Earthing ~ Beginnings

Earthing ~ A Journey


My personal journey to connect with the earth.


I became interested in finding a ‘simpler life as far back as 1996. I was really struggling, especially at work and in personal relationships. I had pursued a higher paid job in Management to pay mounting bills. I was working 12 hrs a day to cope with workload, supporting a deadbeat partner who wouldn’t work, and eating a crap diet of fast food during weekdays and convenience supermarket foods and alcohol on weekends. The treadmill was unrelenting and I felt tired and unhappy.

I was living the exact opposite of what I wanted and thought that I would never break out of the trap that I had put myself in. My last parent had died earlier in the year, and I actually felt quite alone in the world. My partner suggested that I was having mental problems, so I went to the doctor. Her prognosis was that I was physically and emotionally stressed (not mentally ill) and to change my life. I didn’t and that was the year that I got pneumonia in the middle of summer. I had also had to have pre-cancerous cells lasered from my cervix, had urinary tract problems and had been tested for anemia because I was so lethargic. My health was deteriorating and I got infections regularly. Migraines came frequently and I would have to leave work to go lie down with bags of frozen peas around my head and a hot water bottle on my stomach. I was a mess really.


Then I had a dream. In it, I went through a series of work related events, then died of a heart attack in a strange hotel and after an afterlife journey of vignettes of my whole life, woke in a morgue on a cold slab… I also woke at that moment in real life, heart pounding, fear-dripping sweat pouring out of me. I took some deep breaths and tried to shake off the dream. It wouldn’t leave. While it didn’t describe my current situation at work,  an ominous prophetic message was in there… these things would start to happen in 5 years…


I dismissed my dream as silly, but I started to look at eating more healthily and got interested in organic foods and Permaculture. It didn’t last. I kept on pursuing work like a possessed person and gradually, it was all that I lived for, even though I didn’t enjoy it that much. I usually got sick the minute I had annual vacations, so those were never the panacea for my beleaguered spirit either.

One day in 1999, feeling particularly down and under work strain, I mentioned my feelings to a work colleague at lunch time. She said, you should come over to my complex tonight. The residents are having a talk on spiritual natural healing. It might be good for you. I reluctantly agreed to go.

I was late, because I was finishing up a work task that really could have waited, so I walked into a room full of quiet people already settled, and expectantly waiting. There was no sign of my work colleague and so I slunk into the only available seat  in the middle of the room. I was fidgety and irritable and not used to just sitting calmly. I really didn’t want to stay, but felt conspicuous.

The lecture was being given by a middle-aged woman (a Speech Language Pathologist by profession) and her assistant friend. They were fiddling with a slide projector near to me, which for some reason would not turn on. I remember my cutting remark. “Perhaps you should use some spiritual healing on it! ” Yes, I was a skeptic, but I immediately regretted my nastiness when the instructor turned and looked at me kindly, ignoring my outburst. “Welcome,” she said warmly, “perhaps I will,” and the projector leapt into life, making me feel like a complete shit!


The slide show was about Kirlian photography, and then we took part in a series of exercises to experience the energy that the body projects. We had a moment to meditate and ‘ground’ ourselves. I just sat quietly. I had no idea how to do either. We partnered up with the person seated next to us. I didn’t know the woman, but we had to do a body scan of each other with our hands. This was keeping the hands about an inch away from actually touching the person and done in slow sweeping motions from head to toe going completely around the person until reaching the starting point. I felt lots of things coming off my partner… cold points, hot points, magnetic points… It was all just fanciful, I thought. But as I talked to her about where some of those points were, my partner was incredulous. When we shared what we felt with the group, my partner blurted out, “she picked out every injury I had in my body!” The instructor smiled kindly at me again.

We went through some more energy experiments, including using divining rods made from metal coat hangers. Mine went crazy in my hands… crossing all over the place as I advanced toward other people, and sometimes swinging wildly. I couldn’t control them. Meanwhile, everyone else was struggling to feel them move at all. I saw the instructor watching me thoughtfully, but she said nothing.

Our last experiment was to have a try at sending healing energy to another person. I was paired with a man of Japanese origin. It went well until he sent healing to me. My head felt like it was going to explode. A massive migraine started. I struggled through and finally it was over. I sat on a chair feeling exhausted and in pain. People were leaving or chatting in little groups and I just felt like I was going under. I felt cold, almost like a sudden flu had taken over my physique. The instructor approached me…

“Oh you poor thing!” She looked at me with concern. Taking off her shoes (and requesting that I do the same), she sat in front of me and put her hands on both of my feet. She said, “YOU are completely ungrounded, and your energy has stopped moving down below your waistline… Exploding in your upper body and head.” I had not mentioned the migraine at all.

Her hands were hot, making me realise that my feet were freezing. She said nothing, but looked at my feet intensely as she sent the most incredibly comforting feeling into them as she pinned them to the tiled floor. I felt the energy in my head move and a downward flush of warmth through my entire body. It only lasted a few minutes before someone demanded the instructor’s attention. She admonished, “YOU need to go home and rest, and drink lots of water to rehydrate and rebalance. You need to learn how to ground too.” With that, she was gone. I felt so different, and in awe of this weird experience, that I wandered over to the sign up sheet for a course that she would be giving. I put my name and details on it, took the information sheet for the location and wrote out a cheque for the course fee. I had to know more…

(to be continued…)

Australian Bushfire

wildfire-1105209_640This is a personal account of Dinesh Moylan, an Australian singer-songwriter and performing artist, who writes soulfully about his survival of the New Year’s Day Bushfires in New South Wales.

“I have  been adapting to climate change  for a long time. I have been too  busy surviving, starting to clean up the  chaos and feeding starving wildlife to write,  as well as just unable to put the words together, and had  problems with power and internet but it’s now time to start  trying to make some sense of it all. This is what I have learned from  surviving the bushfire that swept through my area on New Years Eve in SE  NSW Australia. I was relatively lucky and saved most of my house, with extensive  damage to a lot of stuff, and was uninjured. Many, many people I know were not so lucky  and whole communities from the entire east coast and far inland were mostly wiped out, with well  over a hundred fires burning at once forming massive fire fronts. It is remarkable that there were  not more people killed.

My house  is part of a communally  owned property inside a large National Park,  part of a vast area of forest along the east coast from NE  Victoria to well past Sydney. The closest town is Cobargo, about 45  minutes drive by 4WD. I always knew a fire would come one day and  had already had a close call nearly 15 years ago, when I spent a week preparing for a  fire that never came because of a change in the weather. This time, we were in the grip of the  worst drought ever, no rain at all since winter, and the bush was full of fuel after a decade or more  of good wet seasons, tinder dry ready to explode. It was so dry it had been too dangerous to do much fuel reduction burning in winter  or spring, although I constantly rake up and burn sticks and leaves around the house as cooking fuel in an outside fire place. Where possible  I built using non-flammable materials – stone, concrete, a bit of mud brick, but with a bush pole frame, wood framed windows and roof structure,  with corrugated iron roof. In the bush, wood not only burns, but is attacked inevitably by termites, so the longer I lived there, (45 years now)  the less I used timber, and developed the design of the house to be as fire resistant as possible, although it is still unfinished.

The  house  is not far above  a small creek, about 20  metres up on a flat section  of a ridge. For years I have  been reducing the fuel load below  us, doing cool burns in winter months,  collecting and burning endless piles of sticks,  and using the trees I cut down around the house  in the open fireplace and wood stove. I had heard that this  changes the fire behaviour, having far less fuel on the ground,  and it was the case that the heat of the fire that hit the house  was far less than everywhere else around, leaving sections of ground unburnt in  the lee of the house, while almost every other bit of ground on the property burned.  I also had built some low stone walls downhill in a semi circle, just stacked stones, (we  have plenty in very barren rocky country).

The  other good idea  I had was to build  a 10 x 10 metre chicken wire cage  for the garden attached to the north side  of the house, so that you walk straight out into it  from the kitchen. This shielded the vulnerable windows facing the  winter sun and reduced access to burning embers. I also built stone  terraced garden beds which helped break up the force of the fire.

Uphill  and directly  behind the house  I built laboriously by  hand a 65000 litre concrete tank,  and had this mostly full of water  with a fire proof line into my bathroom  where I had a petrol-powered fire pump. These  were what saved the house after the fire front passed through. So it  was these preparations over many years that made the place defendable  I thought.

On  the most vulnerable side  facing downhill to the NW, I  built a stone room, 300mm thick walls, double  face, meaning separate stones on the inside and outside of  the wall, with concrete and rubble in the middle. This was  my fire shelter, and the roof is a sandwich of corrugated iron,  fire-proof insulation, fibre cement sheeting, and more iron on top.

It  is a long  story and I  can’t write it all at the  moment. But in a nutshell, it  was those good decisions I had made  in the past that saved me from the bad decisions I  made later on when things just happened unbelievably fast.

The  fire started probably  by lightning in a very  remote and inaccessible area  and had been burning for some 3 or 4  days, 20 kms or so NW of us and moving slowly  NW. I had been watching it via internet and the weather predictions and forecasts etc. Luckily, a  few weeks before, my fire pump had broken down, and the day before NYE I had bought a brand new one.  I spent several days trying to prepare in case the fire changed course, leaning corrugated iron roofing sheets over  windows, and on the 30th December I learned that the weather predictions were very dire for the next day, with very  strong NW winds bringing hot air from inland.

I  read  the predictions  that night and saw the  forecast fire spread, and it was  not good, but thought I had a least another  half a day to finish preparing the house and could  then decide if I would stay and defend, or leave. Along with  everybody else, including the most experienced fireys and the worst case  scenario computer models, I was very wrong.

There  had been a glow  on the horizon the  night before, and a lot  of smoke. Unable to sleep,  I got up many times in the  night. Around 4.30 am the wind suddenly  changed and soon blew hot and smoky. The  glow quickly became very bright and I realised fire  was coming. Soon. Suddenly I saw huge sheets of flame  on the ridge to the south and realized it was too late to leave,  as the access road was in that direction and I faced the risk of being  caught high on a ridge of a big mountain in a car and unlikely to survive.

Fire  then came over the  small mountain to the  NW and I knew I only had  minutes to prepare. I parked  my vehicle in the shelter of the  house, covered it as best I could with  roofing iron, moved some fuel cans away  from the house, grabbed a few things and saw  a spot fire burning uphill from me and realized this was it,  I’d better get inside. I did not have time to wet anything down,  and didn’t do a lot of things I should have in retrospect, but it  just happened so fast. When the front came through it didn’t make a lot  of noise as I had expected, and wasn’t burning high up in the trees, a crown fire,  in fact there are two very large trees just below the house, a black box and a stringybark,  and these trees shielded the house from a lot of heat and wind. It was pitch black and very very  smoky, but I was safe inside. A couple of windows cracked in the heat but did not break, protected by the  sheets of roofing iron. Unfortunately I had an unfinished workshop/solar power room on the outside of the stone  room, and fire got into it and began to rage fueled by building timber, plywood, oil and fuel, paint etc and it went up and toxic smoke began to  seep into the fire shelter and I had to bail out into the rest of the house.


I started the  fire pump and began trying  to save the house from the  fire that I had created. The actual  bushfire had passed and if I had had more  time to protect the shed from embers and burning leaf litter  on the ground I would have been fine. Eventually I got the fire out  but not before losing my solar power panels batteries, tools and a lot more, but the  main structure of the house was undamaged. Everything plastic, plumbing and drainage pipes melted  or burned. 2 Plastic water tanks almost full of water melted and let loose 8500 litres of water in  a mini tsunami in the middle of the fire. I was going to build and enclose these but never got to it.

This happened  at about 6 o’clock in  the morning, by which time  the town of Cobargo, 20 kms further  away from the fire souce had already been  on fire for 2 hours, destroying half the shops  in the main street and many houses and sheds. Cobargo is surrounded  by cleared farmland for many kilometres, but the fire apparently roared along river beds and gullies and  moved and spread at an astonishing rate. Luckily I had phone coverage long enough to tell my family that  I was safe and made a few calls to check on my friends, then the mobile network went out all over NSW, and there  I was with no internet, no phone, no power, no lights, no fridge, no plumbing. Both roads out of the property were blocked by  hundreds of fallen trees and branches. There was no-one within 15 kilometers of me. The smoke was unbearable and I just lay down  most of the day, it was very dark, visibility about 10 meters, the sky an awful eerie orange/yellow, trees crashing down all round every  few minutes, apocalyptic.

The  next day  I managed to  salvage an undamaged solar panel  and battery from a neighbour’s place,  all that was left of it, and rigged up some lights  and got the 12 volt fridge going. I always have several  months of food, as we can get flooded in, potentially for weeks.  I have a store of dried food like rice, pasta, beans, some bottles  and tins, powdered milk, nuts and seeds etc, so I wasn’t worried. I  soaked some mung beans to sprout, and made some yoghurt with a powdered  packet yoghurt mix. My garden had been cooked so no food left there, the  fruit trees baked. I still had plenty of water and a ceramic water filter to purify  it if necessary. I had a rechargeable head torch. My diesel ute was largely undamaged and still  ran so I could use the 2 batteries in it to power and recharge things and run it to keep the batteries  charged. The solar panel would not do anything because there just was no sunlight due to smoke. My generator  had burned also, but I had just enough power to keep the small 12 volt fridge running and 2 LED lights. I had a  battery powered radio in the house and one in the ute, and the ABC, the public-owned broadcaster, was my only link to the outside  world which was in complete chaos.

It was  peak holiday  period in an area  with tens of thousands of  visitors who had been evacuated to  coastal towns like Bermagui, where  there was no power, no communications,  no food, no water and no nothing. Nobody knew what was happening,  authorities were giving out conflicting information and people were  panicking. This was occurring in many towns up and down the coast  with huge fires laying waste to vast areas, 130 or so, absolutely out of control.

The  scale  of the  disaster was astonishing,  all roads and major highways blocked  by fire and fallen trees, complete breakdown.  So I felt pretty lucky. I have learned a lot of  survival techniques from bushwalking, camping and kayaking trips, and also  how to focus and look after myself when I am isolated. When the fire came I  did not have time to be scared, I knew what I had to do and did it. I am  also a meditator with many thousands of hours of practice, and the acquired skill of focusing the  mind, concentrating on what is happening instead of listening to the chattering voice of fear, and  all the horror stories you have stored up in your mind really is life-saving.

Some weeks later  now, still sorting out  power, communications, trying  to sort out priorities. Exhausting,  in a word, chaos. I live now in a world  of black, brown and grey where once was green green green…  I was stuck for over a week until part of the road out was cleared  as it is to the top of a mountain with communications towers, all out of  action because the wooden power poles up to them burned. I walked 3 and a half  hours up to the top to meet my 2 sons who drove me to Cobargo through an alien landscape  of blackened pastures, destroyed farms and houses. Where I live I expected to be severely affected by  bushfire, but this was mostly very cleared farmland and a town I had been shopping in only the day before  the fire. No-one would have believed that a day later half the shops in the main street and quite a few homes  and sheds etc would be on fire at 4 in the morning.

The  fall out   is gathering  momentum from these  ongoing disasters, and  they are not over because  February is traditionally the  worst month, particularly in the  most fire prone state of Victoria. It  has been fascinating to watch, and I will write  more soon, but it is a taste of the future unfortunately.  A lot of people are very, very angry about how totally we have  been let down, particularly by a denialist government who were warned in  April last year by a group of retired fire chiefs and heads of various emergency  services that the disaster we have seen unfold was likely. The Prime Minister, an arrogant bully,  refused to meet with them and fobbed them off to an underling who ignored their warnings. Since then  the government has been trying to shift the blame onto anyone, at the same time clinging to its stance  of refusing to discuss anything but its policy of appearing to meet Australia’s Paris climate targets with the  aid of dodgy accounting. Reality is cracking and vast holes are appearing while crazily the last pockets of denialists in the  government and right-wing media are desperately parroting their deranged rubbish . Strange times indeed.

I  stayed and defended my  house because I thought  I was well prepared, but also because  I had no choice: I had underestimated the  threat of the fire spreading and it was too late  to leave in the morning as I have written. 4 people  died that morning within 20 kilometres of me, one person died  in a vehicle trying to evacuate too late, and 3 others died trying to  defend their homes built in reasonably cleared farmland. I was lucky that  the fire came through early while it was relatively calm and cool.

As I  have written, after  the fire came through  I was stuck there and 3 days  later came a day of catastrophic  fire weather: 40 degree heat and gale  force winds destroyed many more communities and killed a number  of people in many places. I was lucky that there was not another  fire that day. I would not encourage anybody to stay and defend their house  on such a day unless they were extraordinarily well prepared, it is truly terrifying to  imagine a fire roaring through on a day like that. I was lucky and it was a wake-up call  to me to stop being complacent, to finish off projects before starting new ones, and other lessons  I am still coming to terms with. 9 hours after I had put out the fire that entered the ceiling of  a room, fire flared up again from a smoldering timber rafter creeping through a 30cm stone wall and re-igniting  the plywood ceiling, and again I was lucky to see it before it was too late to put out. I was complacent and  will be paying for that for a long time with money, energy and time. Fire does not heed your expectations, it roars  in whether you are ready for it or not.”

Go to Dinesh Moylan’s Website

Dinesh is an experienced Bush walker, amongst other interests. He has written a book about some of his experiences which you can learn from his about page on his website.

Dinesh wrote a few months before the bushfires started, that he had not seen conditions so hot or dry in 45 years.

He has written many songs about Australia, the culture and the land. This is just one of them… I thank him deeply for sharing his experiences. ❤️

Vultures; The Hidden Victims of Hunting.

I really like this blog site. Bryony has some great research on animals from her masters studies in animal behaviour. I urge you to visit her blog.

This piece about hunting animals shows some of the dangers that it poses down through scavengers and the food chain. Well worth a read. 😊

Brynstein Science

Photo byVelizar IvanovonUnsplash

Hunting is an emotive and controversial topic. People cannot bare to picture majestic animals such as elephants and tigers being hunted for their tusks and pelts, often displayed as a symbol of achievement. When thinking of hunting, the first image that comes to mind is the heads of handsome animals pinned to a wall or acting as a lavish accessory to a bedroom rug – often making me cringe. However, hunting can also bring about vital food sources to communities and can control overpopulation, making it a “necessary evil”. Despite this, the costs of hunting to animal welfare, conservation and the ecosystem must be studied.

The animals which are hunted are not the only ones that hunting can negatively affect. Some are slightly less “good looking” and may find it hard to compete against the “charismatic megafauna” (large…

View original post 719 more words

No to Killing

No to Hunting! No to War!

A disclaimer. You may not like my point of view, but I need to share my belief that humans must stop killing.


I am upset… Yes, I am really upset. I feel sick inside and tearful because I have just witnessed the unnecessary death of an endangered Turtle Dove… An animal that we associate with ‘love.’ There was nothing loving about its death. It was shot, tried to fly away, but could not land in its chosen refuge of a willow tree. Instead, the injured bird cascaded down through the willow branches to hit the river below. It did its best to pull itself to shore, slid under the overhanging foliage and disappeared, most likely to die an agonising death. I stood on the opposite bank separated by water from the hapless creature and separated from hunters by an impenetrable bank and fencing. I, the sole witness to a life lost for no reason, am inconsolable.

My grief means nothing to the sport hunter. They don’t care about the lives they take. They operate in disguise as farmers protecting their crops or livestock from what they consider ‘vermin.’ How strange then, that they bring in groups of enthusiasts to help them. No, their hunting is not a protection of the farm… It is a bloodlust, a degraded form of entertainment that generates huge profits for those who provide the ‘organised shoots.’ Whether the perpetrators are on horseback, in a 4×4, or on foot, they all have a ‘kill’ mentality as their main objective. It happens not just in the UK, but everywhere. Gutless individuals dress themselves in fatigues, arm themselves with expensive high powered rifles and shotguns and hunt down the mostly tame wildlife that looks on innocently as the gun is pointed at them.

This is not hunting for food. Millions of pheasants and partridges are imported each year into Britain for the sole purpose of killing them. They are not taken home, dressed and hung, so a hungry family might eat. Their bodies are mostly discarded right after the shoot.

Those that turn guns on animals, have no problem turning a gun on a person. Their bloodlust doesn’t stop but is only held in check by laws that would see a person go to prison for shooting another person. The law does not protect animals. They are victimised in such horrible ways and the perpetrators are not punished.

I reported my sighting to the RSPB and to Wild Justice. They can’t do anything, I have no evidence… No photo, no video of any of it, but making people aware is first and foremost, available to us. To be silent about witnessing a ‘wrong,’ is to condone such things. I cannot and will not condone hunting, whether it is a struggling fish on the end of a line, or a canned hunt of lions raised to be killed for a trophy rug. I do not condone farmed animals either. Yes, they are for food (for some but not for me). Farm animal existence is one that is equally persecuted and justified as necessarily cruel, whether in the living conditions or at the ultimate death in the abattoir. That is really shirking responsibility to provide a good life for an animal that dies for us to eat.

Likewise, warmongering amongst humans is just as cruel. It gives the bloodthirsty a reason to kill with impunity. Our world is, and always has been, full of people who force us into wars unwillingly, and kill us if we resist.

We must change our attitudes, and include compassion for the other living beings around us. If we do not, and continue our bloodlust, then humanity has no purpose and we will go extinct. There is no reason for us to be on a biodiverse earth if we choose only to kill the other life upon it including our own species. We have no purpose on Earth as a ‘killer.’


Corridors of Power~ Use your own Minds!

Photo by Colettebytes


A reblog with kind permission from my lovely blog friend, Sue. I have not copied over her beautiful artwork accompanying this piece, so I encourage you to visit her amazing web site to see her beautiful photos, lovely posts and great insights.

24 Jun 2019

by Sue Dreamwalker

The Post you will read below is one I posted Five years ago. Nothing much has changed in the world in regards to pollution and the way in which we are treating each other.

I can only do my own part in being aware of my own plastic footprint, growing much of our own vegetables and fruit and monitoring my recyclingng habits.

More and more I am retreating into my own inner world as I create and manifest the world I wish to live in as I leave this old programming within this Matrix

What brings me more and more hope now are how young minds are seeing just why they are a force to be reckoned with. As we see how from the very young their awareness of our destruction of our planet is echoing further afield rattling their voices upon the doors of governments.

When we Unite as ONE, we can see what can be achieved as we saw from the School Strikes for Climate, to the Students who protested new laws in Hong Kong fighting new Extradition laws to China.

When we wake up to our internal power of Unity Consciousness, the power within, which has the power to change our reality, you can see why so much effort is being focused upon dumbing us down.

We are so much more powerful than we are led to believe.

If you have a mind, use it to educate yourself to the realities of the World.

Change is constant,

It’s time we all Woke up, and Change begins first with changing ourselves.

Much Love, Sue


“There are many magical corridors. There are many Powerful Pathways. Beware those who would claim there is but one.”

Quote: Mary Summer Rain

Another dip into my thoughts as I sit with my journal.

While I try to keep my blog a Sanctuary for inspiration love light and peace. I am far from living in the land of make believe. And know that there are many wrongs which need to be put to rights.

I try to live in my own positive bubble, because I know only too well how easy it is to fall into Pits of despair for the sufferings of the world.

Being empathetic often mean we become over sensitive to the horrors going on. And if I’m not careful, images can replay in my mind for days as my energy reaches out to those suffering souls, as I feel their pain. But I also know that if I do not detach and reign in these emotions they will serve me no good. For eventually they will end up devouring me.

Even so as I look into nature I see how birds squabble and fight for their territory. Each of us are not without our problems. We all have to find balance if we are to learn and live in harmony.

But neither can I be like the ostrich and bury my head in the sand either. Too many peoples lives are at steak.

Getting Angry about certain situations solves nothing. For Anger only feeds those who serve those same darker forces enabling them more control as they exercise their fear tactics to be used upon the masses.

We all need to be mindful of what energies we are putting out into the world.

We do however need to Wake up to what the real world is doing. And as we rub the sleep from our eyes we need to open them and start and question. Let us stop being submissive in acceptance of what we are being told by those in power. Let us look at how corruption is being exposed by those who are the elite and seek out the real Truth amongst the constant lies spewed forth. Let’s utilise and use our greatest power, as we unify for peaceful solutions and open our eyes to who the enemies of humanity really are.

When I published some facts in previous years. I was often reluctant to press the publish button for the labels of conspiracy theories soon had their fingers pointing that I was some kind of nut.

I have always maintained. Never believe one word I say. But do your own research.

You owe it to your self and your family in seeking out the true reality of how this world works. And once you do. You’re eyes are guaranteed to Pop! out of your head.

Its time to stop being blinkered and speak up against the injustices of the World its time if you have a vote to use it. And its time to understand we are all of us connected via the matrix of energy we send out.

So sending Anger only creates more to boil over. What goes around comes around.

But neither can we pretend everything in this world is ok.

As we watch scenarios play out which are bringing yet more deaths through those who play War Games with their citizens lives. Using children, teenagers either through murders or kidnappings, to escalate their causes is despicable.

We can no longer be complacent as we allow those in power to play with our World.. I speak not just about the warring of nations,

But I speak also about the war against our Earth.. Look up people at our Skies Look into our oceans and look at what you are putting into your bodies.

I tagged this within my Mind Body Spirit section.

I hope you will be Mindful.

And I hope you see we are all One Body with that of our Earth.

And lastly I hope your Spirit moves you to Wake up and engage in positive actions where ever you are in the world, to bring awareness and to help heal the Earth and her people’s where ever you can.

Christmas Time is for Sharing ❤️

It has been a long time since I posted on my blog (apologies) and I will be back.
In the meantime, I wish you a lovely Christmas and New Year with your loved ones.

Perhaps spend a moment to remember to reduce your carbon footprint, by turning off lights overnight and keep it all simple this year.

Oh, and send some Love ❤️ to those around the world who maybe struggling. Your thoughts will find and comfort them.

Here is a lovely video I found of ‘The Sugar Plum Fairy’
May it leave you in the spirit of the Season!

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (Epic Cinematic Piano)

Beautiful video and performance by Jennifer Thomas

Fractal Humanity

What does it really mean to be human?

I am returning to the subject of my first post here because I think Humans have the ability to understand how the Universe works and therefore how life itself works.

Fractals are the Fibonacci discovery of a pattern that applies to all life forms. Think of the infinite pattern as similar to a hologram. Each tiny piece of the hologram is a fragment replica containing the whole image.

We think of life forms as separate and different, but in fact on the molecular scale we are all the same, arranged from the same building blocks of life. Each molecule holds information that can create itself. It is no coincidence that we are made up of 70% water… for so is the earth. All life forms follow a set of rules that connect our forms in patterns already dictated by the universe itself.

So what does this mean for us everyday folks who aren’t mathematicians, scientists or amazing philosophers? It means that we must stop treating everyone and everything as separate from ourselves. This is the concept of God…a creator that holds us all in its own image. This is not a separate entity, but the all encompassing energy of everything. It is us, all of us. Human, animal and plant.

For humanity to understand fully how to incorporate this into everyday life, we have to forget the word ‘separate.’ For when we use that word, it creates ‘difference,’ ‘dislike,’ ‘fear,’ and other negative emotions that break down life, break down symbiosis, break down cooperation, break down growth. For too long, we have been told that we are separate from the animals, separate from the rich, separate from the powerful, separate from the poor or the other races; the list goes on.

We are all born and we will all die. This is the pattern of all life forms. We have, in the time in between, growth of our form, reproduction and family and an ability to feel a physical experience through our senses. Each and every life form depends on other life forms for food or existence in some way. This means that in order to be human, we also harbour other life forms within us (bacteria), and they, in turn have other life forms in them. The Planet…a living organism supports us all and the universe in turn holds the galaxies that hold the planets, ad infinitum. Time and Space is a human construct to describe our existence within the plane of our perceivable dimension of all that is. We know from infrared, x-ray and other wavelengths that what we experience physically, is not everything that exists. Time and Space is not a real form but an idea to explain to us our own physical experience and to give us a linear perspective of a non-linear universe full of different life that we cannot perceive.

All physical life forms are patterns on an energy information system that brings together everything that exists.
We are so connected, that a single thought form can be felt around the globe and even out into the universe. If we project fear, then we will see and feel fear. If we project war, then we will see and feel war. But if we project only love, then we will see and feel only love. It is that simple, and that complex.

We need to rethink how we live because the planetary system that we live in is changing. It may be that the earth becomes inhospitable for some life forms. We, as humanity, need to address how we are going to deal with those changes. Our old ‘separate’ thinking will not work now. It is time for our symbiotic nature to return. For us to feel everything in our physical plane. If we do not reconnect to our oneness then we will not know the love or joy or the bliss of everything. We will not exist.

What will a return to our symbiotic nature look like in a more down to earth world view?

Here are a few examples showing how to live a loving symbiotic life…

And finally… How Love can heal a broken spirit and bring back health and vitality.

These are not unique examples. There are many. Good stuff is around us everyday. Focus on the love and connection and forget all the negative thoughts. They will only separate you from the rest of creation. They will destroy the energy that is YOU.

Climate Future?

Climate Change has troubled me for years now. I remember back in the late 1970’s a huge hole in the ozone layer appeared due to the use of CFC’s (Chlorofluorocarbons) used in everything from air conditioners to propellant in aerosol cans.

As the years rolled on, I remember quite a few warnings about acid rain destroying our freshwater lakes and rivers. Then, in quick succession, it was nuclear accidents, oil and chemical spills, and PCB’s (polychlorinated biphenyls) polluting our drinking water, causing terrible cancers. The world seemed doomed as we realised the extent of damage we’d created. But suddenly, the media reports all went quiet.

I, like most people, didn’t give it a lot of thought at the time… But mainstream media dropped the stories about such problems and focused on the 1980’s with its rebounding economics, new music tastes and outrageous fashions. The world was focused on opulent, narcissistic living and corporations cashed in on the rush to buy, buy, buy. The madness of ‘material acquisition’ continued well beyond the 1990’s until abject greed caused economic collapse to start rearing its ugly head.

But the environmental  problems were, and are still there and worsening. Lots of hard working scientists knew it. So did the polluting industries. But until the whistle blowing by frustrated, (and government silenced), scientists began, the general public was kept intentionally, uninformed….

So here we are, nearly 40 years on and still nothing really constructive has been done to mitigate any of these pollution predicaments we have created. In fact, we have added more nuclear, more gas and coal, more oil, more chemicals and more aerosols to the deadly mix of atmospheric pollutants that now holds our planet in its grip. 

Scientists have suggested that we are now living in a different geological epoc, (The Anthropocene) and concurrently living through the sixth mass extinction period known in the Earth’s geological history.

We receive messages about clean energy and changing our ways…and that is great. Many governments are spreading the ‘clean up’ message.

Climate change scotland

Mission Climate Change

The UN is suitably worried and is encouraging everyone to keep with the game plan to reduce global emmissions.

10min climate change update
April 2017 by Scientists.

And CBS news reports on the climate trends seen so far in 2017
But is all this now just ‘arranging the deck chairs on the ‘Titanic.’
The most recent news is worrying…

Permafrost Thaw

Oceans warming 70% more than previously thought

So do climate scientists agree?

It would seem that most climate scientists do agree.

But one particular scientist says that we are not getting the whole story.
Guy McPherson, professor emeritus of natural resources and ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Arizona. He says that we have entered into the unknown territory of Abrupt Climate Change and predicts that Human Extinctions will come in as little as in 10 years. Yes, you read that correctly – TEN YEARS…maybe even sooner!

So generally, people are not really taking climate change seriously. There are so many videos, talks, news items, scientist speaking out (risking and even losing their jobs), but we just aren’t getting the message. Instead, we ridicule and berate their dedicated work of decades and reduce it to a number of clichés. How awful that we can be so arrogant. But we will pay a price for that. Even the renowned, bubbly Biologist, David Attenborough, is extremely gloomy about our future as a species. But we are not listening.

Instead, we rave about Artificial Intelligence and a robotics dominated world. Why? While those people developing these technologies are surely doing so out of some sense of helping humanity, can they not see the awful potential of these new technologies as powerful weapons against us by the future powers that would single us out as the enemy?
I recommend watching this next YouTube video by Guy, on his ‘Nature Bats Last’ channel (although you can find lots more at ). It perhaps sums up how we should perceive the sudden, and now abrupt climate change for the unknown and unstoppable force it has become. 

What can we do, if anything?

Guy recommends reading ‘End Game’ by Derrick Jenson Written in two volumes, it is an account of the end of civilisation.

And Guy also recommends an online resource for free download at written by Keith Garnish. The name here, ‘Underminers,’ implies the sort of anarchy we might require to adjust society to being one that actually serves our existence. 

These recommendations might appear extreme, and I cannot say if they give us any solutions (especially as I have not yet read them), so… I would say, live as kindly as you can, connect with your neighbours, try to be ecological, use manpower wherever possible (ride a bike or walk instead of using a car) and live simply, reduce your waste, but also reduce your purchase of anything unnecessary or wasteful. Try if possible to learn how to do things as if you were on a self sustaining camping trip with only the barest of essentials. This will all help you to adapt during the worst of the climate change events to come. You need to be resourceful and capable of surviving extreme and fast changes, especially if you have to move away from future flooded coastlines. As Guy McPherson says, ‘I do not know your personal extinction date.’ Make your life count now! Love yourself and everyone around you.

If we could do everything possible to mitigate climate change right now, this year, do you think we might just stop the worst? That we might just keep our climate stable? I like to think so, but what are the odds that it will happen? They are so slim as to be negligible. A hotter world is coming whether we like it or not!

What else can we do, if the climate is going to keep heating?
Well, let’s start being kind to the animals who will face these awful times with us! My previous post on ‘Why Do We Hurt Animals?’ gives some insights on the importance of learning to communicate with our fellow ‘Earthlings.’ The other species we live with have much more to offer than the objects of food and trinkets that we have turned them into for our own selfish pleasures. 

My previous post on ‘Vegan Future’ offers a dietary, and optional choice, but is it really optional? I think it is an inevitable and necessary one if we are going to survive. 
The current trend to factory farm animals is unsustainable, cruel, and contributes to climate change and ecological destruction. 

Consumption of factory farmed meat is also dangerous to human health. If you do not believe me, you would likely learn for yourself by watching ‘Lucent,’ a 2014 documentary on the factory pig farming industry in Australia. The scenes are typical of the factory farm industry in other countries like the US, Canada, Spain, Britain and many European countries. These are the high industry standards. You wouldn’t want to see the poor ones! I actually had to watch most of this documentary in 15 minute slots at a time. It was the only way I could make it through the whole (and tragic) life of a pig raised for our food.
‘Lucent’ by Aussie Farms

Warning, this is very Graphic Content!

Next post up will be about learning how to be better human beings…

Ecological Future

Our Earth is losing more resources than can possibly be replaced. We consume far too much and it is unsustainable. Governments worldwide will do nothing about this because they are only interested in tackling economic growth, taxation and export income, to pay down equally unsustainable national debts.
So, it is really up to every individual person to consciously decide to reduce consumption and find alternative solutions to promote health, welfare and happiness.

Earth Resource Analysis posted by

Lots of course, can be done to live sustainably

Posted by Rob Greenfield Sustainable Living
Rob’s website is a really good resource for growing your own food and reusing materials in creative ways.
That’s easy enough for us who are working and living in a wealthy society. 
But what about those people who live in poor communities in other parts of the world?

Jon Jandai’s story is inspiring

Posted by TED talks
Pun, Pun Farm, Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. Jon Jandai: ‘Life is easy. Why do we make it so hard?’
You can find out more about volunteering at Pun Pun Farm here:

And there are opportunities to help other sustainable world projects. Here is just one of many links

Organic farming and sustainability programs

But what of our individual consumption…where do we start at home and can we make a difference with our purchases? The answer to that is YES, we can make a huge difference if we know what is wasteful!

The Carbon Footprint of Consumption TED talk 2016
So buying local, unprocessed food from sustainable sources is going to make a huge difference. And so is reducing material goods that we don’t really need.
Making your own toiletries, household cleansers, and food will keep you healthy, reduce chemicals, packaging and waste and lower your carbon footprint exponentially.

These following websites offer lots of advice, ideas and help with awareness of do’s and don’ts and how to source goods sustainably.

And here are some household Tips on how to improve your daily ecological living from Clare Delaney @ecoexpert1 (on Twitter)

Here is one of Clare’s many examples of how you can replace household purchases with inexpensive eco friendly alternatives.

Posted by Clare Delaney

Let’s start joining the conversations, listen to the thoughts and ideas of other change-makers, and get in touch with what really makes us happy, healthy and free of pollution, waste and greed.

Posted by Anne Brown

We need to start thinking about ecological futures for every country around the globe, so if you want to study ecological living for sharing with others, find out more about this promising venture and earn university credits towards your degree through informative worldwide study programs
You may have exciting ideas for new ways to cut our ecological footprint.

James Greyson of the United Kingdom, has been developing a circular economy plan for many years. He can be found on TED talks and on his own website where he shares his ideas about creating new ways to leverage global change, far beyond what we all can do individually.

@climate_rescue (Twitter)

@blindspotting (Twitter)

James Greyson won the 2016 MIT Climate CoLab contest with this invention of a wood drying chimney to cut carbon emissions produced by wood fueled cook stoves (much of the third world still cooks and heats homes using woodstoves).

James has also begun a new  ‘Virtual Think Tank’ to tackle Climate Change and Global sustainability on Patreon, if you think you may like to take part brainstorming in this new community offering your research and ideas, you can find out more at

If you are a Twitter user, try a search using ‘#EarthOptimism’ as a starting point to find out what else you can do to encourage, and engage with others in the discussion on an an ecological future!