Earthing ~ Energy Lessons

Earthing ~ A Journey 2



My Personal Journey to connect with Earth (continued)

My work colleague never went to the meeting she had invited me to. She said that she hadn’t really got time, but she thought it might help me focus on something other than work for a change. She was right. I needed a distraction.

The Spiritual Natural Healing Course was being held in a city a few miles away. I wasn’t actually familiar with the address. Nor did I have a map. I should have phoned the instructor  before leaving work, as I realised I had no idea how to find her house as soon as I reached the outskirts of the city. I did not have the luxury of a mobile cell phone. Three intuitive turns later, I was there. I thought that the synchronicity of that journey was rather spooky, and I felt uncomfortable. How had I found my way there? I wasn’t sure.

There were 10 of us, but only two were men and retired, while the rest of us were working women.

I almost bottled out completely, when one participant introduced herself as a witch, especially as a nearby door violently slammed open, as she introduced herself. It all felt a bit creepy.


I began to think that I had made a huge mistake and was sitting with a bunch of nutty people. The skeptic inside me wanted to run away. Quickly! But then the instructor was asking about boring old me, with a job that suddenly sounded flat, non-productive and materialistic. I felt ashamed that I had nothing much to say about myself while everyone else seemed to have interesting, colourful lives.

Another, very relaxed lady, from Eastern Europe, sat cross legged beside my own uncomfortable form. She was a university chemist, working on research into natural antifreeze found in Arctic fish, for use in ice cream to stop ice crystals forming whilst stored in the freezer for weeks. The idea was that the research would have greater implications for other frozen materials, preserving their long term viability. Her English was impeccably precise, and  I later learned that she could speak five languages quite fluently. She followed the readings of Edgar Casey and was a member of a sacred dancing group. I was impressed, but somehow, the judgemental  me found her geeky. I shook away the thought as unkind and unfair. Maybe I was just tired (or jealous)?

A Polish participant introduced herself as a Reflexologist and Therapeutic Touch Practitioner. Her Aunt had taught her as a child to read tea leaves, tarot cards and to use herbal remedies. She later asked me why I always wore black clothes? “It’s such an insulating colour, it hides your light.” She touched my hand and smiled, “And you have such beautiful strong energy, but you need to ground and to let it shine!” Again, someone mentioned seeing my disconnected, and insulated energy. And I suddenly felt inadequate and critical compared to these sincere people.

These unique women later became my lasting friends, and I am forever grateful to them, because they pulled me through some very difficult times.

The instructor too would be something of a mentor to me when it came to my failing relationship. But I am getting ahead of myself…

We always began each class session with shoes off, sitting on the floor, feet and hands touching the floor. We had to focus on an image of energy flowing through the top of our head, through our body and down into the floor and beyond into the ground, and meditate for a few minutes, emptying our mind and just concentrating on the energy flow and transmuting our energy and healing ourselves. I actually found it a very soothing exercise, and could feel the day’s stress melt away, leaving me quite content. I think that I enjoyed it more than the actual healing practices.

Our literature was a thick set of notes written by the instructor, and  the book, ‘Hands of Healing,’ by Barbara Ann Brennan published in 1987. We most definitely had to feel grounded before we even tried to attempt sending healing energy to another person in the group. It was necessary to have a full focus.

What I found, over the numerous sessions, was rather extraordinary. As I focused energy into the ground, it seemed to change my perception of the people around me too. I felt connected to them despite all our different backgrounds, I felt an unexplainable allegiance, caring and even love towards them (even the not so scary Witch). It was as though all the labels that we had given ourselves at the start, no longer mattered. We were beings, and connected ones at that. A more supportive, caring group of people, you could not imagine.


We held free public ‘healing sessions’ at a local library for interested people, and couldn’t believe the number of people who came to have themselves grounded and receive energy from us mere novices. Everyone seemed to have an open mind, although uncontrolled pain and inflammation did tend to prompt ‘trying anything’ for relief, especially as the sessions were free. A woman with whom I spent quite a bit of time, was completely over-awed by it all. She confided that she had waited (missing her turn twice) to see me, specifically because she saw a lovely white light around me, and that she felt great. She invited me to her local church… Would I please go and offer healing to people there? I went one Sunday and had about 10 people lining up. I was exhausted later. I wasn’t really sure if I was helping, but I was certainly feeling a lot! And with every interaction I had, my own health seemed to be improving leaps and bounds  too. Was this all placebo effect? I wasn’t sure, but when people share caring energy, something magical happens to them.

I changed my clothing, bought brighter colours, and actually found myself not wanting to wear black, even at work. It was more of a gradual thing rather than a forced effort. I am not really a big clothes shopper, but I actually grew to dislike my black clothing and bought a pink suit for work.

After about 5 weeks of great experiences, I left the class one night, to make the hour long drive home, feeling really spacey. I thought I was hallucinating as everything that my headlights hit, seemed to be vibrant and moving. I stopped the car with a large tree visible in the light. I stared at it with disbelief. I could feel its life moving through the trunk and branches. It was the same when I looked at the grass. And the ground beneath me too. It all felt like it was inside me. I had only had water at the class, and I wasn’t ill. I wasn’t drunk, yet I felt an almost psychedelic euphoria without knowing why. Suddenly, work, my relationship and life in general, looked unsatisfactory. I wanted out of the rat race. I wanted what the earth, trees and grass had – deep connection and real experiences!


I wanted a different life, and I wanted it right now. Tears flowed. I felt my heart lift with the realisation that it could be different if I really wanted it to be. I wanted to help other people rather than slog away in the business of marketing and selling things. Things! There is no happiness in things! How on earth was I going to change everything at age 42, with a mortgage, bills, responsibilities, and a partner who took my role as the ‘bread-winner’ for granted? I had no idea.

(To be continued…)

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  1. I hope you find ‘yourself.’ Grounding has really healed a lot of my life and still continues its magic to help me appreciate everything and everyone. 😊


  2. Another lovely insight into your life and how when we alter our perceptions and attitudes to others just what then begins to flow into us… Your experience with the trees just beautifully descriptive.. Its a hard lesson we learn over time in our Judgements of others… We are programmed as such.. So to let our judgement go, is hard to master.. But we do it…
    My own training was with the SNU healing.. and its a rewarding two way energy.. What is channelled through us we most certainly feel the benefits from… And I remember all too well when my Boss, and my work colleagues would call me the ‘Nutty One’ 🙂 lol…

    Great post Colette.. Thank you for sharing more of your journey.. 😀

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    1. I can relate to what you say, Sue. My spiritual awakenings led some people to believe that I was having a mental breakdown. However, for my tech It guys, it presented a different problem. I became so energy charged that it would interfere with computer equipment causing it to malfunction in ways they couldn’t determine. They called me the ‘Energy Witch,’ even though they had no idea about my life outside work. I had, many times, to revert to the old trick of shutting down my computer, unplugging, replugging into the mains 3 times, to change the energy signal. (IT trick, not mine). It was a daily thing for me. 😂

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      1. Oh My…. Lol… reading your words about tech things… hehe…. I got dubbed at one time as the circuit breaker… lol… As appliances such as kettles and irons would suddenly blow a fuse… This was I think in my height of Spiritual awakening when I was meditating daily, doing Trance work, and running my awareness and development groups within the Spiritualist Church and Healing… I would be out doing Spiritual things 4 nights out of every week… Along with working full time and running a family…
        Today, not so much energy….. But I have to now take the WiFi in small bites, as it is this I think which gives me a headache when on it too long..
        So I Fully GET what you are saying about your heightened Energy Colette.. 🙂

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        1. Do you find that watches and clocks speed up around you? Mine do.. 😂😂😂 I gave up on watches back in my 30’s.

          Sometimes my husband will not walk with me if we are in Supermarkets. I am the person that things fall off shelves as I go by. At first he thought it was a coincidence, and he is very skeptical about all this healing stuff, but he still gets embarrassed when store displays decide to implode as I go past. 🤣

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        2. Haha… So funny… Watches never kept proper time… Especially battery ones.. Now I have had Books fall at my feet in book stores, not tins.. lol.. Which were a sign I needed to read them.. This has happened with books more than once.. Haha… Just imagining the store shelves Imploding as you walk by.. LOL haha.. 🙂

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  3. As you can tell in this blog, there are so many others who are hardened by the work world who can benefit from your words of wisdom. It seems important to see beyond your self now. Think of the nurses who heal in ICUs now around the country. Could they benefit from your ideas?

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    1. That is indeed a way to look at this current situation.

      I believe I had COVID19 early on, while out in Asia, and before most of it hit media reports. I was very poorly with symptoms that didn’t fully clear for months. But I used a combination of good eating, lots of rest and paracetamol to battle through symptoms. But the real help to me was to send energy healing into my heart and lungs. I visualizer acceptance of what had invaded me as now part of me… And I used the gentle healing of self love to combat and subdue the inflammatory response. This is how we connect to all life. I slowly got better, with simple but effective little steps.

      The biggest thing anyone can do, is not to fear this virus, but to keep to as healthy a regime as they can. Then when they contract the virus, it will not take over, it will not kill, and it will become more like our common cold.

      I wish all ICU staff the strength to believe that they can pull people through this with their love and dedication. They are front line healers, and their compassion and love for their patients is stronger than any medicine. The combination of both will save lives. Much energy and love to these wonderful human beings. 💕


  4. My wife and I had a similar virus concern when we returned from India in March. Our immune systems are strong and we fought off any exposure to the disease then. I’m glad you apparently did the same.

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    1. Sorry, I have not been getting my WP notifications for some reason. Yes, most people can fight COVID19 off. This is not the great killer that is feared, though I have every empathy with anyone who has lost a loved one who died with COVID19 (maybe not entirely because of as other ailments cause vulnerability). My heart goes out to anyone who has been severely affected by either the disease or the lockdown. It is not easy times. Glad you fought off any infection. Stay healthy. 💗


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