no real measure of it. Our life is an illusion of itself and our mind creates its own stories.

We can’t communicate with a fly, and we cannot see or comprehend through its compound eyes, we cannot think with its tiny brain, nor can we determine its real value to itself. We just swat them when they get in our way. We do that with other people too! We have no idea how to embrace life or its importance to us. 

I will take this blog in a slightly new direction. One that asks questions, maybe informs to some extent, but I do not presume to have the answers to anything… It is individual choice. If we can agree, then that is true connection. If we disagree, then that is a bit more learning about new ideas. Maybe we can find the answers together and change our perception of the world together.

Many of us search for enlightenment and meditate on higher realms. I do meditate some days, and it is a good coping strategy. It makes me feel calmer, kinder, and more tolerant of myself and my emotions, but it does not change anything beyond me. I do not change the world with that practice, only my individual view of it.

Many of us promulgate the idea of love… And it is a key component in finding equitability and peaceful cohabitation in our various communities. But we fall down with our noble intentions when faced with someone robbing us of our property, or intentionally hurting us in some way. We get angry when we see wildlife cruelly killed for their decorative attributes, or see war effects on the poor and vulnerable. We lose that calm perspective of love when we see a natural space destroyed, so we withdraw and hide away from that which hurts us the most because we don’t know how to fix the situation. We ignor the reality that faces all of us. Our physical environment is difficult to escape. We have responsibilities and existential requirements that dictate how we spend our time to provide ourselves the sustanence to continue living. We have to interact in the same space with other people and animals that do not share our opinions or beliefs, or even our view of the world.

We have the ability to see but not to envision. We have the ability to hear, but not to listen. We have the ability to feel but not to experience. We have the ability to taste but not to savour. And we have the ability to touch, but not to connect with that touch. It is time to develop our senses into super powers, to really  understand the gift of life. This is what I think that ‘Sixth’ sense really is… using the other five to full potential. 

We certainly have not learned much about how to best apply our experiencial connection to each other and other life on the planet and beyond. 

This blog is going to turn into a sort of analytic space. I shall cast out a topic that is of concern or looking problematic and perhaps through comments, we can find some common ground to find a solution to take forward. I shall try to portray each subject through my senses and hopefully connect with yours. I hope that it will be a constructive and not destructive (so easy to fall into) so that issues don’t turn into tirades (I am guilty of that too and it doesn’t lead to resolution).

I am always bouncing from topic to topic (there are so many to choose from), so I invite comments here to suggest some topics that you would like to see? If you have a topic on your own blog that you want to share… Feel free to post the link. The only rule is that it must be an unbiased personal opinion (no commercial interest, no profanity, no hate, and no politics or religion beliefs) on a common subject that affects all lifeforms on planet earth.

If you do post a link here to your blog, I reserve the right to remove it, if it does not meet with my blog goals. I shall mediate what my readers see based on my perception. After all, it is my blog. 😄

So hello again… I think I am back! 😊




Christmas Time is for Sharing ❤️

It has been a long time since I posted on my blog (apologies) and I will be back.
In the meantime, I wish you a lovely Christmas and New Year with your loved ones.

Perhaps spend a moment to remember to reduce your carbon footprint, by turning off lights overnight and keep it all simple this year.

Oh, and send some Love ❤️ to those around the world who maybe struggling. Your thoughts will find and comfort them.

Here is a lovely video I found of ‘The Sugar Plum Fairy’
May it leave you in the spirit of the Season!

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (Epic Cinematic Piano)

Beautiful video and performance by Jennifer Thomas

You Are The Result of the Love of Thousands

I am re-posting an interesting blog post by Anita Bowden on the interesting subject of how our Mitochondrial DNA defines our link to past generations. The idea that we are all interconnected by our biological links, touches on my next post subject which will be on ‘grounding. ‘ It is a subject that I think will draw great discussion, because I am learning that ‘grounding’ or ‘earthing,’ as it is also known, is misrepresented by people who incorrectly interpret scientific discovery in the electrical forces that govern life. We are certainly affected by energy, but more through our physical being than by the spiritual grounding practices of meditation or mindfulness.

Here, then, is Anita’s wonderful piece…

You Are The Result Of The Love Of Thousands

“Walking, I am listening to a deeper way.

Suddenly all my ancestors are behind me.

Be still, they say. Watch and listen.

You are the result of the love of thousands.”

Linda Hogan

Native American Writer

Recently, I completed a mitochondrial DNA test (mtDNA) to determine my motherline ancestry. What does this mean, exactly? To put it simply, my mtDNA connects me directly to my mother, her mother, her mother’s mother, her grandmother’s mother, and every direct mother linkage before that, going back in time for thousands of years! It can only be passed on from mother to daughter, so it uniquely connects a woman to her direct maternal ancestors, and therefore provides a window into the actual origins of our mothers and their mothers.

My mtDNA test determined that my motherline belongs to a group identified on the human family tree as Haplogroup T2 (and more specifically, T2c1d1).

I already knew that my mother was British (born in Malta), and that my grandmother and her mother were Maltese, but I did not know where my direct maternal ancestors originated prior to my great grandmother, nor where they travelled through time in the world! Haplogroup T2 was a new branch that developed on the family tree during the Ice Age (between 26,000 and 19,000 years ago). Each of us who’s mtDNA is from Haplogroup T2 share that same female ancestor. It is currently believed that its most likely place of origin was in the Near East. The T2 group has been identified as playing a significant role in the Neolithic expansions from Anatolia and into Europe, and that they were amongst those farmers who gradually spread out into Europe bringing with them revolutionary concepts of agricultural practice. As this group evolved and traveled over time, additional strands of this particular branch developed…..in my case, first as T2c (found mostly in the Near East and Mediterranean Europe), then as T2c1 (found in Iran, Iraq, the Arabian Peninsula, Italy, Sardinia, Spain and Central Europe), then as T2c1d (found in Italy, Sardinia and Spain), and finally as T2c1d1 (which I can only assume must be found in Malta – though my results didn’t specify that).

Having learned all this, what makes this information significant?

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Light Being?

It is, I think, no coincidence, that James Cameron created light emitting beings for his successful movie, ‘Avatar.’


Light, how it is generated, and for what purpose, is under specific scrutiny by the Scientific Community. Certainly we use light in the form of laser beams for surgery, or cutting steel, and light shows of astounding beauty. A century ago we thought electricity and incandescent lightbulbs to be incredible inventions. There is still much to learn about the properties of light and energy.


Light is more than just the brightness that issues forth from the sun or our own man made sources. It is present elsewhere too. Deep sea creatures without access to sunlight often glow with an eerie luminosity that is both beautiful and fascinating. Where does that light come from? And many small creatures use that glow to attract a mate, lure food, or send a warning. The mechanism for emitting light has been present throughout evolution.


Light is an energy that is chemically created and sometimes stimulated by sunshine, but often has its own inherent source issued by the body’s own cells. Only in recent years, has the scientific community begun to consider the possibility that this ‘light’ is present in all living cells, and could possibly be measured, even when we cannot physically see it.



The scientific community have called the component within cells, that emit light, ‘Biophotons.’ Even more startling, is that Biophotons are considered to be a form of communication.


In the rudimentary experiments, biophotons have been observed to send signals to others of their kind. For instance, seedling plants may encourage all other seedlings to grow at a similar rate through communication of their biophoton emmissions. Scientists have observed this without any direct exposure or response to sunlight.


Traditional healers, shaman, and those who use the power of energy healing will not be surprised by this, as for years, they have used their own hands to send healing energy to a recipient.

Science is only now, trying to test this claim that we can emit ‘healing energy…’ with positive but often unmeasurable results.


In the research above, early studies have shown that the calming influence of healing sessions have the power to reduce pain in Rhumatoid Arthritis patients, or confusion in Dementia patients, often with lasting results far beyond the timeframe of the healing session itself.
But it is early days, and double blind studies are needed, using much more sensitive equipment to verify early results.

Healing therapies such as ‘Reiki,’ ‘Spiritual-Natural Healing,’ ‘Therapeutic Touch’ (offered by Nurses in hospitals), ‘Hands on Healing’ are all offerings in which the ‘healer’ concentrates energy drawn in to their body, using breath, concentration and visualisation techniques, and then redirects that energy flow out through the hands to the recipient, often with the hands held off the body.


Practitioners of healing using their hands, also assess a recipients radiated energy using subtle clues given out through the body. There is a direct communinication in the form of heat, cool, magnetism, heavy and light sensations, and occasionally, perceive auras (auric field). Physically, the auric light is impossible to see. Human biophotons emit light at a thousand times below what the eye can perceive.

In early 1999, when I first learned some of these healing techniques, I was initially skeptical. I knew this was stepping into ‘woo, woo’ land that scientists scoffed at and put down to the wild imaginings of psychotic thinking, and placebo effect.
But to my horror, and delight, I found remarkable new abilities that I couldn’t explain, except to say that I made a return to a child-like innocence that had told me everything was possible, that I should not shut my mind to what I feel because my brain could not rationalise it.

My first adult experience was at a lecture on energy and Kirlian Photography, where unfortunately my questions and probing were rude and a bit sarcastic (Kirlian Photography has been largely debunked by Science as the energy image captured on film is the result of moisture on the metal plate).


Such was the nature of my ability to be open minded at that time. But despite that, when we were paired off, I participated, trying to be non-judgemental. I was asked to scan a stranger with my hands (hands held two inches away from the body surface), and then she (the stranger) do the same to me.

After we were all reseated (and I was seated nowhere near to this woman), we were all asked what we experienced through our hands. There were no leading questions, no expectations, so no wrong answers. When it came to my turn, I related the cool and warm and hot or tingly areas I had felt. The woman across the room gasped, standing up, she said, ” You have picked up all the injuries I’ve had in my body!” She looked shocked.

I was dumbfounded, and shrank into my seat with embarrassment, while the instructor took an unwelcome interest in me. Further activities made even more weird things happen as I seemed to be some sort of energy magnet, and by the end of the two-hour session, I had a massive headache (Migraine).

As chairs were being folded and people left, the instructor approached me. “You have absorbed too much energy, you are ungrounded and now you feel unwell.” I think my mouth must have gaped! She sat me down and after sweeping me with hands-off motions toward the floor, she placed her hands on my feet (which were freezing). “Your energy cuts off at your waist,” she said concentrating on my feet. The warmth that suddenly spread down from my upper body through my legs and into my feet was instant and I had felt a most irrational desire to cry.

This was a defining moment of my life. My head wanted to stay in the world of accepted thinking, logic and scientific fact, but my heart had found something truly extraordinary and I wanted very much to rationalise it.


One of the first books that I read was ‘Hands of Healing Light’ by Barbara Ann Brennan. Born 1939 and a former NASA scientist, Brennan is one of the modern pioneers in the auric healing field.


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If you’d like to learn more about Barbara’s work, this is a good place to start.


My journey into Stargazing my Future had begun. And it was to be a tumultuous, roller-coaster ride that turned my world completely upside down. Some of what I learned would be held forever, and some dismissed as dangerous silliness. But I have opened eyes and know that Science will catch up to some age-old secrets that we would do well not to dismiss without further research.

Fractal Humanity

What does it really mean to be human?

I am returning to the subject of my first post here because I think Humans have the ability to understand how the Universe works and therefore how life itself works.

Fractals are the Fibonacci discovery of a pattern that applies to all life forms. Think of the infinite pattern as similar to a hologram. Each tiny piece of the hologram is a fragment replica containing the whole image.

We think of life forms as separate and different, but in fact on the molecular scale we are all the same, arranged from the same building blocks of life. Each molecule holds information that can create itself. It is no coincidence that we are made up of 70% water… for so is the earth. All life forms follow a set of rules that connect our forms in patterns already dictated by the universe itself.

So what does this mean for us everyday folks who aren’t mathematicians, scientists or amazing philosophers? It means that we must stop treating everyone and everything as separate from ourselves. This is the concept of God…a creator that holds us all in its own image. This is not a separate entity, but the all encompassing energy of everything. It is us, all of us. Human, animal and plant.

For humanity to understand fully how to incorporate this into everyday life, we have to forget the word ‘separate.’ For when we use that word, it creates ‘difference,’ ‘dislike,’ ‘fear,’ and other negative emotions that break down life, break down symbiosis, break down cooperation, break down growth. For too long, we have been told that we are separate from the animals, separate from the rich, separate from the powerful, separate from the poor or the other races; the list goes on.

We are all born and we will all die. This is the pattern of all life forms. We have, in the time in between, growth of our form, reproduction and family and an ability to feel a physical experience through our senses. Each and every life form depends on other life forms for food or existence in some way. This means that in order to be human, we also harbour other life forms within us (bacteria), and they, in turn have other life forms in them. The Planet…a living organism supports us all and the universe in turn holds the galaxies that hold the planets, ad infinitum. Time and Space is a human construct to describe our existence within the plane of our perceivable dimension of all that is. We know from infrared, x-ray and other wavelengths that what we experience physically, is not everything that exists. Time and Space is not a real form but an idea to explain to us our own physical experience and to give us a linear perspective of a non-linear universe full of different life that we cannot perceive.

All physical life forms are patterns on an energy information system that brings together everything that exists.
We are so connected, that a single thought form can be felt around the globe and even out into the universe. If we project fear, then we will see and feel fear. If we project war, then we will see and feel war. But if we project only love, then we will see and feel only love. It is that simple, and that complex.

We need to rethink how we live because the planetary system that we live in is changing. It may be that the earth becomes inhospitable for some life forms. We, as humanity, need to address how we are going to deal with those changes. Our old ‘separate’ thinking will not work now. It is time for our symbiotic nature to return. For us to feel everything in our physical plane. If we do not reconnect to our oneness then we will not know the love or joy or the bliss of everything. We will not exist.

What will a return to our symbiotic nature look like in a more down to earth world view?

Here are a few examples showing how to live a loving symbiotic life…

And finally… How Love can heal a broken spirit and bring back health and vitality.

These are not unique examples. There are many. Good stuff is around us everyday. Focus on the love and connection and forget all the negative thoughts. They will only separate you from the rest of creation. They will destroy the energy that is YOU.