Personality Exposed part two


I am leaving my self analysis out of the mix today, except to share one more thing about my ‘i’ trait. Yesterday, I revealed that I was a procrastinator, with a tendency to pessimism and disorganisation, based on my little i. There is one more thing to share on that, and it is the fact that my i is so simple, without loops or any adornment. It shows that I cannot identify with my parents. Yes, they are both dead, but that is not it. I did not have a happy childhood, and by age eighteen, I had shunned them both completely. It is starkly evident in my writing. Who knew? 

I am saying all this (and I will continue with revelations about me later), to encourage you to look at your own handwriting. Why? Because, we are deeply self-deceptive with ourselves, and if that is so, we cannot function optimally in the world.

Before we can offer something to others, we must know what it is that we are offering? We must be sure that we are not taking instead, without any return of the gift. Knowing yourself (really being objective about it), gives an opportunity to repair and heal that which we think may not affect us, but that is actually dominating our spirit. And we need to know it, and change if we are to move forward into a kinder world.

These short videos on Graphology will be well worth watching… About 6 to 11 minutes duration  each. They say so much… More than we want to admit. 





And one more for the writers out there… This one will interest you, because it is about creativity and the traits of great literary giants. 


2 thoughts on “Personality Exposed part two

  1. I have to question the parameters of graphology. I write differently depending on many circumstances; the main one, I think, is the faster I am thinking the smaller I write, and the less time I take to actually form letters. Also, the faster I write, the more my dots become slashes from right to left.
    Gail doesn’t write, she prints. She finds it faster, and more legible.
    To try and make comments about a person according to how they write seems a bit farfetched. Your witing depends on your teacher, your school, your culture, and a whole lot of other things. But who am I to disagree, anything is possible, lol.

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    1. Our writing evolves and many factors can change it, including fatigue and health. Printing characters, rather than using cursive, is a sign of good intuition but also hides personality so is the sign of a very private person. Slashes instead of dots is usually due to hurrying, and shows impatience. Yes, we were all taught differently to write, but my hand writing looks nothing like it did when I learned to write. As an 11 year old, my writing was so tiny, you needed a magnifying glass to read it. All my school reports said that I lacked confidence. There are still signs of it in my writing.
      After doing a little looking at my style, I can see my past laid out in it. If you can, watch the little videos. It is a fascinating subject.
      None of us are perfect rg… Especially me. I can pretend to be who ever I want, but my writing tells a different story.

      Writing doesn’t have to look neat and tidy to tell the profile of a good person. It is simply a tool that can see some of the experiences we have in life. It can tell if we have trouble socialising, or if we are massive exhibitionists.
      As I said, this latest blog set, is a painful thing for me. I am looking and finding old issues and it is quite an unsettling experience, but at the same time, I think it is a good exercise. Sharing it, also acknowledges it… Bit like an alcoholic going to an AA meeting. 🤗❤️


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