Light Being?

It is, I think, no coincidence, that James Cameron created light emitting beings for his successful movie, ‘Avatar.’


Light, how it is generated, and for what purpose, is under specific scrutiny by the Scientific Community. Certainly we use light in the form of laser beams for surgery, or cutting steel, and light shows of astounding beauty. A century ago we thought electricity and incandescent lightbulbs to be incredible inventions. There is still much to learn about the properties of light and energy.


Light is more than just the brightness that issues forth from the sun or our own man made sources. It is present elsewhere too. Deep sea creatures without access to sunlight often glow with an eerie luminosity that is both beautiful and fascinating. Where does that light come from? And many small creatures use that glow to attract a mate, lure food, or send a warning. The mechanism for emitting light has been present throughout evolution.


Light is an energy that is chemically created and sometimes stimulated by sunshine, but often has its own inherent source issued by the body’s own cells. Only in recent years, has the scientific community begun to consider the possibility that this ‘light’ is present in all living cells, and could possibly be measured, even when we cannot physically see it.


The scientific community have called the component within cells, that emit light, ‘Biophotons.’ Even more startling, is that Biophotons are considered to be a form of communication.

In the rudimentary experiments, biophotons have been observed to send signals to others of their kind. For instance, seedling plants may encourage all other seedlings to grow at a similar rate through communication of their biophoton emmissions. Scientists have observed this without any direct exposure or response to sunlight.


Traditional healers, shaman, and those who use the power of energy healing will not be surprised by this, as for years, they have used their own hands to send healing energy to a recipient.

Science is only now, trying to test this claim that we can emit ‘healing energy…’ with positive but often unmeasurable results.!po=17.5676

In the research above, early studies have shown that the calming influence of healing sessions have the power to reduce pain in Rhumatoid Arthritis patients, or confusion in Dementia patients, often with lasting results far beyond the timeframe of the healing session itself.
But it is early days, and double blind studies are needed, using much more sensitive equipment to verify early results.

Healing therapies such as ‘Reiki,’ ‘Spiritual-Natural Healing,’ ‘Therapeutic Touch’ (offered by Nurses in hospitals), ‘Hands on Healing’ are all offerings in which the ‘healer’ concentrates energy drawn in to their body, using breath, concentration and visualisation techniques, and then redirects that energy flow out through the hands to the recipient, often with the hands held off the body.


Practitioners of healing using their hands, also assess a recipients radiated energy using subtle clues given out through the body. There is a direct communinication in the form of heat, cool, magnetism, heavy and light sensations, and occasionally, perceive auras (auric field). Physically, the auric light is impossible to see. Human biophotons emit light at a thousand times below what the eye can perceive.

In early 1999, when I first learned some of these healing techniques, I was initially skeptical. I knew this was stepping into ‘woo, woo’ land that scientists scoffed at and put down to the wild imaginings of psychotic thinking, and placebo effect.
But to my horror, and delight, I found remarkable new abilities that I couldn’t explain, except to say that I made a return to a child-like innocence that had told me everything was possible, that I should not shut my mind to what I feel because my brain could not rationalise it.

My first adult experience was at a lecture on energy and Kirlian Photography, where unfortunately my questions and probing were rude and a bit sarcastic (Kirlian Photography has been largely debunked by Science as the energy image captured on film is the result of moisture on the metal plate).

Such was the nature of my ability to be open minded at that time. But despite that, when we were paired off, I participated, trying to be non-judgemental. I was asked to scan a stranger with my hands (hands held two inches away from the body surface), and then she (the stranger) do the same to me.

After we were all reseated (and I was seated nowhere near to this woman), we were all asked what we experienced through our hands. There were no leading questions, no expectations, so no wrong answers. When it came to my turn, I related the cool and warm and hot or tingly areas I had felt. The woman across the room gasped, standing up, she said, ” You have picked up all the injuries I’ve had in my body!” She looked shocked.

I was dumbfounded, and shrank into my seat with embarrassment, while the instructor took an unwelcome interest in me. Further activities made even more weird things happen as I seemed to be some sort of energy magnet, and by the end of the two-hour session, I had a massive headache (Migraine).

As chairs were being folded and people left, the instructor approached me. “You have absorbed too much energy, you are ungrounded and now you feel unwell.” I think my mouth must have gaped! She sat me down and after sweeping me with hands-off motions toward the floor, she placed her hands on my feet (which were freezing). “Your energy cuts off at your waist,” she said concentrating on my feet. The warmth that suddenly spread down from my upper body through my legs and into my feet was instant and I had felt a most irrational desire to cry.

This was a defining moment of my life. My head wanted to stay in the world of accepted thinking, logic and scientific fact, but my heart had found something truly extraordinary and I wanted very much to rationalise it.

One of the first books that I read was ‘Hands of Healing Light’ by Barbara Ann Brennan. Born 1939 and a former NASA scientist, Brennan is one of the modern pioneers in the auric healing field.


More about this book…

If you’d like to learn more about Barbara’s work, this is a good place to start.

My journey into Stargazing my Future had begun. And it was to be a tumultuous, roller-coaster ride that turned my world completely upside down. Some of what I learned would be held forever, and some dismissed as dangerous silliness. But I have opened eyes and know that Science will catch up to some age-old secrets that we would do well not to dismiss without further research.

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  1. I know in part what you are writing about. It’s often “funny” how we discover abilities we don’t know we have. Years ago a “sensitive” kept telling me that I was a natural “channeller” and I wanted nothing to do with it… until I realized I had always done it and I thought it was just something I did that often left me very tired. It still leaves me drained but I control it now and do it only when I see a need, or “someone” (a partial, an ‘other’ or entity) desperately needs their story told, or want to see it written down. Your article is about “light” and that is a mystery to me. I don’t see auras but I can sense pain, exhaustion, stress, despair or hopelessness in a person. That’s when there is a mad “rush” feeling to get to work and fix it, and the sense of being drained, esp. when the “fixing” doesn’t do anything. I can also sense happiness or “highs” but that’s always easier to spot!
    “It’s a strange, strange world we live in, Master Jack
    You taught me all I know and I’ll never look back
    It’s a very strange world and I thank you, Master Jack” (from Master Jack by Four Jacks and a Jill)

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    1. Ah, yes. Sha’Tara. I believe you do see and feel things that are invisible to most people.
      As a child I was definitely able to see things that adults could not, but it was educated out of me. I was afraid of it and shut that gift away, but it always ran under the surface, and only when I started to find some logical answers, was I able to let that gift out again.

      It is indeed a strange world that we live in and we are only just beginning to grasp what is hidden as science begins to question just a bit more the strange and beautiful world of physics, biology and mathematical possibilities.

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  2. Ultimately all scientific observations must be translated back to what our five senses can detect. When we place a telescope to our eye we extend its range , and when Clark Maxwell discovered electromagnetic radiation with his equations long before wireless was invented he immediately moved us out of the visible range of the rainbow . Now we have the whole electromagnet spectrum of which visable light is but a small fragment.
    Devolution gave us eyes only sensitive to the visible spectrum because it was what mattered for our survival . The bat and many other creatures can hear sounds way beyond our range and this evolved for their survival. The discovery of this huge invisible world made visible to us by science has gone to our heads and made us speculate on all sorts of imagined world’s and resulted in what is called science fiction .
    I often smile when I glance at the site Rationalizing the Universe ; I love the site but it is full of scientific speculation .
    It is fashionable at the moment to point out just how insignificant the human race is when compared to the vast unfathomable cosmos. How little we know , how short a time we have been around. Some scientists enjoy this humbling outlook especially when considering the religious conviction of others.
    The plague of life is its shortness and the scourge of sickness and ill- health , amusingly enough some of those scientists have made provision to have their bodies frozen to be revived when medicine has given us power over death.
    I looked at the sites you gave us readers in this extensive article and found they were all about health and the postponement of the inevitable .
    Welcome back it’s been a long time since you contributed to WordPress but I sure you have had your reasons.

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    1. Hi Kertsen, its good to see you, and see your no nonsense approach to the ‘mystical.’ 😊
      Yes, ultimately, all translation must come back into the physical senses, and it is probably the reason that we most question and doubt some experiences that ultimately are explained away as malfunctions of the brain. Pseudo Science is often mistaken as the real thing which is why I constantly question, constantly search for answers and yes, do change my mind.

      I mentioned in the article some things as ‘dangerously silly.’ One of those was ‘Ear candelling.’ This is a silly practice of placing a rolled wax, tapered candle into the ear and lighting the exposed end. The theory is that it is supposed to draw earwax out and clear the passage resulting in clear hearing and a decongested head. In reality, this healing modality is ineffectual, uncomfortable, can burn the ear canal and damage hearing. Popular in the Nineties, it has vanished from most healing practitioners ‘tools’ kit.

      I am no fool Kertsen, and do not for a minute, endorse everything I read, but there is something very real going on out of there, and it defies logical explanation.

      Yes, the articles are about health, a science field in itself. We know so little about how the brain works, so people puddle about on the edges of what we do know, looking for greater answers. Is it to prolong physical life? I don’t think so. It is to find out why we enter diseased states so quickly. There isn’t much purpose to life, if that life is not experiencing full potential. The answer must lie somewhere between our ethereal existence (our concept of ourself beyond the physical body) and our physical form.
      Why do some people suffer greatly, and others not at all?
      Difficult questions to answer. πŸ˜‰

      Yes, been missing but only because I exist on 6 gigs of data per month. It is difficult to research (I love YouTube but can’t go there often) with only a little time, and a little data.πŸ˜‰

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      1. I feel I owe you an apology in perhaps being too forceful in thrusting my opinions onto your blog. Let me say I’m an agnostic at heart and it makes me a little sceptical regarding our cherished beliefs.
        I’m shocked to hear about your rationed use of the internet , but there are alternatives ; libraries often offer free internet access and in my locality it is often taken up. I also downloaded Minipedia for use off line it takes up three gigs of space but is an enormous help for general investigation off line. I use utube to listen to music but how I wish they had sound only as videos take so much computer space.
        The internet it becoming less and less printed word and more and more videos and pictures. It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words a short novel takes about one megabyte but one high resolution picture takes two megabytes. The complete works of Shakespeare five megabytes if you feel like reading for awhile.
        There is no real cure for shortness of time and even as an old man (76) mine seems too full without the problem of work.

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        1. No apolology necessary Kertsen, but thank you for your softer words and suggestions. I actually enjoy comments such as yours. They invite discussion and speculation which leads to multiple ideas on a theme. I think you mistake me for someone who believes in a ‘God’ as a single entity, casting his/her hand over our destiny. I am not, and I refer only to ‘God’ in a loose manner as a word that people recognise as being somehow involved in that hidden world of how we came to be here as Earthlings (to use Sha’Tara’s word for humans and other species). I think I am somewhere between Agnostic and Atheist in beliefs. Throw in Anarchistic, to that mix, and you have, pretty much, an idea of where my aging brain is thinking these days. If I refer to ‘God,’ it is as a concept of a life source energy rather than anything else, but one has to use a name of some sort.

          I live a roving life aboard a canal boat (my only home), following the whims of my nomadic husband who likes to moor up in remote places full of wildlife and few people. I communicate via an android phone only…it uses little electricity, a commodity that we use sparingly as solar power is not limitless, and storage batteries are not efficient. Internet is mobile and pricey. We use minimum amounts to accomplish what we need, rather than what we want. We are off grid, and usually only visit towns for supplies and leave again. Our boat travels at walking speed anywhere.
          Yes, I am fully grounded in the pragmatics of life. I avidly absorb anything scientific that comes my way. In the UK, we have BBC radio 4 that offers some (not all), intelligent listening. This morning, on ‘Life Scientific,’ I heard some great new discoveries on how deep sea thermal vents spread the minerals that only recently have been mapped as spreading right around the oceans, feeding the stuff that creates life (minerals, water and energy combined). This makes oceans even more important than we already knew.

          I hope that my little blog, sporadically written, creates questions for anyone who cares to read it. To accept everything at face value is a recipe for being ‘duped.’ Most of humanity walks around in a fog of acceptance without questioning motives of the people who control lives. We are living in Aldous Huxley’s ‘Brave New World,’ and most people cannot even see it. Indeed, most people would probably not know the concept of Huxley’s book. They just live, oblivious to the nature of their lives. πŸ˜‰

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        2. Thank you for giving us a glimpse of your unusual life style and philosophy that goes with it , it is always good to get a different perspective.
          Radio 4 has much to recommend it besides which it offers many free podcasts which can be heard at any time. Occasionally I hear the ‘ Life Scientific but there is nothing regular about me so I have very few plans , the plans of others around me are about as much as I can manage.

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  3. I have that Book.. LOL.. and so enjoyed your post Colette, and found the information you shared very interesting especially about the plants..
    Healing ‘hands on’ you know I understand, I became a qualified Spiritual Healer in the 90’s and like you the ability to scan another and find the ‘Cold spots’ were where I felt drawn to heal.

    Kirlian Photography I have had done several times.. What I find fascinating is that energy increases in light spots taking in photos of healing hands.. I found some wonderful healing photos I share back in 2015. here
    And found the book The Reconnection By Dr Eric Pearl another wonderful healing book.. Showing us we all can access these energies..

    We are all indeed ‘Light BEings and still have much more to discover about the power we all hold within.. πŸ˜€

    A wonderful post Colette.. πŸ˜€ Thank you for sharing your wisdom.. And I need to learn more about biophoton light.. πŸ™‚ ❀

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    1. Thank you for your kind words Sue. I read your post, and yes, a lot of those exercises to feel energy between the hands are very familiar. I have not heard of Dr Eric Pearl, so thank you for the link. I cannot watch the YouTube while I have limited data, but will save it for later. πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ™
      Many thanks.

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    1. Many thanks Bernice. Those are very wise words. My next post, halfway constructed, is on grounding, both spiritual and physical, because they are connected.
      Love and light to you!πŸ’–πŸ™

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  4. We are all interconnected and light is being exuded from your post. You are amazing and I practice hand energy healing as well . Love, peace, serenity and blessings to you, my friend .

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    1. Hello Anita, that is very kind of you. I am afraid I don’t participate in the blogger awards. While I appreciate these are reciprocal awards that help to promote the good blogs out there, I also write my blog sporadically due to time and data constraints, and don’t always have a lot of time to comment and participate on blogs that I follow. I do like your blog site and will follow. Wishing you success and congratulations for your receipt of the Mystery Blogger Award!πŸ‘πŸ˜Šβ€

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      1. Thanks so much, Colette, and no worries at all. Participation in these nominations is completely optional! πŸ™‚ I don’t post very often, myself, but am trying to get better at it. πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for your kind comments regarding my blog and my own nomination! ❀ Wishing you much continued success with your blog, as well! πŸ™‚

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  5. I loved learning about biophotons in your post! I also like this sentence: “I knew this was stepping into β€˜woo, woo’ land that scientists scoffed at and put down to the wild imaginings of psychotic thinking, and placebo effect.” Thank goodness scientists are finally studying the placebo effect β€” and discovering how effective it can be to help folks with certain health conditions… Hurrah that you live on a canal boat! I took a trip on a canal with my grandmother once (the Erie Canal in upstate NY in the USA) and savored the slow pace of the adventure. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

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    1. Thank you willedare.
      Yes, I agree. Scientists are delving deeper into the small effects of living organisms; how they live in symbiosis and how they communicate. I shall write more on these subjects and good health in general, but I need to do more research and gather thoughts together, so my blogs are sporadic. I find the subject of how we live a fascinating one, and there is so much to learn.

      Thank you for your perceptions and interaction. 😊❀

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    1. Thank you so much for the Reblog. It is an interesting subject that requires a lot more study. The more that we understand ourselves, the more that we will understand all life around us. 😊❀

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  6. Maybe the desire to cry wasn’t so irrational when you felt the warmth move down into your lower body. Maybe some day we will see this as completely rational. I remember doing yoga in my kitchen years ago after having not done yoga in a long time. A good long cry came seemingly out of nowhere. I need reminders for grounding and look forward to that subject.

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    1. Thank you JoAnna. Grounding or perhaps we should call it ‘resonating’ is something we all do subconsciously when we are aware of everything around us. When we tune in only to the mechanical, man-made and increasingly insulating world we have constructed, physical and mental breakdown occurs. As I have mentioned, I am still trying to research and ponder this subject because it is a deep one. It encompasses all that we know about electromagnetic energy, the movement of electrons through our universe and the biological aspects of our being. We have only yet scratched the surface of electrical energy. We barely know its abilities, how semi conductors work or how to make superconductors work above absolute zero temperatures, but nature holds the key. How all thi affects us is at best a meshing of science and the esoteric, but we are electrical beings and we must be grounded in order to find connection. More to come…

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