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Earthing – A Journey

I have wanted to do a series of posts on ‘Earthing,’ for at least a couple of years now, but have had great difficulty in finding the right way to approach what I find to be a difficult, highly important concept, to portray in any sort of coherent manner. I will give credit to my good friend, raw god, for providing inspiration to approach the subject from a personal viewpoint, rather than preach in any way. It is excellent advice and actually makes it a much easier series of writings.

Before I begin with personal accounts, (which will be mixed with a little of what I have learned from other sources), I want to start in the middle of this subject. A strange place to start any account of one’s experiences, but important for any reader who might need some background on what ‘Earthing,’ or ‘Grounding’ (as it is alternatively known), means to human beings.

This documentary, released in December 2019, gives a very tangible account of why we need to connect properly with our Earth, in an electrical sense, for our own health and well-being. It is factual, has written scientific papers backing up its authenticity and is intended for a wide range of audiences. Since my partner watched this, he has been walking barefoot everywhere he is able (getting quite filthy in our pollution-filled world). I am more selective, as concrete and asphalt roads, and our man-made environments are full of insulating materials, blocking any sort of connection with the ‘earth’ beneath our feet. I hope you will watch this as it is one of the best scientific approaches that I have seen on this subject which is often shrouded in the spiritual and mystic practices of society.

I will continue this series with a very personal account of my own journey with ‘earthing,’ my on and off relationship with it, and where I want to take it going forward. My journey is unique, everyone will find something different, but I think by telling my story, just as in the documentary that you have just watched, I might just help you, my reader, with your own wellbeing journey. But more, perhaps it will also convey the urgent need for a connection with each other and all life on our planet.


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  1. The term “Earthing” is new to me. I Googled it after reading your post, coming away with these thoughts – I’m fascinated by your introduction and personal journey. That said, I’m wary of health/wellness fads using persuasive pseudo science to market pricey niche products. Please know I’m not interpreting your post in those terms, but hope you understand why earthing raises a red flag. You’re absolutely right about an urgent need to connect with each other and life on Earth. Nature is a powerful and mysterious force, but the moment awareness is branded/marketed, is the moment credibility enters the realm of skepticism. Still not sure how to explain why earthing bothers me so much. Will follow your journey with an open mind.

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    1. Your comment is valid, and it is the primary reason that I have not approached the subject before in this space. I would ask that you watch the movie… I actually don’t think that it is trying to sell ‘Earthing products’ although they do appear in the movie. I would not actually buy one myself. I too have gone back and forth on the validity of Earthing, or Grounding one’s self and the various theories around it… Some actually are stretches of the imagination, but there is some validity in there and I can only share my experiences.

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  2. I will try to watch the video in the next day or two, but due to the length, don’t know when or how. However … I am so relieved, after reading of the mass shooting in a mall in Thailand, to see you posting … my heart went to my throat when I saw that, and of course I immediately thought of you. Glad you’re okay. Love ‘n hugs! ❤

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    1. Jill, the shooting was a long way from us across the country, so no effect on us whatsoever. Shootings are not unusual here, but the media picked this one up because of the mass shooting. I think the perpetrator might have just ‘flipped out.’ We’ll never know… Thai police shot him dead! They do not muck about here. I would not want to be on the wrong side of the law.

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  3. This is a timely post Colette and I watched a different version of this video several years ago called Grounding.. And its so important… That Earth Connection.. which is why Nature is my refuge and sanctuary.. Along with my teacher and healer.. 🙂
    Lovely start to the series Colette. ❤

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