Keeping them Out Letting them In


I mentioned that I do not want to see comments of a political, religious or commercial nature on my blog.

That isn’t exactly what I mean, because they are not very well defined terms.

I mean, that I do not want to see anyone promoting a political or religious idea at the expense of all others nor do I want to see the promotion of a product that will fix my life (in what ever way intended, commercial sales belong in other places, not here). 

Of course my readers can express their reactions to things that affect them (all of the above included), but I actually think that the promotion of these three philosophies, are detrimental to the human spirit. They take away our independence and enslave us to a system that we cannot escape, no matter how hard we try.

So I would like this space to be on ideas and radical thinking on what we would really like to see for our future. It can be practical and physically possible (in theory) or just a wish to find more abilities in our mind space. It can be scientific or esoteric. But I would like to see current dogmas left on a back-burner (so as to speak). Philanthropy, Science, Emotion, and positive influences are all welcome. I am trying very hard, to provide a magical spark to envision our future as something other than the future that current legal laws, religious rules, and commercial enticements, pound us with every day.

This is not to deny what is happening, or the fact we are currently trapped in do or don’t scenarios, but rather not to furnish what is happening with constant negativity, hate, anger and so on.

We need a way forward, so if I take Politics, Religion and Commercial Gains ( runaway consumerism) out of the equation, perhaps we can free our mind to find an Atlantis like civilization full of knowledge and equality, or find a forgotten ability to read nature, communicate with other creatures, or maybe, just maybe we will just leave the crap behind for a little while.

Stargazing Futures is really about looking at creating a move into a better life for all of us.

I intend (and hopefully do not fail) to make more effort to leave my pessimism and mistrust aside and make an effort to reach out beyond that which I know, and into unknown territory trying to keep an open mind.

Today, I started with a private conversation with a Twitter follower… A man in Kerala, India. I do not know Joseph, more than his Twitter profile description that says he wants to save trees. But when I saw him put a radom ‘like’ on one of my responses to someone else (he always likes something completely random as it pops into his timeline and not necessarily intended for him), I decided to say hello directly via direct chat. We had a short, but connected conversation about family and what walking in the forest means to us. A two minute conversation connected two people, world’s apart with our mutual appreciation of trees, sharing just a little about ourselves. It left me just a little happier. I actually smiled! 😊

In past years, I might have found it suspect that someone from a third world country wants to connect. We have all seen the scams that can occur, (Send money now, my mother, sister, brother has high hospital bills to pay), but if we are to move forward, we need to eliminate Politics, Religion and Commerce (illegal or otherwise), shake away our conditioned misgivings, and connect as human beings. Our survival and that of the planet depends on it! We all need to be good people, doing good things and leave biases where they belong, in the proverbial garbage bin.


14 thoughts on “Keeping them Out Letting them In

  1. I like your goals very much. Finding common ground with people is tough these days. But I’d like to think we can. Depending on where we live….Do we not all go outside? Do we not all breath the same air? Don’t most of us drink and bathe from the same water source? These are all common components of living our lives on this earth. And all of these things are under threat. More and more people are realizing it, except those in power who refuse to address it. I think the tide is turning, but it’s worth it to try and bridge that gap between those who believe we’re in big trouble…and those who remain skeptical. Look forward to reading more from you….

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        1. We can face down anything, but what can we build up is the question. I don’t hate religion, like many of my fellow atheists do, though I certainly do not like religions. They all want to be “the one true religion,” and that will never happen. Another thing I do not like is government, of any kind. People who want to govern are power-trippers, it makes them feel superior by thinking they can tell others what to do. The third thing I certainly do not like is money. The only real value money has is as an idea, something to be able to make trade possible all over the world. But money is seen as power, and for one person to have an abundance of it means that others, many others, will have a sparsity of it. That changes the value of money to a commodity, a means to an end. This is not healthy.
          For anyone who knows my philosophy, I call these the Three Gs: God, Gold, and Government. These three inventions of humanity turned the human species from a noble attempt to build a life everyone can share equally to an ignominious run to power. Power, as we all know, corrupts.
          These are things I would like to be able to change, for they belittle the masses while pretending to build up the power-seeking, for as long as they can retain that power. Lose it, and they become nobodies like everyone else.
          My endgame is a universe where no one species of life, or part of a species, needs to prove themselves superior to any other. All are equal. Life is one.

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        2. Those are lofty goals my friend. But, I get your drift. If we can ever get to the point where we can limit the power and influence of these corporatists and oligarchs, and give the people a more realistic shot at making it in the world…I’m all for it. I’ll say this though…they won’t give up without a fight. Money and power go hand in hand in this world. I’m all for anything reducing that aspect of the world in which we live.

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        3. We are living through that time right now, in my opinion. But can we survive? Not just the oligarchs and plutocrats are fighting for their existence, but so are the old religions and government styles. They could win, and history will repeat itself. Or everyone will lose, and life on this beautiful world will virtually end. Or people like us could win, and life will change. Probably, for us to win, a lot of people will die–not at our hands, but because the other side refuses to lose. This will be the result of “if we can’t have it nobody can” thinking. We, or people like us, will be left to pick up the pieces…

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        4. Well, we just don’t know. But the power of belief is very strong, so if we choose to believe (really believe) that the world can change to a kinder more philanthropic system and we give no negativity or time to that which no longer serves, it will disappear through sheer lack of connection to us.
          We give too much of our personal energy to those who use it to dominate us. We have to stop that. Ghandi kind of got that philosophy. Shame that it got trampled in the end.


        5. Certainly in this age of Trump….autocrats..and other dictators….it’s not good. And, to your point, religious dogma and zealotry around the world and in our own backyard are not going away anytime soon. But, it’s an apocalyptic view my friend. I hope it doesn’t come to that… might.

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        6. While trying to not be too political, if it is up to Trump he wants it to be apocalyptic. He thinks the USA can survive a nuclear war in the Middle East, and he further thinks (or has been convinced) destroying the Middle East will herald the rapture, which would be as apocalyptic as you can get.
          There will be no rapture, but there will be nuclear fallout…

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  2. I like your analogy rg. ‘God, Gold and Government’ has certainly twisted our development as a life form, rather like a toxin will inhibit the growth of bacteria.


    1. Or turn a healthy growth into a cancer, which is how I look at the 3Gs. All three of them, separately and together, changed a communal world into a world of individuals, and individual nations. Religion, the Abrahamic kind, turned us into a world of different races with the whites at the summit. We value all the wrong things for all the wrong reasons. The direction humanity is going in must be stopped, and redirected into one world, one community. We must learn to respect all living beings. And we must learn to be part of nature, not stay at war with it.
      Am I asking too much? I don’t think so. But the amount of flak and disapproval I get are monumental. I am asking the wrong people, at the wrong time.
      Here, on your WordPress page, I feel safe. I am among friends, people who believe at least somewhat like I do. Away from hear, I am peeing into the gale. It is a messy situation, but as long as I stay able I will rale against the crowd, and tell the tide to turn.
      This is my lot in life, as a fabulous freaking fortuneteller. I will not deny it…

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      1. You are Welcome to ask all of us (on my page) to “learn to respect all living things,” and that we “must learn to be a part of nature, not stay at war with it.” I fully agree with you. Please feel free to voice your concerns, and to point out where we (all) need to question what we are doing, and what we will do. This is the space for everyone to feel safe. Even if I don’t see the same solutions, I only know that is because I haven’t looked at something through another person’s perspective. Listening carefully makes us all a lot more thoughtful and apply rationals rather than emotions to a situation. Thank you rg.🤗❤️


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