A Blog Repost on Good People helping Animals

I have a lot of trouble with reposts. Generally, the button to repost doesn’t work. So this is just a short introduction to a post that I loved. It is about people who help animals in the face of extreme adversity.


Many thanks to Jill Dennison for saying what is in my heart. ❤️ Please go and read Jill’s post. It will warm your heart too!❤️

Good People Doing Good Things — Saving Critters

7 thoughts on “A Blog Repost on Good People helping Animals

  1. I will ‘like’ this post, Colette, because I love animals that much. But I cannot view another post reminding me of how humans abuse earth’s creatures. It just breaks my heart, and my heart needs mending, these days. We have always rescued animals, but we cannot rescue them all from the grasp of thoughtless human beings. ❤

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