Hard to Hide

Our personality can say so much about our goals in life.

From an early age, most of us are taught to write. It is a requirement for expression within our schools and for interaction in society.  We have all learned to join up our letters. 


“As long as we are studying penmanship in school or at home it is a merely mechanical operation; we simply follow the copy-book or the blackboard letters written by the instructor, but after we have mastered the art of penmanship, we become independent and write and form letters of the alphabet to suit our personal taste and ability. Our hand then becomes the unconscious instrument of our brain and merely transcribes into letters, words and sentences, the active thoughts as they are formed…. We find just as many different kinds of handwriting as there are people.”

 ~Hugo J. von HAGEN 

Graphology: How to Read Character from Handwriting, 1919


True Graphology, is a complicated business. It requires meticulous measurement using special rulers, statistical analysis, and a lot of time to analyse the handwriting of one individual. 

Our personal script says so much about us… it is like a window into our soul.

I have only attended a couple of informal lectures on Graphology, so don’t know much, but I have learned enough that I can see that there is some merit to it by  looking at my own handwriting. I include it here so that you can look at it too. It is a quickly produced piece so that my traits show up best. 

Of course, I use unruled, plain white paper. There must be no guiding constraints to a true handwriting sample. Everything matters. The space, the style, the pressure, and even the choice of pen.


I will share with you on the next post what my handwriting reveals about me, but perhaps you can guess? Am I introverted, or extroverted? Am I generous or mean? Am I secure, or insecure? Can you rely on me, or am I self-serving. Am I ruthless or gentle?

Am I a world saving hero, or a shrinking violet? Do I want to be in your life close and in your personal space, or am I distant and uninterested? Do I care about you, or do I care about me? Am I fun, or a misery guts?

All will be revealed soon. I can tell you that I am not perfect! 😂 

Graphologists have had a field day with most leaders and celebrities of the world. Their handwriting says so much about them… And some couples (in relationships) can have similar looking signatures. Shockingly so in some cases.

Have a look… Do you recognise this couple?


But some close relationships can also show opposite characteristics in the  handwriting, meaning that we can either complement each other ( a positive relationship) or find conflict ( a negative relationship). Who do you think these signatures belong to, and do you see complementing each other, or conflict? 


There are a lot of positive aspects as well as negative aspects to each characteristic writing style… It shows that we have a choice to be either positive or negative in our lives, and that is really important, because there’s a little wiggle room for change.

Graphology is not a science. It falls far enough outside of an absolute, not to be allowed in law courts (like the lie detector test). But occasionally, Graphologists might be called in to give police an idea of the type of person they might be dealing with in some unsolved cases. Writing traits can show the psyche of a potential criminal, and let police know what kind of person they might be investigating. 

Our writing is unique, but so is our Signature…


Our signature is what we put out to the world to say who we are publicly (rather than our private image which is only shared with close friends and family). It is generally more stylized to suit what we wish to project, rather than what we actually do with the rest of our  more emotive writing style. 

What do you think that your handwriting says about you?

Watch this 2 minute video. It might help you decide.

18 thoughts on “Hard to Hide

    1. Hello Rhapsody. Nice to see you. 🤗 Yes, it is an interesting subject. I wish I knew more, but hopefully I can share a little bit. I have a good reason for this post, but as I say, all will be revealed soon. 😉❤️

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  1. I am not sure what your writing says about you, but mine likely reveals impatience with a lightning-quick mind(!) I used to only write poetry and prose longhand. Now I cannot imagine going back to that mode; rather I’ve come to love the keyboard where I can type just about as fast as I can think. So the flow works better for me this way.

    Despite wanting to journal, I never seemed to have managed much, though after a lifetime of sporadic journaling, I do have a notebook or six filled with jumbles of impressions and ideas.

    Nice post, and great to see your writing here again, Colette! I’m very far behind on WP – have been landscaping and gardening to the virtual exclusion of being online. Which has been quite wonderful.

    Wishing you peace and contentment! ❤

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    1. Hello Bela,
      I too need a lot of catching up. Life can be busy.
      I rarely get a chance to type properly, which I am also quite speedy with. Single tapping on a phone is no faster than longhand, but it is my best tool at the moment for a variety of reasons.

      I think being out doing things like landscaping is rather wonderful. I imagine that creating a beautiful nature space is uplifting despite all the hard work.

      Wishing you the same Bela. 🤗❤️


    1. I will do my best to enlighten a bit. Graphology is a huge subject to discuss. Nuances can be so intriguing and individual, but there are some general traits too. Our signatures do tend to evolve and handwriting can be affected greatly by mood too, so any given piece of writing is like a snapshot in time.

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  2. What I find interesting is the switch from handwriting in job interviews to Fb pages. I wonder what they would think of my page. It doesn’t belong to me anymore, lol. But then it never did, it belonged to an alter ego. Fortunately I am no longer lookkng for employment. I am more or less happily retired.

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    1. Ah, Facebook… A subject all by itself. Maybe I will tackle social media as a subject later. Definitely part of all our futures, social media is an interesting subject to take into our future view of the world. 🤗


      1. Don’t do it. Fb is a blight on the internet, So are those other sites, far as I can tell. Whatever Trump is twittering on all the time. I’m glad I don’t partake…

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        1. All technology can be used for good or bad. It isn’t inherently bad as an instrument. I have seen a lot of very positive things happen through social media, but there are precautions. As you already know, I am not a fan of Facebook, but it has its uses. As for Trump… We’ll if he weren’t tweeting his instant thoughts all the time, no one would really have any idea of his motives, and might actually be worse off for not knowing? He paints his personality all over social media.


        2. Yes, but a lot of it is calculated to distract. He plays the fool, and he might be in a lot of ways, but he is no fool. Every dumb thing he tweets is covering up something else he is doing, like firing illegal aliens working in his hotels and golf courses, and handing their names to ICE. Probably he was withholding their illegally low pay, and they demaded it, but that is just a guess on my part. People he knew himself, who served him personally, gone!
          The self-styled “man” has no integrity, no honour, no humanity!


        3. He is quite intelligent in some ways. I have looked at the family pics, and while he has some physical mannerism traits from his parents, his physical traits come straight down from his paternal, German Grandmother, Elizabeth Christ. The dominant traits are there. While his paternal Grandfather, Freiderick is often picked out as the evil hotelier in the Klondyke Gold rush, I think his wife, Elizabeth was the driving force. It was she with Fred (father) who started the actual family empire. The smarts come from the menfolk, but the drive, the meanness, the self-centered Ness, the willingness to trample smaller people, I am sure are from her. Fred was different, like his father, Frederick he was smart, thrifty, reserved and logical. Donald is a throwback to Grandmother. The narcissm, the compulsive behaviour, the anger, the snideness, the delusion of superiority… All come from Elizabeth. Some of it translates down to kids, especially young Baron. I see him being the chip off that old block. Why? Ah, well the others had a different Mum… Ivana weakened the traits. Melania did not.


        4. I am not saying any of them are perfect… All are exploitive in nature. What a family. The only people they are loyal to, are themselves. That bloodline is self serving only. Philanthropy doesn’t show… But enough about that… Getting dangerously into the realm of politics! Taboo subject. 😂


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