Is it True?


We have just over 10 years to avoid a climate disaster that will destroy humanity! That’s what they say? Who exactly is ‘they?’ Are they correct? And do we care? Well, I care. But does that even matter, except to me?

The topic of a warming world has been on our collective radar for decades. I won’t bore you with the details because you know them for yourself. The ‘They, ‘ the scientific climate researchers, have released their measured analysis of the state of our world and why it looks bad for life. The media is full of opinions, detailed statistical reports, proven theories and estimated trajectories of our survival or annihilation if we do or don’t do something. Indeed, I am currently listening to yet another hysterical report on the radio as these words tumble out. I read scary stuff every day. And most of us have been told by the propagators of that information, what we must do to avoid our own demise as a species, and to save the other species on the planet too. So where do we take this now? Are we really listening? Are we really visualising what it all means?

The details to mitigate warming trends, and to repair our human-waste-trashed planet, come in huge, onerous written reports that are barely understandable. The media interprets them in sometimes biased ways, the politicians cherry pick, based only on the cheapest financial solutions (often ignoring the obvious pitfalls), and corporations capitalize on technologies developed in a sideways solution for our eternal need to produce energy and things. It is no wonder that we are confused as to what our role is, to stop our natural world from disappearing. Will it disappear? While I can nod my head in agreement, I will switch off to that reality, to put my head back into my comfortable but false life. You know, that life that says, yeah, gotta give up my comfortable gadgetry and save the trees and animals, but oh, I need my cosy winter fire, I need my TV and my computer entertainment, I need, I need. I actually don’t need… I just don’t want to give them up. Selfish me.

Every other living thing on the planet, lives in a biodiverse balance, using only what the natural environment provides. It evolves specific responses to the threats and provisions of nature, responding eloquently to the stimulation of natural external events.

They do not create human-like chaos. They evolved carefully, and selectively. Our fellow life forms have lived on this planet, barely changed in form over millions of years. They survive catastrophes by diminishing their size, growing feathers, fur, or flippers and air bladders, to survive, dependent on nature’s changing course and persistent requirements. We humans have been here on Earth a very short time compared to flies. Yet we think that we know more than the humble insect on how to survive. That doesn’t actually look likely. We are killing them and us in equal measure. We just haven’t realised it. But the flies have more capacity to recover than we do because they do not flout natural laws.

We humans do not live within the laws of nature. We create alien, unnatural products. We have alienated ourselves from nature itself, believing we can conquer and over-ride the predominant physical laws of gravity, carbon cycles, water cycles and so on. Are we alien beings? Why are we the only species to create a false, exclusive set of criteria for our comforts that poison and destroy everything natural around us?

Does it make us happier? Does it improve our chances of survival as a species? We argue that it does, but is it an illusion? We think ourselves to be clever because our species is growing ever more populous at the expense of all others. But isn’t this how a cancer grows? The cancer cannot survive, if it kills the host.

We need to self examine how we got to this point? It seems so idiotic to ignore our own demise, yet we do it all the time. We need to find a cure for us. What will it look like, and can we do it before we destroy ourselves?

There are many movements to look at restoration of what we have killed, be it trees, animals, water purity or clarity of air, but they are up against a majority of man made systems that can’t or won’t change. Political, religious, and consumerist actions are divisive and self defeating for our human adaptation to survive. If we are to change this, we need to stop using the same methods that created the problems in the first place.

They say say we have just over 10 years to fix runaway climate catastrophe. Is it True? If it is, I am not changing fast enough. I Should not be even be using my phone and the Internet to write this. I should be returning to nature and decreasing my demand for energy.  But I continue to defy what I know. None of this is helping. Should I begin mourning my imminent death? 🤔

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  1. That you may be using your phone for the internet may be forgiven as your blog may just bring a few more doubters to belief Colette or cause a politician to have a twinge of conscience about his ‘cherry picking’ methods. I have to be honest and say I’m none too worried about mankind. When the Industrial revolution started man didn’t know what he was unleashing. He does now though and still only a few make the effort to change. There are even Presidents who reverse every good move to correct things claiming disbelief without thought as to the believers who want to make a difference. So man has his chance and doesn’t try hard enough in case it inconveniences him. Man can go and hope his passing may be mourned, but I hope the animals survive who have taken nothing more than they need and left behind nothing extra, nothing poisonous.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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    1. I have a feeling that civilisation may collapse David, but perhaps a few people will survive. As long as they don’t make the same mistakes all over again, perhaps they will actually survive and evolve properly. I love your thinking. We can be in the Human hospice together, and not worry if our death goes unnoticed. Comfort Hugs 🤗❤️

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  2. I’ve been trying to take the long view of a lot of things lately and climate change and our inaction to stop it, is one of those things.

    I have felt that somewhere in our collective DNA, are the seeds of self destruction to simply make room for what’s next or to open up possibilities of future creatures. Or it could simply be a natural experiment that has run its course and the slow plodding of nature and animals..all of the natural world…will have balance and eventually clean water and air and a natural co existence once again.

    We have had our chance and we’ve blown it and this administration and the greed we have witnessed, have sealed our fate.

    There is an excellent old TV show on the History Channel called Life After People…
    The premise is that if man disappeared, nature would balance in the long run and in some thousands of years or so, there would no longer be any obvious evidence of man ever existed.

    Somehow this gives me comfort. All the suffering of the flora and fauna over a very long stretch of time needs to have their time in peace.

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    1. I know of that documentary that shows Life after people. I saw it some years ago and found it fascinating, Mary. I am so glad you stopped by to share your view.

      Indeed, the rest of life can get on just fine without us present. Despite our destruction, the recovery rate will be quite fast. The picture of life around Chernoble indicates that life can adapt to new situations.

      The recovery of the planet may take some time. I think we have run out of time really. And perhaps rightly so. We are the lifeforms that didn’t make it. We were an experimental lifeform that didn’t make it out of the test tube stage. We need far too much mollycoddeling to survive as a real participant on the planet. That we have intentionally killed other life forms in order to survive shows our lack of intelligence perhaps. No othe animal wrecks its home. It shares it with others. ❤️

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  3. I care! But I know that is not enough. Because of my age, and my income, I cannot impress the powers-that-be to influence them. And the only way I can possibly get my writing to be heard is through using the very products of civilization that I am arguing against. That makes me an A-class hypocrite. Why should anyone lusten to me? OR YOU?
    That is not up to us. All we can do is try. Listening, understanding, those are up to the readers.
    Are there any readers? Is anyone lustening? Is anyone understanding? Does anyone else care?

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    1. I think it is a difficult subject. I am glad if people care because I can connect with that and that makes for common ground to find shared goals to change. We are humans and vulnerable creatures who have not yet mastered our senses because they are deceiving us into believing conflicting ideas and evidence. We are not inherently destructive, but conditions can fool us and make us destructive. We are manipulated easily because we are inherently social creatures. When our social openness is abused by manipulators, I think it shuts down our abilities. We lose our power to operate with our own principles and abilities, and have to follow those who would manipulate us instead. It is loss of freedom. Our mind becomes caged and unhappy. It is something that I care about very much. ❤️

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      1. Two things:
        1) Based on me early years, and watching children, particularly boys, I am not so sure we aren’t inherently destructive. l am only talking about half the human race here, because I don’t often see young girls in these situations, but boys seem to love building things, then smashing what they build. Whether using blocks, legos, timberlocks, railroad tracks, we construct, then we destroy. It is not something we are shown how to do, or told to do, it seems to come naturally. Build, destroy, rebuild, destroy again. We smile, we gurgle, we clap our hands when everything lies in pieces. Why? I have absolutely no idea. Many, maybe most, take that destructive nature into adulthood with us. There is a fascination with things being blown apart, or torn down with a wrecking ball.
        As I say, I don’t know what reactions girls/women have to seeing things reduced to rubble, but it mostly makes boys/men happy inside. I wish I knew why…
        2) “Our mind becomes caged, and unhappy.”
        Just yesterday I found an essay I wrote many years ago on the many boxes people live in throughout their lives. Seeing as many of those boxes are imposed from without (outside of ourselves) they can actually be looked at as cages. We allow ourselves to be put in cages in order to please those who we see as in charge of our lives (read: controlling us) because we want to make them happy with us, accept us, and love us. But what we are really doing is denying our own desires in favour of other people’s desires for us. This is where we lose control of who we are. Some take that control back as they grow up, but most are happy to stay under the control of others. We might think we are in control, but we are only kidding ourselves. We convince ourselves that what others want for us is what we want for ourselves. Women especially are prone to this, giving up their dreams in order to become caregivers to the children of the men in their lives. Or to their own parents’ desires for them to produce grandchildren. The reward is experiencing a real connection to other living beings (their children) that is near-impossible to break, but in the end all they are doing is living in steel cages that don’t open till they are too old to remember the dreams they had as kids.
        On the other hand, men seem to be following their dreams at the expense of the women in their lives, and some actually are, but most are settling for a job or profession that allows them to give shelter to their families, to provide for their families. These cages are not as visible, but they are just as real. And they are still cages imposed from without.
        A lot of men see this earlier than women see the family cages around them, rebel, and leave their families to pursue their dreams. Some men find it easier to revoke their responsibilities than some women do (though not all!), but then they find they are not able to follow their dreams anyway, they just end up in the same cages with other women. The same goes for people of different sexual expression; maybe the situations are different, but the boxes still turn out to be cages.
        I think I have gotten off trsck from my intended argument, but maybe you can see where I wanted to go. No matter what we think we are doing, we are ending up in cages we never wanted to allow ourselves to enter. And we resent those cages. But we seldom escape them…

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        1. Yes, I understand what you are saying. We find ourselves shoved into caged roles long before we even understand ourselves. Boys, girls, everyone in between, are squeezed into conformity… The mass workforce and support system as captive slaves for ‘something’ beyond our lives (let’s call it ‘plutocracy’ for want of a better word). 🤔


  4. The problem you expound upon is endemic to “mankind” as a species. As I have said for years, there is very little that is ‘natural’ about the appearance and subsequent so-called “evolution” of mankind or Homo Sapiens. Study of history, observation and applied logic quickly demonstrates this to be true. Man is the ultimate square peg in Earth’s natural round hole. Destruction and flaunting of nature’s rules have been man’s legacy that grows apace today thanks to a technology gone out of control. I find myself daily preparing for my own certain death and many a day I discover how much I subconsciously long for it. Earth had become a pure hell for those who are compassionate and have developed a natural sense of empathy. Homo Sapiens’ demise is assured, and for Earth in general, the sooner that happens, the better for all else. Man is an artificial construct that has never been able to adapt to its adoptive world, barring those few pre stone age inhabitants which modern man has seen fit to practice genocide upon – another telling point that man is an anti-life form, programmed and controlled by forces NO ONE wants to know about, probably because, despite overwhelming evidence, the programming prevents most people from drawing a logical conclusion. Like a badly piloted sail boat, despite the winds changing the captain (man) refuses to take a different tack in order to keep the boat from capsizing. So… it will, it must, capsize. There is no silver lining around civilization’s cloud.

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    1. I know your views Sha’Tara. Your mind has so much more insight into this subject than most. I think you prefer the term ‘Earthian’ to ‘mankind’ and it is a far better description of what we are. We are like a blown in seed from some far away star system. We constantly consume this planet rather than provide for its unique balance. It suggests that our DNA holds a foreign substance that somehow programs us to want more, to be somewhere else, to crave attention and to constantly look to the stars as some sort of solution to everything. Earthians have created their belief systems from looking at the stars, they long to visit them (collectively) and are awed by any images of the solar system or outer planetary objects. It suggests something that other animals already know on this planet. We do not know who we are?

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      1. ❤️ Not sure if you like hearts and hugs sent your way Sha’Tara. I know you eschew love for compassion as love is a fleeting emotion sometimes. However, my intentions are only to embrace people who I connect with. It is a stronger bond than the physical. 😊❤️


      2. Quote: “We do not know who we are?” How could we when we refuse (programming) to even consider possibilities that “we” as a species have about a 50% “star source” DNA? We’ve had millennia of false teaching from our major religions so we would grow to believe in the existence of an all-knowing god with ultimate powers of life and death over all things. Recently we’ve begun (at least tried) to shake our minds free of divine bondage only to fall into an even deeper pit of misinformation and false direction called evolution. Again, programming was there to ensure that anyone who broke out of the old program would not go free but have to accept running the same mind with a different operating system. Nothing substantially changed as Earthians jump from the religious Titanic to the new one ascribed to Darwin. Until the programming is broken, nothing will ever change here – lots of motion, lots of running around, lots of chaos and bloodshed to prove nothing, but in the end, always back to square one. When we decide enough is enough and we, as individuals break our programming, then we will discover who we really are, and what we should do about it besides running around like Chicken Little screaming, “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!”

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        1. One day, we will be true to ourselves but not likely in our human lifetime. We are not many yet and no one has yet broken away. Next time. 🤗


  5. Well, short of retreating from the entire human race (which we have just about done, here on the north tip of the Big Island), as for myself, I we can only do what we can do. It’s the Hawaiian teaching of Ho’oponopono. It’s easy to become discouraged, but all I can do is what I can do, day by day, moment to moment. I still communicate with distant family and friends via technology that is available to me, but I am not addicted to my iPhone. We recycle, only to discover most of it ends up in the landfill. But we still place recyclables in the proper bins at the transfer station. Nobody can say we don’t do our part. We reuse; even Chris reuses and restores when clients agree to it (he’s a builder). We believe in bringing back what has once been in its glory, from the soil to the structures we live in. That is what we can do, what we love to do. Causing as little harm to the earth and to others as possible. Who can know the future? That being said, The Sixth Extinction is a brilliantly researched and penned book with as much balance as a climate scientist can bring to bear. Aloha, Colette.

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    1. Yes, Bela, you have addressed this well. I have read the Sixth Extinction, and so I wish others would make themselves aware of the world around them. Too many people have no idea of what is happening outside of their city. We all need to open up and share experiences or we lose connectedness in the world. But we must not forget to include the other lifeforms in that conversation about the future. 🤗❤️

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    1. Yes, of course you may reblog it. It is interesting that just today, I was thinking, “we are the only animal on this planet that does not benefit another (at least not intentionally). Even when we die, we embalm or burn ourselves to stop the microbes eating us. We are about as non-biodiverse as it gets. 😕

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