Earthing ~ Failures

Earthing ~ A Journey 7


My Personal Journey to connect with Earth (continued)

Time flies when you are having fun, or more correctly, when you are working towards a goal. Summer went by in a blur! We didn’t have a long summer break from college, and we’re now well into fall. One of the other students asked me if I would conduct a Reiki session for her Mom.

Mom was not much older than me. She was suffering terrible back pain and had consented to having a steel rod bracing surgically inserted to support her spine. It hadn’t gone well and now she was in hospital fighting infection and in agony. She was to have more major surgery to remove the rods again.

The student told me that she didn’t believe in Reiki, but would I try anyway? I wasn’t feeling optimistic about this, which should have been a warning for me to follow my intuition and keep away from this, but the student begged me.


We arrived at the hospital and were talking with her Mom when the private room door opened. A parade of interns and the surgeon walked in. My heart sank. Mom introduced her daughter, and then me, as lady who was going to give her some energy healing. The surgeon surveyed me skeptically. He spent a few minutes asking Mom questions and giving her info about her surgery scheduled for the next day, while we tried not to listen. As he turned to leave with his entourage, he smirked at me… “good luck, Maybe you’ll have better success than me!” It wasn’t meant kindly.

I took off my coat, and gloves, and washed my hands in the corner sink, but my hands were still chilly. I apologised for their initial coolness as I placed them on her. I moved systematically as I had been taught, focusing on general soothing energy generation. My hands began to generate their usual tingliness as I breathed energy through me. All touch, would have to be in face up position, as she had much difficulty in moving at all. As my hands moved over her abdomen (and of course, low spine beneath), strong magnetic fields started to jerk my hands to specific places. I had felt these before on other people. They were indicative of joint pain, wear and tear and inflammation. But these were the strongest magnetic sensations I’d ever felt. My hands danced as if possessed. They pulled to a specific spot. But from there I became scared…

I felt strongly that a sort of goo was attaching to my hands. I tried to pull it, but then Mom (who had been lying quietly up to now) began to moan and wince with pain. Her eyes were still closed, but her body heaved under my hands ever so slightly.

I was out of my depth on this Reiki session. Mom needed a ‘Master’ to work on her (as I had seen at the Saturday course). I felt unprepared to deal with someone going into the kind of thrashing that I had witnessed when trying to pull out this sick energy from a person. I had to let it slide back, and moved on. I finished the Reiki with soothing energy and gently asked Mom to open her eyes. She was asleep, but came around when her daughter said, “you can wake up now.”

Mom said she felt calm and it was nice, thanking me for helping. I didn’t say anything; I felt a complete failure. We left, and I decided not to tell the student what I had experienced. I had encountered something very bad… Bone cancer perhaps, but I really didn’t know and didn’t want to cause a false alarm. Later the student told me that her Mom still didn’t believe, but that she did note how my hands went from feeling ice cold to almost roasting with heat, especially over her abdomen.


I have only had one other intense instance like this. It came later when I had my massage therapy practice some years later. An elderly gentleman of African origin had walked in one day. He asked for a 30 minute session. I always did a thorough intake questionnaire and discovered some unsettling things on his medical history. I asked him to lie on my table (an adjustable hydrolic table that I could lower for him). I had not asked him to undress as per usual. I used palpation skills and a few easy tests to determine where his pain originated. My heart sank as I felt sticky energy in his right hip, pelvis and low-back. The poor man was in intense pain. Suddenly, the door had flown open and his large, angry looking wife stomped into the room yelling. She was unhappy he was on my table. I asked her to return to the waiting room, and that I could not divulge anything (client confidentiality). I turned to him.

“You need to go back to your doctor.Your problem looks quite serious and you may need to see a specialist.” I was as kind as I could be, and I apologised that I thought a massage would not help. He squeezed my hand and smiled. The man had suffered lymph cancer, but had been in remission for two years. What I intuitively felt, but could not say, was that I suspected that it had returned aggressively and was eating through his bones. I did not charge him, saying that all we had done was an assessment. He thanked me and left. I felt unhappy that I had to turn him away, but I would have been negligent if I tried to give him a massage. A Reiki session might have soothed, but that was not what he wanted or what my practice offered.

Five days later, the receptionist had a message waiting for me as I arrived for afternoon appointments. The man’s son had called to say that his father had died, but the family was very grateful to me. He had felt quite at peace after he left my office. I felt so unhappy. He was such a nice man.

Mom had all her steel rods removed, but still struggled with pain. The student and I were not speaking that often, so other than knowing something of her Mom’s gradual deterioration, I did not learn what the outcome was.

Sometimes, we feel things that we would rather not. Life throws all sorts of tragedies at us. Grounding is the only way to transmute the energies of such encounters. We cannot take on other people’s energies to ourselves, no matter how much we want to help. They just make us sick ourselves. I was not in a position to offer more, though I would dearly have liked to. I knew that I must not let my own ego get in the way. All I could do was learn from my failures.


(To be continued…)

13 thoughts on “Earthing ~ Failures

  1. I can so understand what you are saying here Colette… We want to help so much, but we also understand everyone is on their own path, with their own experiences..
    And as we know from Dr Joe, we know the biggest obstacles in healing one’s self and allowing others to heal us is in their ability to believe in it..
    One of the greatest Healers in Scripture taught this… 🙂

    Failure is only from one perspective.. We cannot even begin to comprehend the many levels that causes someone to collect those pockets of negative goo…
    Or for that matter understand the Lower astral planes of attachment and the negative energies we inadvertently attract with our thought processes.
    Which is why it is so important what we think… For we what we Think creates the future… Both in ourselves and in the collective..

    You didn’t fail… You did the best with the knowledge and understanding at that time… And even though we may not understand it all… Even people we pass on the street, our energies exchange, and we do not always know what was needed in your patients circumstances… But I am sure they received what was needed by meeting you.. ❤
    Much love..


  2. For whatever reason it would seem my system did not download this series of blog posts. This last read is the most difficult, the realization that those (of us) who choose to be healers or helpers can only stretch out so far and must accept life’s verdict in the end as we will have to accept it for ourselves.

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    1. Hello Sha’Tara
      So nice to see you. I am afraid I have not been on WordPress for a while, but WordPress has been presenting a few glitches and so I too do not see postings.

      Yes, we light workers cannot do everything we would like and there are limits. Sometimes (mostly), it is very hard to hit those limits and watch people slide away into the rabbit hole of darkness. I have been hitting those buffers again just lately, so your message is timely and comforting. Thank you. ❤️


      1. I’ve kept your reply as a reminder to acknowledge. I’ve been super busy this spring time so less time for the computer, plus I get sucked into the COVID-19 crap over and over, especially with the pro-vaxxers. As the old saying goes, there’s none so blind as those that will not see. The thing I wanted to mention to you, or ask about, is, have you “felt” the lowering of people’s energies since this “pandemic” or “plandemic” was instituted? I find it difficult to deal with the constant pull down, and I find no escape: it’s endemic. People are being physically and mentally weakened, not just dumbing-down. There’s so much polarization and both overt and covert anger due to the deliberately “infused” confusion and chaos. The innate fear is palpable. I wish there was a hot line number I could dial and make a choice: “Press 1 if you wish to leave the planet immediately. Press 2 if you wish to leave within the week. Press 3 if you wish for a 30 day extension time. Thank you for calling the Universal Taxi Service.”
        I’ve been seriously wondering what could make any “evolved” being want to hang around here just to watch all the old dreams getting shattered and destroyed, and the younger generations without a clue as to how our labour unions; our democracies, our tentative “freedoms” were achieved not so long ago. All gone and I think that’s a bloody shame. What’s even more shameful is that hardly anyone cares. “Those who sow the wind will reap the whirlwind…” I am reminded of that constantly.

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        1. I agree. I am deeply saddened by the events unfolding. I am of course, aware of the whistle blowing by Judy Mikovits and her ‘Plague of Corruption’ book and the documentary ‘Plandemic.’
          Unfortunately, we are seeing people fooled by the promise of a miracle vaccine for a virus that has been intentionally manipulated for the purpose of putting people into a world wide police state (lockdown).

          I have good days and bad days over this. I have tried to share info with friends and family, but I have been accused of conspiracy theories and spreading misinformation. I am now, like you, just standing on the sidelines just watching events unfold. Yes… A part of me wants to leave this human experience ASAP, but I also know that you and I are the way showers. We are here for a reason… I do not have kids. I have no vested interest in a future on earth. And yet, I have an ingrained love for the ecosystem and the physical properties of this world as well as its energetic cohesion that holds it all in place. I don’t want to see them destroyed.
          I think it safe to say, that you and I, and people who identify with all the aspects of a holistic way of being (lightworkers, herbalists, organic farmers, naturopaths, holistic healers, etc., etc.) are the bridges for a sick and corporatised society enslaved in the lies they are fed from birth to death. We are here to try to unblind their minds so they look at the present moment (not the past or future) with the clarity of their own thoughts, not those of an institutional belief system (dogma).

          It is the toughest thing in the world to take the ridicule from people entrenched in a hypnotised state. These are knocks that wound us and make us want to abandon the ’cause’ and leave them all to their own sticky end, but compassion holds us steadfast. We know that they are incapable of knowing what we know, or feeling what we feel. We are here to help the one or two who might wake up. That’s it. We cannot wake them, they must break out of their coma by themselves.
          There will be a day when it all makes sense as to why we are here. Hang in there Sha’Tara.
          The dimensions are changing… And it is an uncomfortable ride. 🤗


        2. And just to say… Yes some energies are lowering… And some are raising. The polarisation is growing ever greater. We must be sure that we keep our hearts in a good vibration and not let the fear around us pull us down. We will see our closest family and friends move in the opposite direction into deep fear and compliance. It is a scary thing to know that we can do little to stop it. Trying just lowers our own dimensional vibration. It is like watching soldiers march across a bridge without breaking step. You know that bridge structure is gonna break. We are the bridges for now, but eventually, we will just have to let them go to their fate.


        3. I have little doubt we have entered into a dimensional shift and it will inaugurate some serious changes on this world. Where I differ from many like Dr. Greer is in the ways, means, and timing. For example, I would not go out of my way to “encounter” aliens. For one thing and based on personal experience they are no more trustworthy than Earthians. If they have power, then they have been corrupted by it – as the Teachers taught: as below (here) so above. If you want to understand how it works “out there” make sure you understand how it works “here” was their way of putting it. This shift we are sensing is of much longer duration than one puny Earthian life. I “see” the total destruction of this man-made civilization and its supportive systems over a period of (give or take) 500 years along with the total annihilation of all remnants of “Earthianity” as we know it today. A mutant humanity will arise through the coming horrors to replace Homo Sapiens. When finally free of HS oppression it will usher in a time of peaceful but “retiring” relationship with this world. By about 2600/2700 CE the mutants will make contact with aliens, the “trustworthy kind” brought here by the intervention of such as myself and whomever of Earth and other worlds have become detached from any particular world, become warriors of freedom against the forces of the (our name for them) Time Lords, and become ambassadors to seek help, or to give help, in the millennia-long war towards the final defeat of the Time Lords and all their established anti-life systems. When I say “retiring” I mean a deliberate move away from reliance upon the planet and into space-faring capability “arks”. Some time after the 3000 year mark, the new humans will leave Earth forever to return to space faring and to eventual peopling of new worlds left “vacant” from the inexorable push against, and defeat, of Time Lord hegemony. That is the “really big show” as Ed Sullivan would put it.
          Under current conditions no legitimate empathetic and compassionate aliens would even think of attempting any corrections or repairs to the ravages caused by Homo Sapiens, the slave of the Time Lords. First the masters have to be destroyed, then their works, including all those who live by the dictates of current systems. Before any real positive change is seen here, first the “Beast” (State, Science and Finance) and the “False Prophet” (the institutional Religion in all its forms) must take control and rule global civilization with absolute power. Then must follow the inevitable breakdown and seemingly endless internecine warfare; the poisoning of lands and seas; the burnings of forests and cities; the collapse of all remnants of truth, morality, justice, education, health care; enslavement, genocide, cannibalism; famines and plagues, i.e., the total breakdown of society as we’ve gotten used to seeing it function. “Things” are not going to get better, not for a very long and terrible time. Those who predict or teach otherwise are deliberately misleading or they are speaking from the basis of “hope” or wishful (deluded) thinking. Cheery, huh?


        4. Of course, the picture of “future Earth” I showed above is subject to change without notice. I did not make a prediction, I just did the actuarial trick: project based on current conditions and available information. If Homo Sapiens desired it, it could change the way things are going. It could choose to break free of its “comfortable” and predictable programming and decide to follow a personal path of self empowerment. That would soon spell the end of Time Lord (Jehovian for Islam/Christianity) totalitarian control and a renewed natural approach to life. The problem with that is, there is nothing in man’s history or current behaviour that leads to such a possibility. Society as we know it is predicated upon exploitation and oppression. Our civilization could not function without its innate/built-in violence.


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