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It is 2020, and I have not written for so long. The terrible fires in Canada the US and Australia and the dire prediction of Blue Ocean Events, Climate Chaos and Extinction events, and Political polarisation, world-wide, have thrown us (and me) into a fear state of epic proportion. I have not felt like writing about these events or the great sadness I feel for the loss of everything I hold dear to my being.

I have been thinking all day on how to connect, how all of us connect in this thing called life. Everything seems to be in dissonance and chaotic upheaval right now. I know chaos theory is a mathematical sub discipline studying complex systems of seemingly random patterns. But I also know that Golden Ratios and Fibonacci sequences are the opposite, being simplistic, harmonic mathematical patterns that are eloquent and easy to find in nature, indeed throughout the universe. They are the stuff of creation itself.

The Fibonacci sequence can be applied visually, and musically. There are some lovely, and fascinating Youtube representations you can find of this. It’s repeating pattern is soothing and somehow binds everthing together. So how do we leave the dissonance, and connect to the harmony of Fibonnacci sequences in our lives?

I think that this comes from wanting to ‘sing from the same hym sheet’ to quote a rather tired, but useful, euphemism. So why don’t we try… Why don’t we start sending our love to all situations as a global force to quiet the dissonance?

This video was made almost 10 years ago. Hundreds of people auditioned for the virtual choir, singing in front of their home computer to a virtual conductor (Eric Whitaker) . The result was compiled and its creation has been featured at many Ted conferences and othe venues.

When people focus on the same thing, put their heart and soul into it and let their light shine, all dissonance disappears. It is a simple idea and the beauty is astounding… Could we make the world beautiful again by blocking out all dissonance with focused and loving intentions?

The composition Lux Aurumque (“Light of Gold”) is a choral composition in one movement by Eric Whitacre. It is a Christmas piece based on a Latin poem of the same name. It is such an ethereal piece of music that it gives me hope for 2020. I keep watching it over and over, because it touches my heart.

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  1. Firstly a very Happy New Decade to you dear Colette as we enter our new year of 2020.. Indeed so much has been happening around our world, and the pain those of us feel as we witness these events unfold has been great..
    Our empathy is with all those who suffer ..
    And I agree yes, we are all of us connected in ways many are not even aware of..
    So to unite our thoughts, our hearts especially in sending positive thoughts into the world will generate positive results..
    I went through a phase of feeling so sad, and helpless, but we are far from helpless when we understand that Connection, and how to use it.
    Each of us has to being to sing from that ‘same hymn sheet’ and change our own ways of being, as we learn to respect ourselves, respect each other and above all respect nature..

    Many thanks for sharing your heart Colette, and for caring so deeply…

    Much love and well wishes for a Harmonious and Healthy New Year…
    Love Sue ❤

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  2. Thanks for re-installing the comment feature… I had wondered about that but assumed you were too busy to deal with comments so turned it off. There is no doubt for me that we are all interconnected, and that this connection which is an integral part of life encompasses “all things” physical, mental and spiritual. But as Sue points out we need to develop individually powerful ways to guide this connection towards what is best for all. Thus we need to develop long term vision so we stop making our endless mistakes that result from mental and spiritual myopia, or short term thinking. I can readily see the path mankind must (needs to) take to walk away from its “eve of destruction” but that path involves eschewing individual selfishness and much personal sacrifices. Some will take it and find themselves very much alone and abandoned in their quest and if they have not developed the two basic qualities of detachment and self empowerment, will fall into despair as things get worse and worse. The apparent contradiction in the “Connection” is it involves all but can only be moved through individual self empowerment. My experience (and the teachings I received) have shown me that it is foolish and counterproductive to expect, and worse, to rely upon, mass movements to accomplish “positive” change. If it did not work before, it will not work now. To accomplish real change one must detach from “the team” concept and work alone. Allow the force emanating from such freed effort to perform the work, not a mob of followers here today, gone tomorrow, following the will o’ the wisp of charismatic speeches, advertising and propaganda. When I pick myself up by my own bootstraps and change, everything changes. If I just believe and follow it’s same old, same old. The power is not in groups but in empowered individuals. Only an individual can focus on a purpose. Groups use entropic energy to move. They are easily manipulated, redirected, weakened and neutralized, as we’ve seen time and again with new religious movements, with revolutionary movements, political movements, labour movements. In my lifetime alone I have seen the 160 degree pattern in all of these. I am done with the collective concept.

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    1. I think in part, you are right Sha’Tara. I think (with the use of the virtual choral video) I was inferring that individual focus can have a collective effect. So to that end, if my personal focus on bringing a love to a volatile war situation, was joined by other separate focus from others, collectively, the mass effect would be greater than the sum of its parts. Pure intention is very powerful. I was not suggesting a physical ‘club’ as they seem to lose their way, wrapped up in bureaucracy and self aggrandizement. I do agree that we need to move stuff of impending collapse on a very much individual basis. And that journey may feel rather lonely.


      1. This may come from too much WordPress but I get the feeling that more people are realising collective action has to begin with individual selfempowerment. When one is selfempowered one is focused and much less likely to follow blindly or join the mob or group think. I think that when s/e individuals come together there is a very different kind of power expressed than that of a led mob.

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