About Me and Privacy Policy

I am Colette and this is my free WordPress blog.


Look out at the world and embrace it with your heart, love it with your soul, and treat it kindly as your own!

I have always loved this world of ours. I want a future that embraces the validity of all life, a kinder humanity, a balanced biodiverse eco system, and a clean, unpolluted world where we can all live peacefully in harmony with all species.

I have studied spiritual-natural healing, reiki, and 2 years study of professional massage therapy, as healing modalities. I worked for several years as a Registered Massage Therapist with a thriving practice. I am now retired.

I am a vegan who advocates the health benefits of Plant Based whole foods as the way forward for heath, both our own, and that of the planet.

I am interested in interconnected life, interspecies communication, and learning balance in all aspects of life.


I hope my readers will be of like mind. Please respect my thoughts and those of others that comment here. Verbal abuse will not be tolerated, however, differing opinions are most welcome as long as they do not discount the opinions of others. This is, I hope, a space of discussion and valued interaction on ideas.


WordPress is updating its privacy policy to comply with new European law on protecting data. Please take a moment to read the WordPress blog on how WordPress will address the change.


If you follow or comment on my blog site, I have a link to your blog site or email address (if that is how you sign up) as provided by WordPress.

I assume that by following, or commenting on my blog, you wish to be here. If you later decide to leave, just use the unfollow button. If you wish me to remove a comment that you have made, please inform me using the ‘Leave a Reply’ window (below) or go to the comment you made and use the ‘Reply‘ feature underneath it to request its removal.

Your details are here for interaction on my blog site. I will not use them except for communication here on WordPress or to visit your blog or supplied email address in return. I have no commercial interest in your data, however, WordPress does set cookies here to make it easier for your return visits (so you don’t have to keep signing in with your data). WordPress also places a link, and your chosen icon, on to my pages, if you ‘follow,’ ‘like’ or ‘comment,’ as a means to connect to your WordPress blog site, so my readers may choose to visit your blog site to read your blogs.

WordPress also provides me with some anonymous statistical data, giving number of visits and/or views of my blog and a location map for those who are visiting. It does not give me any direct information about you other than country of origin.

If, in future, I hide (make private) my blog due to spamming or hacking concerns, I no longer see my followers. And you may not be able to visit as easily.

If for any reason, I delete my blog, all your information is deleted from my data. However, your details may still be held by WordPress and/or its associates. Please contact them directly.


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4 thoughts on “About Me and Privacy Policy

    1. Thankyou da-Al. I know you enjoy posts on good stuff…so go take a look at my new post… ‘Fractal Humanity’
      I hope our existence on earth is about to enter a compassionate loving phase of existence. 💕

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