I think I’m back!


It has been such a long time since I posted. I intended to continue this blog with… We’ll I don’t really know… Something spiritual and uplifting, perhaps? Writers block hit when I realised, I don’t actually really know anything. I only think I know, like 7.7 billion people on this planet, also think that they know!  But as I learn new things, my opinion changes. Indeed it has changed quite a bit over my lifetime. This is one of the biggest problems facing humanity. We get it wrong all the time.

We also think we know better than any other life form on this planet and it just isn’t true. We are deluding ourselves that we have greater skills, more intelligence, more enlightenment and self awareness, than any other life form on the planet. How do we know that? We presume it, but we have no real measure of it. Our life is an illusion of itself and our mind creates its own stories.

We can’t communicate with a fly, and we cannot see or comprehend through its compound eyes, we cannot think with its tiny brain, nor can we determine its real value to itself. We just swat them when they get in our way. We do that with other people too! We have no idea how to embrace life or its importance to us. 

I will take this blog in a slightly new direction. One that asks questions, maybe informs to some extent, but I do not presume to have the answers to anything… It is individual choice. If we can agree, then that is true connection. If we disagree, then that is a bit more learning about new ideas. Maybe we can find the answers together and change our perception of the world together.

Many of us search for enlightenment and meditate on higher realms. I do meditate some days, and it is a good coping strategy. It makes me feel calmer, kinder, and more tolerant of myself and my emotions, but it does not change anything beyond me. I do not change the world with that practice, only my individual view of it.

Many of us promulgate the idea of love… And it is a key component in finding equitability and peaceful cohabitation in our various communities. But we fall down with our noble intentions when faced with someone robbing us of our property, or intentionally hurting us in some way. We get angry when we see wildlife cruelly killed for their decorative attributes, or see war effects on the poor and vulnerable. We lose that calm perspective of love when we see a natural space destroyed, so we withdraw and hide away from that which hurts us the most because we don’t know how to fix the situation. We ignor the reality that faces all of us. Our physical environment is difficult to escape. We have responsibilities and existential requirements that dictate how we spend our time to provide ourselves the sustanence to continue living. We have to interact in the same space with other people and animals that do not share our opinions or beliefs, or even our view of the world.

We have the ability to see but not to envision. We have the ability to hear, but not to listen. We have the ability to feel but not to experience. We have the ability to taste but not to savour. And we have the ability to touch, but not to connect with that touch. It is time to develop our senses into super powers, to really  understand the gift of life. This is what I think that ‘Sixth’ sense really is… using the other five to full potential. 

We certainly have not learned much about how to best apply our experiencial connection to each other and other life on the planet and beyond. 

This blog is going to turn into a sort of analytic space. I shall cast out a topic that is of concern or looking problematic and perhaps through comments, we can find some common ground to find a solution to take forward. I shall try to portray each subject through my senses and hopefully connect with yours. I hope that it will be a constructive and not destructive (so easy to fall into) so that issues don’t turn into tirades (I am guilty of that too and it doesn’t lead to resolution).

I am always bouncing from topic to topic (there are so many to choose from), so I invite comments here to suggest some topics that you would like to see? If you have a topic on your own blog that you want to share… Feel free to post the link. The only rule is that it must be an unbiased personal opinion (no commercial interest, no profanity, no hate, and no politics or religion beliefs) on a common subject that affects all lifeforms on planet earth.

If you do post a link here to your blog, I reserve the right to remove it, if it does not meet with my blog goals. I shall mediate what my readers see based on my perception. After all, it is my blog. 😄

So hello again… I think I am back! 😊




11 thoughts on “I think I’m back!

    1. Hi Sha’Tara. I think I have been learning that if we are to change into better beings, we have to keep ideas fluid. Nothing is fixed in time and space.
      How are you love? ❤️


  1. Hi Colette,
    You know I have all kind of ideas, but for now, if you don’t mind, I would prefer to keep silent on suggestions. I would like to see what others think about, ideas they ponder, visions they have. For the most part, ideas you suggested above are part of my daily life–it seems we think in the same directions. But I do promise to add my personal opinions, as I do have opinions on most subjects.
    Question: Are you thinking of a type of free-for-all, or will you be interested in guest posts? Just wondering.

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    1. Hi rg, I am happy for you to participate in any way that pleases you (well, within the boundaries). 😊
      I am interested in guest posts, but don’t want to put pressure on anyone. The comment area is just as valid a space for sharing. What I write, is after all, only an opinion. I don’t claim to be right. I try to be informed, but my most recent struggle is in recognising truth. If there is one thing that I have recently come to acknowledge, it is that my opinion is not a confirmation of a truth, it is only my view of a perception that I believe to be true. I am sure that others out in blog land can provide interesting perceptions of their own. My task is to try to embrace and learn from them. I would liken it to trying to go from a three-dimensional viewpoint, directly into an eight-dimensial one. It is to look at the hidden, the unknown, the connections that I have not seen or felt. Does that make sense? 🤔❤️


      1. It does to me, and I hope to others. And seeing as you spoke to your opinion on truth, I will try to follow suit:
        Truth is something humans seem to want, and value. But as we can see in almost every instance of category, most everyone seems to want their truth to be actual truth. Is there a real truth? We are born, we live, we die. Those all seem to be truth, at least in our lives up to now. And, we all suspect, they will continue to be true for some time to come.
        But beyond the obvious, truth seems to be relative. Relative to what seems to depend on a lot of things, including where we were born, to whom we were born, to what the authorities in our lives taught us, for starters. But while those things can stay true for someone’s lifetime, they do not stay true for others’ lifetimes. I myself believe much differently now than what I was taught to be true in my youth.
        Can truth be relative? Maybe, maybe not. Most humans do not want truth to be relative, they want there to be something that is truth for everyone, yet in 5000 plus years of recorded history, we have found little that is absolute truth. Right now the sun rises every morning, but science teaches us it will not be that way forever. Maybe someday life will be forever, but I certainly hope not. Forever is just too long.

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  2. Welcome back!!! Good to see you here again, my friend. I will give some thought to ideas, and wait until I see somewhat the direction this takes before proposing anything. As you know, my mind bounces from time to time, and this might be a great place for it to come when it’s in boucy mode! 😉

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      1. You’ve tossed out a number of things … like you said, let it take its course, and I’m sure people will have some ideas. Even I may have in a week or so, but I’m just too far behind right now to add anything else to my plate.

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