Earthing ~ Beginnings

Earthing ~ A Journey


My personal journey to connect with the earth.


I became interested in finding a ‘simpler life as far back as 1996. I was really struggling, especially at work and in personal relationships. I had pursued a higher paid job in Management to pay mounting bills. I was working 12 hrs a day to cope with workload, supporting a deadbeat partner who wouldn’t work, and eating a crap diet of fast food during weekdays and convenience supermarket foods and alcohol on weekends. The treadmill was unrelenting and I felt tired and unhappy.

I was living the exact opposite of what I wanted and thought that I would never break out of the trap that I had put myself in. My last parent had died earlier in the year, and I actually felt quite alone in the world. My partner suggested that I was having mental problems, so I went to the doctor. Her prognosis was that I was physically and emotionally stressed (not mentally ill) and to change my life. I didn’t and that was the year that I got pneumonia in the middle of summer. I had also had to have pre-cancerous cells lasered from my cervix, had urinary tract problems and had been tested for anemia because I was so lethargic. My health was deteriorating and I got infections regularly. Migraines came frequently and I would have to leave work to go lie down with bags of frozen peas around my head and a hot water bottle on my stomach. I was a mess really.


Then I had a dream. In it, I went through a series of work related events, then died of a heart attack in a strange hotel and after an afterlife journey of vignettes of my whole life, woke in a morgue on a cold slab… I also woke at that moment in real life, heart pounding, fear-dripping sweat pouring out of me. I took some deep breaths and tried to shake off the dream. It wouldn’t leave. While it didn’t describe my current situation at work,  an ominous prophetic message was in there… these things would start to happen in 5 years…


I dismissed my dream as silly, but I started to look at eating more healthily and got interested in organic foods and Permaculture. It didn’t last. I kept on pursuing work like a possessed person and gradually, it was all that I lived for, even though I didn’t enjoy it that much. I usually got sick the minute I had annual vacations, so those were never the panacea for my beleaguered spirit either.

One day in 1999, feeling particularly down and under work strain, I mentioned my feelings to a work colleague at lunch time. She said, you should come over to my complex tonight. The residents are having a talk on spiritual natural healing. It might be good for you. I reluctantly agreed to go.

I was late, because I was finishing up a work task that really could have waited, so I walked into a room full of quiet people already settled, and expectantly waiting. There was no sign of my work colleague and so I slunk into the only available seat  in the middle of the room. I was fidgety and irritable and not used to just sitting calmly. I really didn’t want to stay, but felt conspicuous.

The lecture was being given by a middle-aged woman (a Speech Language Pathologist by profession) and her assistant friend. They were fiddling with a slide projector near to me, which for some reason would not turn on. I remember my cutting remark. “Perhaps you should use some spiritual healing on it! ” Yes, I was a skeptic, but I immediately regretted my nastiness when the instructor turned and looked at me kindly, ignoring my outburst. “Welcome,” she said warmly, “perhaps I will,” and the projector leapt into life, making me feel like a complete shit!


The slide show was about Kirlian photography, and then we took part in a series of exercises to experience the energy that the body projects. We had a moment to meditate and ‘ground’ ourselves. I just sat quietly. I had no idea how to do either. We partnered up with the person seated next to us. I didn’t know the woman, but we had to do a body scan of each other with our hands. This was keeping the hands about an inch away from actually touching the person and done in slow sweeping motions from head to toe going completely around the person until reaching the starting point. I felt lots of things coming off my partner… cold points, hot points, magnetic points… It was all just fanciful, I thought. But as I talked to her about where some of those points were, my partner was incredulous. When we shared what we felt with the group, my partner blurted out, “she picked out every injury I had in my body!” The instructor smiled kindly at me again.

We went through some more energy experiments, including using divining rods made from metal coat hangers. Mine went crazy in my hands… crossing all over the place as I advanced toward other people, and sometimes swinging wildly. I couldn’t control them. Meanwhile, everyone else was struggling to feel them move at all. I saw the instructor watching me thoughtfully, but she said nothing.

Our last experiment was to have a try at sending healing energy to another person. I was paired with a man of Japanese origin. It went well until he sent healing to me. My head felt like it was going to explode. A massive migraine started. I struggled through and finally it was over. I sat on a chair feeling exhausted and in pain. People were leaving or chatting in little groups and I just felt like I was going under. I felt cold, almost like a sudden flu had taken over my physique. The instructor approached me…

“Oh you poor thing!” She looked at me with concern. Taking off her shoes (and requesting that I do the same), she sat in front of me and put her hands on both of my feet. She said, “YOU are completely ungrounded, and your energy has stopped moving down below your waistline… Exploding in your upper body and head.” I had not mentioned the migraine at all.

Her hands were hot, making me realise that my feet were freezing. She said nothing, but looked at my feet intensely as she sent the most incredibly comforting feeling into them as she pinned them to the tiled floor. I felt the energy in my head move and a downward flush of warmth through my entire body. It only lasted a few minutes before someone demanded the instructor’s attention. She admonished, “YOU need to go home and rest, and drink lots of water to rehydrate and rebalance. You need to learn how to ground too.” With that, she was gone. I felt so different, and in awe of this weird experience, that I wandered over to the sign up sheet for a course that she would be giving. I put my name and details on it, took the information sheet for the location and wrote out a cheque for the course fee. I had to know more…

(to be continued…)

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  1. I was totally absorbed in this, looking forward to what happens next. I have never been successful enough to be obsessed with work and Cyberspouse was never ambitious in his career so there was always time to relax. But it’s easy to understand how work and life get out of balance.

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    1. Thank you. I can’t promise that each post will be every day, as I am having some problems with Internet, but I will do my best to keep this going on a regular basis.

      I was obsessed with work. It ruled my life until, well, you’ll have to read about that in the coming posts….💕

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  2. Sounds like you got Reikied. My wife is Babaylan and this story crosses over to many shamanistic practices the world over. She’s also a reiki master, but uses many tools depending on the problem. Fascinating story Colette. How does it end?

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    1. I did quite a few healing courses, including Reiki, Jim…
      All had Grounding principles.
      I mentioned in my primer (post before this one), that I had an on /off relationship with Grounding. I will continue the posts to describe what that was like. The story isn’t over, the ending keeps shifting, but essentially, I have found a way to heal my medical complaints and find happiness, but when I wander away from the Grounding energy principles and start engaging in an unconnected world, my happiness goes away and illness starts to appear. I hope in this series, to explain this better.

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      1. We now live in a world of barriers. Staying grounded goes against societal norms and takes daily effort. I’ll find that post. Very interesting


        1. Do Watch the movie embedded in it… 1hr 15 minutes, and keep an open mind. It is not a promotional film in terms of the product shown (something I wouldn’t actually purchase but do think would work). The film is fascinating and I enjoyed the science behind it.

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        2. This could be an important part of the individual spiritual journey. Always having been a quite healthy person, I have no opinion other than I
          like the idea and hell, just finding time in nature cures a lot of woes. This is a win in my book either way.
          I’ve seen a lot of strange, old practices coming back to life these past few years. Things are not always what they seem, even after they seem like it. Haha.

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        3. You need to look up Gregg Braden’s recent work. I watched a most interesting interview with him through the Shift Network. Greg is first and foremost, a scientist, so his take on human life and who we really are, is fascinating, especially when it comes to our Genetics. The old story if fast becoming the new one Jim.

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  3. Interesting, and in connection with Jim’s comment, I did a short Reiki course about twenty years ago and can really identify with the feelings of heat and cold as you pass your hands over someone else’s body. And it was then I learned I could often take headaches away by giving head massages.

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    1. Thank you Darren, this is my story of some great changes. I think I am telling it now because I feel another momentous shift coming for me. I have found Earthing and other healing modalities as well as meditation to be the force that one needs to ride the wave of life. Part 2 and 3 already published with 4 coming shortly. It has kind of turned into a bit of my life experiences, but I don’t think I can explain its impact for me in any other way!

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  4. It’s amazing how many of us back in the 90’s got our call to wake up and shift our perceptions.. And can so relate to what you have written here.. As I too was climbing my corporate ladder so to speak.. In the textile trade at that time..
    And boy,, those Migraines when they hit would floor you for days after with your brain rattling around your head..
    I can also relate to the urinary problems as acute cystitis with me was a reoccurring problem.. So many similaries you have written here..

    Your dream sequence very vivid. … Stress is what sent me to the Spiritualist Church, though I didn’t know it was one , as I just followed an Add that jumped out at me for meditation.. Which then led me into healing and mediumship..

    Lovely to read so much more about your journey Colette.. And fascinating to know our paths all be it different hold many similaries as we were guided to alter our life path from the hectic profit seeking production side I was involved with in training..

    Many thanks for sharing 🙂

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    1. I think when wake up calls come Sue, they hit enmasse sometimes. We do sound like we have similar stories…
      I am going through another crunch now. Writing about this first one is giving me a way to process feelings and to maybe decide my best way forward. ❤️🙏

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      1. I agree with you, writing is another Healing tool of letting go… I did it with my Mother… Whose story you may have read on my blog but a huge wound there… That I thought I had dealt with which then jumped back up to surface and I had to dig deeper still to see things from another perspective and forgive …
        The layers can be multiple and not all from one life time either.. So Keep writing, delving deeper and seeing what comes… ❤

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  5. I imagine you might say that social distancing today presents a great challenge to energy healing through that you are describing. Consider how tour knowledge of this topic might be of use to others who have fears of returning for a new world absent quarantine now.

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  6. There is a new world emerging from this pandemic and we are facing an important crossroads in society. Now is the time to use the power of love and light and do what is best for humanity. We have an enormous opportunity to swallow any fear and to bring about a new world that is filled with connection to all other life.
    I do not see this virus as anything that can’t be overcome. Rather, I see an opportunity to cast off the old shackles that have bound us to a sick and unhealthy way of living. We can shine our brightest during the darkest hours. 💕

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  7. That’s good news for your perspective clients for sure I might have been saying in my previous comment that people might have be hesitant to get physically close to others because of the contagious potential of the virus.

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    1. I am retired now, so don’t have clients but people need to feel and to love… More than ever through the COVID lockdown. We are touchy, freely, sentient, intuitive beings. We know when something feels right, or doesn’t. The lockdown is not natural to our way of being… And actually is not producing any good results. People need the freedom to be with others, to connect and to love. We are going to gain immunity to what life throws at us… We just need to know that we are capable. If we just try to breathe clean air, drink clean water and eat healthy, we will com through. We need always to stop the corruption of a few who want to pollute, to exploit and to poison our world. We do that through love, connection and walking away from people who would have us do otherwise.

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  8. The world feels so unnatural now I agree with physical connections. That’s one reason we are embarking on our road trip in June. Stay well.

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    1. Enjoy the road trip… And any connections it brings for you. We are being shown the way… What you need, you will find on your path, wherever it takes you. Be well and happy. 😊

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