You Are The Result of the Love of Thousands

I am re-posting an interesting blog post by Anita Bowden on the interesting subject of how our Mitochondrial DNA defines our link to past generations. The idea that we are all interconnected by our biological links, touches on my next post subject which will be on ‘grounding. ‘ It is a subject that I think will draw great discussion, because I am learning that ‘grounding’ or ‘earthing,’ as it is also known, is misrepresented by people who incorrectly interpret scientific discovery in the electrical forces that govern life. We are certainly affected by energy, but more through our physical being than by the spiritual grounding practices of meditation or mindfulness.

Here, then, is Anita’s wonderful piece…

You Are The Result Of The Love Of Thousands

“Walking, I am listening to a deeper way.

Suddenly all my ancestors are behind me.

Be still, they say. Watch and listen.

You are the result of the love of thousands.”

Linda Hogan

Native American Writer

Recently, I completed a mitochondrial DNA test (mtDNA) to determine my motherline ancestry. What does this mean, exactly? To put it simply, my mtDNA connects me directly to my mother, her mother, her mother’s mother, her grandmother’s mother, and every direct mother linkage before that, going back in time for thousands of years! It can only be passed on from mother to daughter, so it uniquely connects a woman to her direct maternal ancestors, and therefore provides a window into the actual origins of our mothers and their mothers.

My mtDNA test determined that my motherline belongs to a group identified on the human family tree as Haplogroup T2 (and more specifically, T2c1d1).

I already knew that my mother was British (born in Malta), and that my grandmother and her mother were Maltese, but I did not know where my direct maternal ancestors originated prior to my great grandmother, nor where they travelled through time in the world! Haplogroup T2 was a new branch that developed on the family tree during the Ice Age (between 26,000 and 19,000 years ago). Each of us who’s mtDNA is from Haplogroup T2 share that same female ancestor. It is currently believed that its most likely place of origin was in the Near East. The T2 group has been identified as playing a significant role in the Neolithic expansions from Anatolia and into Europe, and that they were amongst those farmers who gradually spread out into Europe bringing with them revolutionary concepts of agricultural practice. As this group evolved and traveled over time, additional strands of this particular branch developed… my case, first as T2c (found mostly in the Near East and Mediterranean Europe), then as T2c1 (found in Iran, Iraq, the Arabian Peninsula, Italy, Sardinia, Spain and Central Europe), then as T2c1d (found in Italy, Sardinia and Spain), and finally as T2c1d1 (which I can only assume must be found in Malta – though my results didn’t specify that).

Having learned all this, what makes this information significant?

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  1. Dear Colette.. I thank you very much for re-blogging this post, I went over to read and left Anita a comment.. I look forward to reading your post on grounding..
    I know we who were taught certain ways were often told to ground oneself.. Sending our tap roots into the ground.. In fact I used to do many a meditation starting with the grounding exercise..

    I find myself floating more these days 🙂 But certainly know and feel the benefits of keeping our feet in touch with mother earth.. Her Energy and ours is inseparable, and I find it more of an energy exchange.. Especially when one goes to a wood and hugs a tree or sits with your back to its bark and feet near its roots..
    We are more like the fungi that resides beneath our forests whose tiny tendrils reach out to send messages to each other.. I think the word for this type of communication between plants through the fungi is called “mycorrhiza”, hope I spelt it correct.. Like the world wide web beneath the ground..

    I agree we are all of us Energy, and as we each respond with our unseen energy-auras, how our thoughts, and emotions effect our own behaviours, I believe we are connected by the Mass Consciousness and this energy of our thoughts and feelings reach out to connect to others..
    Which is how I feel the Arab Spring started, as people were disillusioned, and had no hope of change so they rebelled.. This then escalated. As their energy spread out…

    Our world is a wonderous place of discovery… And not at all how one at first may think how it operates.. And I certain if you and I ever got together over a cuppa, we would find much to discuss of mutual interest..

    Have a great weekend.. ❤ Sue

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    1. It is taking me a long time to get my thoughts clear on this connection thing and how we tap into it Sue. Certainly, Anita’s revelation of the role of Mitochondrial DNA forming a massive interconnected family that passes through the generations is one aspect and an important one for ‘grounding’ or I think I am beginning to prefer the term ‘resonating.’
      Certainly, therapists of all kinds have been sought by people struggling with identity and personal issues. Many find solace from the calming effects of meditation and the thought of connecting with deeper meaning to their lives and finding well being in a harmony they find, real or imagined. Grounding rituals are just that. A ritual. It is no different to an American Indian performing a dance to bring rain. This is not to negate the power of thought and thinking things into existence (a different subject) but it is to question what we really know about ‘grounding’ from a more scientific approach. One that can be measured or quantified physically. Like the whole subject of healing, there are so many forces at play, it is difficult to separate the tangible evidence from the mass of speculative belief.

      Yes… I think you and I could have several cups of tea, a meal and talk long into the night about such matters! 🤗
      Thanks so much for your insightful comment. ❤️❤️❤️

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      1. My pleasure Colette.. Have you ever watch the Film Grounding!… About a healing when we connect back into the earth It is an interesting documentary and on YouTube somewhere.. Though I know your time on the net is limited..
        Another aspect you may find interesting about DNA is here.. If we are all of us vibration.. Its interesting that the Schumann Resonance has been accelerating in recent years.. We are sort of connected via the earths heartbeat.. Now its moving into a higher frequency and I think you may find this article interesting.. Its been in my archives for a while and is not up to date.. But I know the Schumann Resonance is still causing many to wonder what is going on, as our Earths magnetic shields and other phenomena occur which is affecting ALL of our frequencies..
        I feel those of us who have been raising our vibration through our hearts are becoming more intune.. While others are struggling, they are resisting the changes and confusion and aggression are resulting in the levels of vibration we are each absorbing..
        I found it interesting in the video I posted that Gregg mentioned there are three stages of evolution.. One being that at certain times of Earth Changes there are periods of ‘Conflict’ … I feel we are in that period once again..
        Lets hope more heart centres are open to help create the balance needed..
        Much love.. and oh for that long into the night discussion.. 🙂 ❤

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        1. Many thanks for the link. I will take a look.
          Unfortunately though, the information to be had about the Schumann Resonance is also very misinterpreted. The Electromagnet Low Frequency, or Elf is in fluctuation when the earth is hit by thunderstorms discharging electrical energy, or when sun flares cause large bursts of radiation to hit our ionosphere creating the spectacle of the Northern Lights as different excited elemental particles are charged. And I would not dispute that we feel and respond to these fairly weak electromagnetic changes, but the earth overall is not changing its resonance. These forces are temporary and return to background measurements even after fairly large spikes.

          The background Magnetic Resonances may be measured as higher in places like Sedona, or ancient henges, but science is beginning to find that these places also have a fairly predictable scattering of iron ores and magnetised rock
          (compasses will not project a true North in such places).

          Part of our understanding about the core of our planet, (liquid iron ore), is that it behaves like a giant crystal but there is still much research required.

          As far as Schuman Resonance and using its existence for more than the measurement of how different elemental particles behave in the presence of an energy burst, is at best as yet unproven testing and at worst a form of overly indulgent leaps of faith.

          I am not dismissing your resources, because they are also useful, but when I first started researching the so called increase in the background in Schumann Resonance, I was sure it was true. Now, I don’t think it is and we need to find some other evidence for what many of us are feeling. 😊❤️❤️❤️

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        2. Thank you Colette i will also look at your link.. And as I said its a piece of information stored in my browser for a while.. But what we feel is real.. We are sensing great changes..
          DNA is proven to be altering.. I know the planet is undergoing some sort of regeneration and lightning especially over Italy I have seen has been on the increase.. May be the Plasma of the higher atmosphere which affects the Northern Lights etc… Is on the increase.. I don’t know I am not into Science.. But I know deeply we are shifting .. And I do not have the words to adequately describe what I feel or have that feeling of knowing we just feel it inwardly.. ❤

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        3. Just read your link about the lightning.. Thank you.. I have been led to fitting together many pieces recently.. But I do not like the patterns they are making.. Answers when they come will blow some peoples minds.. Others will continue to stumble in the dark.. I try to walk a balanced path of the two.. lol… But even I am am being bowled over..
          Much love in finding your answers. That is when they make the most sense.. When we discover them for ourselves.. ❤ The truth as they say will set us free.. But its a case of who is telling the truth and who to believe. 😉

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        4. Watch this space, I am still trying to get my head round what is real and what is not… Interestingly, recent research was done into whether we humans could feel the electromagnetic frequencies from our mobile phones and other electronic devices. Double and triple testing came to the conclusion that in fact, we cannot. It is a placebo effect.
          However, one can also say that people can feel a thunderstorm coming, and feel quite refreshed (like the earth), once it has passed. 😊

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    1. Will do Sue. Haven’t got around to that post yet… Too busy writing letters to my MP on the utter tragedy of the Badger Cull. Those poor creatures need help. 35,000 already culled and another 42, 000 will be cruelly killed in the Extended Cull in a misguided attempt to stop the spread of Bovine TB. I just can’t in all honesty, sit idyll while that happens. What are we doing to this planet? ❤️ Love back.

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  2. Good to see you over at Paul’s Colette.. I keep popping in your blog to see if you had posted.. I know you do not access the internet all the time.. I am cutting back on internet time.. Modem is more off than on these days except for posts and mad catch up with those who comment
    Hope all is well with you, and sending thoughts and well wishes your way.
    Hugs Sue ❤

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    1. Hi Sue,
      Yes… I think this blog may continue one day… But I am a little preoccupied with life itself at the moment.

      I think you might be interested in a video that I watched a couple of days ago. It is a layperson view of a new form of quantum

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    2. Sorry… Sent too soon…

      A new form of Quantum physics experiments. One that abandons ‘string theory’ that scientists can’t make fit with conventional physics. Instead, this new theory addresses crystalline structures, eighth dimension, and consciousness. This sounds very ‘new age,’ but it isn’t… It is real scientific research.

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      1. Thank you so much.. I have been interested in Quantum Physics, since Gregg Braden introduced me to it in several of his books.. That led me to Dr. Joe Dispenza and his research, He made the film What the BLEEP..
        And his healing is based on our Consciousness changing the molecular memories/structures within our bodies.. I found what he is doing fascinating.. Like the pioneer Deepak Chopra . I had many of Deepak’s early books and cassette tape programmes, I will look forward to watching it in full later and will get back to you on the subject…
        Which brings us back to we Are what we Think.. and we Create this reality with our thoughts…
        Many thanks for the share… ❤ and wishing you well. 🙂

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