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Earthing ~ A Journey 6


My Personal Journey to connect with Earth (continued)

The post Christmas Season was a blah time. I wasn’t eating very well (again) and tended to stop at McDonald’s for an Egg Mcmuffin for breakfast on the way to college. Little did I know, until years later, that they (because of the egg) were the cause of ankle pains and joint stiffness that had me wearing orthotic inserts and taking pain killers. I thought it was the gruelling schedule and the physical demands of the massage practices that were having a physical effect.

It was the second term of school, and the pace stepped up, adding extra time to the curriculum in the form of evening massage clinics for the general public. This meant that I had to take one evening per week off from work. That meant catch up on my work load there too. My boss was not impressed, but I converted holiday allowance time to cover the evenings. I wasn’t going to get away with that forever though…My holidays would quickly run out.

My time at home on weekdays was now mainly just for studying and sleeping. As a consequence, my already crappy relationship, dived into a deep dark hole. I actually hated going home to a silent, brooding partner who was becoming more distant by the day.

One Saturday, his daughter was over. She often came on a weekend to visit her Dad. She was working now and would soon get her own apartment. We got on pretty well, but she was increasingly aware of the tensions and kept to herself beyond shared mealtimes.

I had just gone upstairs to put laundry away when I heard the phone ring. She answered it. There was a lot of talking, so the call was for her, but I couldn’t hear the conversation. However, I felt an awful feeling of dread come over me. There was something about the call that felt wrong and sinister. I had to do something.

Walking in to his computer room, I said to my partner, “I feel something bad is going to happen, please tell your daughter not to go out tonight.” He looked at me as though I’d grown two heads. “Uh huh!” he said shaking his head and returning his attention to his computer.

I had to do something so I ran downstairs and said to her, as soon as she had hung up, “I don’t know who that was, or what your call was about, and you don’t need to tell me, but I have a terrible feeling that something bad will happen if you go out tonight. I am begging you not to go out. Any other night, sure, but not tonight!” She looked at me and said simply, ” OK. ”

She went up to her bedroom. She didn’t go out, and that was very comforting, but I didn’t know the story until months later, when she chose to tell me.

She had been going out with a boy, that I had met only once, for almost a year. He had hearing problems (almost completely deaf) and possibly a few mental problems as well, I thought in hindsight. Their relationship had been good, but mixed with volatile arguments sometimes. It had not been violent until one evening he had punched her in the face. She ended the relationship then and there. He had begged her to come back. She didn’t.

He, apparently, had gone into a meltdown and his friends all blamed her. The phonecall had been from a girlfriend of one of his mates, with an invitation to a big get-together, but her ex wouldn’t be there, and would she come?


It turned out that she learned from the same girl, in a another phonecall some days afterward, that the get-together was so that all the mates could beat my partner’s daughter up to teach her a lesson. The girl had called to apologise, that she didn’ t know about the planned beating and was glad that she had not shown up.

I was flabbergasted. I knew my feeling of danger was profound, but this was just unbelievable.

Relationships are so complicated and often have hidden agendas. I was relieved when she said, “when you told me not to go out, it sort of confirmed my own gut feeling that something was wrong. I completely severed ties with that group.”

Life chivied along with lots of term exams, innane work stuff and little time to think, let alone ground and meditate. I saw my friends when I could which was at least once per month, but never enough. Finally, the Easter break came. While work would continue, I had my weekday mornings free for a while. I replenished my energy.

My Polish friend had thoughtfully invited me to join her on a Saturday workshop with a Reiki Master healer. It required that participants had already completed Reiki I and Reiki II courses, which I had, but I didn’t know if I would be welcomed last minute, without pre-registration.

The session held about 10 participants, I was the 11th, but welcomed anyway, and I paid the course fee in cash on arrival.

The Instructor and her Assistant talked about their backgrounds, and how they worked together. Their form of Reiki had developed into an advanced form.

Each participant would have a turn for a healing session with her but first, she would demonstrate a healing session on a volunteer. The lady waiting in the wings (a client of the Instructor’s) had just been diagnosed with cancer, a form of Leukemia (although we weren’t told this until afterwards), and had consented to this public healing session.

To say that my jaw hit the floor, would be an understatement. The healing session started out with a scan and the usual Reiki format, but then developed into something resembling psychic surgery. The pair of healers worked in silence, quickly and with focused determination. The Instructor would seem to pull something like a stretchy glue away from the clients body, and the assistant would cut it near the skin surface with her hands. This would always have a sort of snap on the Instructor’s hands as she pulled whatever, free and cast it to the floor. What was unbelievable, is that the client had her eyes closed, almost under a complete trance, but her body writhed in a fashion that one would think physically impossible. It was scary to watch, like something out of the exorcist movie, but not quite so malevolent. Occasionally, a moan would come from the client, her facial expression clearly indicating something weird happening.

The two of them pulled what seemed like reams of material/energy out of her body, and then closed off with a soothing  scan and the usual crossed-hands ‘T’ over the heart to end the energy connection in a gentle manner. The room was so quiet. The client didn’t move, but I could clearly see that she was deeply unconcious. I could barely see her breathing, and she was shivering. The Instructor looked concerned. She waved all of us to leave our chairs to surround the client with our hands placed carefully, one at a time on her body. We all took our positions. The client was stone cold, freezing. As we pushed energy into her with controlled breathing techniques, the Instructor piled on about 6 blankets. It took probably 30 minutes of warming her with our energy, but she did warm up and the shivering stopped. Not a word was spoken except for the whispered commands from the Instructor.

I began to feel a migraine start. I tried to ground and shrug it off, but the feeling of nausea was overwhelming. I said nothing. The Instructor looked up from her position at the clients head. She gently took the hands of the person next to her and put them where her own two had been. She approached me and grasped my own hands, gently pulling me away and indicated to other participants to close up the gap. She sat me on a chair a few feet away, pushed some energy into my feet, and gently whispered to me to drink some water. Then she returned to her position with her client.

Eventually, everyone was ushered back to their chairs, and we all took a break for lunch while the client slept on, gently snoring. It was just an astounding thing. No one spoke much. It was all pretty hard to take in.

The client eventually did wake, feeling groggy. She remembered nothing of what had just happened. The Instructor asked her if she felt able to stand up? She did, and they gave her some water. She said that she felt somehow lighter. She came and sat with us for a little while, recovering. She said that she would fight her cancer and she hoped the healing session had helped. She felt it had!

After lunch, and the client already gone, the Instructor explained that she had intended to do an instructional healing, that it wasn’t really meant to have turned into the serious and difficult healing session that we had just witnessed, but that she and her Assistant had encountered a dark, black, sticky energy full of magnetism. They had worked quickly to pull it out of the body, and there was no time to explain what they were doing. She apologised if it had scared us. They had been unaware of her cancer diagnosis until just minutes before the session. They explained that cancer has its own energy and is always difficult to deal with.

The rest of the day was for each individual to receive a ‘healing session’ of their own with the Instructor. Unfortunately, there was not enough time for me, but during the lunch break, the Assistant had been asked by the Instructor to give me a special Reiki attunement. It was lovely, and as good as any healing session that I have experienced. Unfortunately, my friend was a little peeved that I should have this ‘attunement’ when no one else was offered the opportunity.

I really think the attunement was to help me stop retaining so much energy when it entered my body. I was being grounded yet again by someone else.

I would have loved to do a course with this lady, but I was already stretched for time, didn’t have the money, and the course would be two hours drive away from where I lived. I was disappointed…


(To be continued…)


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  1. Just a wonderful account Colette of how when we follow our gut and stick our necks out to speak it to others just how we are guided by those unseen realms of energy… Your Step Daughter’s own gut told her, but had you not then said what you did, I feel she would have been tempted to go that evening with dire consequences…

    As to the healing, I am fully with you in what you described in the string like substance etc.. And have encountered it myself when healing a cancer patient… A long story but not dissimilar to the technique you described that of pulling out unwanted energy…
    And if tell you the story you will think Oh no, here she is again saying she also had another similar experience.. LOL… So, so uncanny is your journey with my own…

    If you do wish to know my experience of it I will say tell it you if asked….. But I loved your detailed description of the healing session and yes some of us including myself have been subject to psychic vampires, or energy that sucks away and blocks our own chakras… And I have had to do cleansing rituals to remove negative energy pockets..

    Wonderful to read Colette… Thank you again for sharing your journey.. ❤

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    1. Please do share your own journey through that cancer healing Sue, and thank you for the affirmation that this stuff does happen. I have had experiences with magnetism during healing and it is such a strange phenomenon, that is difficult to explain.

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  2. Here is the description of the healing as promised dear Colette…

    The Man came to healing for several months at the Spiritualist Centre, at first I wasn’t the one who gave him healing, for several sessions.. I think about the fifth session he came to me for healing as it was just up to the patients who they choose as we did it collectively in a room..

    He went deep, as I intrusively went around his aura scanning, and correctly told him where I felt problems were, and from then on each week he returned to have healing from me.. Over our conversations he told me he had been married twice and both his wives had died from cancer, and now he too had been diagnosed with it and it was now in his spine, and although he was undergoing conventional treatment, the prognosis wasn’t good as it had really gone too far before he sought both medical or our help.. Over the weeks though he said he felt stronger and brighter.. Then he caught an infection and was hospitalised but his daughter rang the church and he asked me if I could go and give him healing at his bedside..

    This I agreed to do several times,, The hospital staff in this small community hospital were brilliant, and even put a notice upon the outside of his room saying do not disturb healing in progress which they made.. So I was left to do healing… His daughter rung me also late one night to ask could I go immediately to the hospital as her dad had taken a turn for the worse and would I be there.. I thought this was it..

    Its been something I have been asked to so several times, and have assisted in the transition of people… first it was my gran, then my next-door neighbour then a friends mothers whom I gave healing too and my dad… It’s a wonderful privilege to witness the peace as one passes from this realm to the next.. So I thought this was yet another such time..
    However after I gave healing he perked up, and after a few days his daughter rang me to say he was back home, all be in now in wheelchair..

    She asked me if I would continue the healing in his home this I agreed.. Now at that time I was also experimenting with Crystal healing and I researched about healing with quartz crystals, programming them with intent to heal etc.. Now this is where I might sound like a white witch lol.. as I felt very witchy in the ceremony I did after the healing, but I will get to that bit soon.

    I asked permission to try the crystal healing, which was given.. I started my healing session as normal and then used the crystals to scan and send healing I held one in each hand.. I had bought these crystals for the purpose of this one off healing session only, Oh and all of my healing was free of charge by the way… All voluntary work..
    So the patient went down, relaxed and was almost like you described asleep, When to my surprise, I envisioned this deep Yuk… in his solar plexus…
    Before I knew it I was pulling out yards of this string like substance and while I didn’t cut it or throw it away as you described, I was pulling it and wrapping it around one crystal like a ball of yarn… it just kept coming and coming… until I felt the weight on the crystal I was holding… It then sort of just ran out, I then placed this crystal down and started instinctively to heal the wound from which the string like substance had come from… All the while my patient was deep, breathing deeply…

    As I finished off the healing, and he came around he began to cry, like a baby…
    He then told me what he had felt..

    He said that at first he was back in his childhood around 7 or 8 where he was playing cricket with his uncle and a dustbin was the wickets at his back… He said as he bowled the ball he felt it hit him in the stomach, winding him… Then he said in his dream he said he felt someone pulling the ball out of his stomach,, and he kept swaying back and forth… As he said he could feel the ball go back and forth pulling him towards his uncle and back..
    He said other images came to him about his childhood, but those he didn’t share.. He just kept crying a lot and I was trying to comfort him…

    He said he had never felt lighter!!!! And that it was as if he said all the knots out of his stomach of grief from the loss of his two wives were now gone.. And he thanked me so much for the healing… I always refused to take anything, but he would get his daughter to buy a bunch of flowers.. 😊

    The witchy bit, is that I took the crystals to a wood, a place no one would walk in, I got my husband to go with me, as it’s a dark dense wooded area of pines.. I buried the crystals along with some bread and wine as a gift for the earth in a little ceremony which I had come across to dissolve the negative energy embedded within the crystals to transform it to good in the earth..
    I Gave him two more healings after that, and then he passed away peacefully his daughter told me as she rang me, and I went to his funeral ..
    So that is my experience dear Colette.. Sorry its long winded.. 🙂

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    1. That is an amazing experience Sue. Sometimes what we do, does feel a little bit like Witchcraft, but it is the good kind, with good intentions. I am sure that you cleared much of the energy in your client, allowing him a much easier transition.

      Unfortunately, as you will see in my post today, ‘Earthing ~ Failures’ the outcomes are not always what we would wish, but are the journey’s that our client’s are on.

      Like you, I never charged for Reiki or Spiritual Healing, but I did charge for massage therapy and often did insurance work after accidents. I would incorporate some of my energy transfers into those massage sessions, sometimes with amazing results.

      Thank you so much for sharing and for your affirmations. ❤️🙏

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      1. You are welcome Colette and rightly you should charge for Massage… And like my daughter who also got her masters in Reiki, would transfer energy into massage.. 🙂 We Sing so much off the same page.. 🙂 And you are most welcome..

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        1. I don’t actually practice any longer Sue. Life changed, but I have used Reiki healing and massage on animals (mainly dogs and cats) instead of people. I have used energy in lots of other ways… In some respects, having a massage practice had too many constrictions and restrictions. Bound up in a code of ethics that could be daunting at times. I had to carry $3,000,000 on liability insurance and all sorts of professional development was required. I loved it, but it was time to move on.

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        2. Big smiles neither do I Colette… lol.. healing that is… But like you will often heal and do absent healing over the airwaves a lot.. Yes the insurance is needed, And in Spiritual Healing too… Which I thought the SNU were then making up far too many new rules to make money and lost sight of its spirituality in many areas…

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        3. Exactly why Tesla’s creation was sabotaged and ferreted away… Too many Mogul Giants would not reap their rewards if Energy were Free… But its coming… I keep visualising a future with such… Not perhaps in my life time… But I keep projecting it out there..

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  3. I should have added Colette that while not healings are successful in the way we perceive them to be, I felt that the cordings of negatively which was making him ill had finally been released and that he no longer held karma to this realm, and in fact it was a kind of releasing of energy on the Astral level,
    Hope this makes sense.. ❤

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