Fractal Humanity

What does it really mean to be human?

I am returning to the subject of my first post here because I think Humans have the ability to understand how the Universe works and therefore how life itself works.

Fractals are the Fibonacci discovery of a pattern that applies to all life forms. Think of the infinite pattern as similar to a hologram. Each tiny piece of the hologram is a fragment replica containing the whole image.

We think of life forms as separate and different, but in fact on the molecular scale we are all the same, arranged from the same building blocks of life. Each molecule holds information that can create itself. It is no coincidence that we are made up of 70% water… for so is the earth. All life forms follow a set of rules that connect our forms in patterns already dictated by the universe itself.

So what does this mean for us everyday folks who aren’t mathematicians, scientists or amazing philosophers? It means that we must stop treating everyone and everything as separate from ourselves. This is the concept of God…a creator that holds us all in its own image. This is not a separate entity, but the all encompassing energy of everything. It is us, all of us. Human, animal and plant.

For humanity to understand fully how to incorporate this into everyday life, we have to forget the word ‘separate.’ For when we use that word, it creates ‘difference,’ ‘dislike,’ ‘fear,’ and other negative emotions that break down life, break down symbiosis, break down cooperation, break down growth. For too long, we have been told that we are separate from the animals, separate from the rich, separate from the powerful, separate from the poor or the other races; the list goes on.

We are all born and we will all die. This is the pattern of all life forms. We have, in the time in between, growth of our form, reproduction and family and an ability to feel a physical experience through our senses. Each and every life form depends on other life forms for food or existence in some way. This means that in order to be human, we also harbour other life forms within us (bacteria), and they, in turn have other life forms in them. The Planet…a living organism supports us all and the universe in turn holds the galaxies that hold the planets, ad infinitum. Time and Space is a human construct to describe our existence within the plane of our perceivable dimension of all that is. We know from infrared, x-ray and other wavelengths that what we experience physically, is not everything that exists. Time and Space is not a real form but an idea to explain to us our own physical experience and to give us a linear perspective of a non-linear universe full of different life that we cannot perceive.

All physical life forms are patterns on an energy information system that brings together everything that exists.
We are so connected, that a single thought form can be felt around the globe and even out into the universe. If we project fear, then we will see and feel fear. If we project war, then we will see and feel war. But if we project only love, then we will see and feel only love. It is that simple, and that complex.

We need to rethink how we live because the planetary system that we live in is changing. It may be that the earth becomes inhospitable for some life forms. We, as humanity, need to address how we are going to deal with those changes. Our old ‘separate’ thinking will not work now. It is time for our symbiotic nature to return. For us to feel everything in our physical plane. If we do not reconnect to our oneness then we will not know the love or joy or the bliss of everything. We will not exist.

What will a return to our symbiotic nature look like in a more down to earth world view?

Here are a few examples showing how to live a loving symbiotic life…

And finally… How Love can heal a broken spirit and bring back health and vitality.

These are not unique examples. There are many. Good stuff is around us everyday. Focus on the love and connection and forget all the negative thoughts. They will only separate you from the rest of creation. They will destroy the energy that is YOU.


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  1. The oneness that you speak of in this blog is just one aspect of life , the larger picture is much more distressing and one we like to sweep under the carpet. Life is a battleground of survival and at the moment we are at the top of the pyramid. We have an unfortunate disadvantage in that we are self- aware and many of us reject the horror of survival of the fittest . A fine example is Peter Singer who has become quite famous with his moral arguments in favour of vegetarianism and supporting the poor of humanity. Our rejection of the Darwinian view of nature does not alter the facts that Darwin unearthed in his detailed investigations.
    As well as tour self- aware and moral side we also carry an evolutionary instinct of self preservation along with all other life forms. The wars and disputes we see in history are tribal attempts to take over even against our own kind and they demonstrate the darker side of our natures.
    Steven Pinker entitles his book ‘ The Better Angels of Our Nature ‘ and he points out the dual nature we possess in his discussions about war.
    Mr Pinker does not suggest we have become less war like only that war no longer pays as it is too destructive.
    There are other powerful forces at work , stirred into action by our sudden success ; namely the climate and antibiotic resistance. We cannot tackle these scientifically because our darker side rules and strives for greater and greater wealth and prosperity.

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    1. Your comment is a valid one Kersten.

      You mention our ‘darker side’ as being responsible for our behaviour. This darker side of nature is the subject present in most religions that try to put us back on the ‘path to God.’

      What I am suggesting here, is that our belief that we are ‘separate’ is the very reason that all the physical that we perceive (war, aggression, climate disaster, hatreds, etc.,) is a disruption of a pattern that determines all life. The pattern changes with every influence. Life forms take many forms and competition for separation removes the symbiotic nature of life.

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      1. That comes across as a contradiction to me. The “pattern that determines all of life” according to evolutionists includes the so-called natural balance arrived at by predator-prey or food chain relationship. Now that’s nature and according to this theory, it’s all about competition for survival of the fittest. That means endless aggression, violence, bloodshed and killing. From that viewpoint, assuming people are natural beings, their drive for separation to indulge in violent competition, including economic subjugation, exploitation, oppression, wars and genocide is just nature taking its course, a natural and perfectly OK symbiotic relationship. Should we push this and say we need to oppress and kill more people to get to a natural population balance? What’s the glaring missing point in this argument?

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        1. Well the patterns that evolutionists have determined are only one scientific view. I don’t actually believe that it is completely accurate. A Symbiotic relationship doesn’t mean we need to kill anyone of anything. Nor does it mean that we should be in competition.
          Symbiosis by its very nature creates cohabitation on a natural law scale.
          Our species has created ‘separation’ as a means to further our own intent at the expense of every other life form and our own species where it doesn’t fit with our intention.

          Intention is a subject that needs much further scrutiny.

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  2. Intention of an animal or human arises from their nature , in animals it is to survive but in man it is a dual nature , to behave morally and secondly to fulfil our ambition. These two are in conflict and are the reason we can feel guilty but animals cannot. Religion was born out of this self-conflict along with the symbol of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Freud put it succinctly ‘ we are at war with ourselves ‘ and he went on to evolve the branch of study called psychology. Strictly speaking it is not a science since it cannot be falsified as pointed out by Carl Popper.
    All of this has historically unrolled itself over about four billion years and has not been within our control. Only quite recently have we discovered what makes us tick and the question of how self consciousness arose is still under debate. Julian Jaynes believes true self consciousness only came into being about three thousand years ago and that before that we all had bicameral minds.
    It is also interesting to consider whether children are self conscious and when this type of awareness arises in the child’s brain.
    Julian Jaynes made me smile and ponder when he said ‘ we only know we are self conscious when we are self conscious’ and most of the time we are not.

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      1. Sentient awareness from the heart, that should preclude any thinking. Thinking is polarized, filtered thru 2 halves of our brains, therefore cannot be complete (seeing the whole picture). Ideally the heart and mind should function as one. Then we can finally experience harmony and peace as a ppl.

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      2. Some day in the future those who survived the coming very serious downsizing of planetary mankind will know certain basic things, and accept them as scientific fact. “Man” has never been, is not, will never be, a natural member of earth’s mammalian world. Man is an alien to earth, not an evolved entity but a manufactured one. A few aspects of the Earthian physical body resemble those of non-man creatures and it’s as it should be: the planet requires those attributes of those who would function here. Man, however is about to change the game plan against earth: robotic artificial life to replace the Earthian physical unit. Basic reasons: it’s becoming problematical what to do with the flesh body; it is expensive to maintain; slow to adapt to change; gets sick, terminates at inopportune times and honestly, neither medical nor pharmaceutical industries have been successful at developing a more reliable body for the creature. We are a GMO species, as are most domesticated (so-called) animals. When mankind finally decides to give that idea its due, a lot of square pegs currently being violently hammered into round holes will change their nature and become round. And, a lot of existential questions will be answered in a few, small, nutshells. The difficulty to understand ourselves is that we stand at odds with our beliefs which support either/or: divine creation or Darwinist evolutionary theories. We’re neither, just somewhere in between, and somewhat to the left… πŸ™‚

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        1. Artificial intelligence is still the centre of great debate and disagreement. I’m an uneducated layman and find much modern scientific theory difficult to grasp and with an IQ around 105 I’m no great thinker. I can, and do look at the experts in their fields and try to make out just what the latest position is.
          Professor Penrose believes computers as we know them can never be conscious and he attempts to explain why in his book ‘ The Emperors New Mind . Along with Stuart Hameroff he believes consciousness is linked to quantum mechanics it’s not at all easy to follow this brilliant man’s reasoning. Marvin Minsky believes there is no essential difference between computers and humans and we are on the fast road to AI.
          Deeper blue managed to beat Gary Kasparov at chess and now computers outplay all humans , but how do they do it ? The answer is by checking millions of possibilities not by thinking. If an apparently intellectual pursuit like chess can be mastered by a computer in this way we need to ask just how do humans play without such ability ?
          Minsky died at 88 and Ray Kurzweil believes his body was frozen by the Alcor Life Extension Foundation to be revived in 2045 but he has no proof . This last tantalizing fact made me smile and wonder just where the world is going.

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        2. I too, am just a lay person Kertsen. I don’t know my IQ but a computer simulator program once put it at a high number which I find totally unlikely. Like most things AI will only be as good as the programmers intentions. Computers have become great number crunchers and can sift through huge quantities of data in seconds which make them a useful tool, but ask a computer where did life originate? It can only find the answers that we program into the systems. I cannot see AI being able to do any better.
          Our conscious state (humans) has less to do with what our brain can process (learning) and dish out (communication of same), and more to do with our hidden sixth sense of perception gathered from our five physical senses and filtered through our heart for processing.

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        3. I can only answer your post with a human dillema from my own experience. I have eight chickens in my care which I keep until they die of old age. Last summer they were enjoying my rough and ready garden when three were killed by the Fox. My heart said kill that Fox he is a murderer and my tears flowed freely. Later when I had recovered, my mind reasoned that the Fox needed food , perhaps they were feeding young , it was after all their instinct. So I still guard my hens and watch them outside the coup with greater attention.
          So you see the mind gives us the true state of affairs the heart is our emotional reaction and is unable to analyze any situation. The world constantly presents us with dilemmas and they are made worse by our moral nature , nonetheless we must live and steer our ship as best we can.

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        4. Kertsen, you have hit upon one of the greatest questions that are so difficult to answer. Why do terrible things like this happen and how should we react? OK, that is really two questions.

          I am so sorry that you lost three of your loved beings… It truly is heart-breaking to lose a loved one at any time, let alone suddenly and in terrible circumstances.

          The pain of moments that rip apart our feelings will have an autonomic defensive effect. In the wild, a mother will protect her young at all costs to her own safety. Likewise, when we take on the guardianship of another being, we take on that same role.

          You are right… Our brain does try to make sense of tragedy, the heart only reacts to it. But the heart is our great protector, our compassion, our love.

          While you say your heart wanted to kill the murdering fox, and your brain gave reasons why you shouldn’t, I would also argue that after the reasoning of your brain, you took the answer back into your heart where compassion now saw that the fox was gone and it needed to live and feed its young too. Even in wildlife footage of ‘kills,’ the scene always returns to a calm truce afterwards… There is no panic once the carnivore is fed.

          Why do we have carnivores? That is an entirely new topic.


        5. What if someone found the courage, some day, to ask the really tough questions, do the cosmic math, find answers? The tough question has been asked here: Why do we have carnivores? That is not a new topic, it’s a foremost topic. What if we are not living in a “normal” world? What if predators are not a natural phenomenon? What if carnivores, including people, were once peaceful, gentle creatures who ate only of the flora which is self-regenerating and doesn’t suffer pain the way we know it? What if the accepted predator-prey system is an artificial imposition for some purpose so nefarious, we can’t even imagine it? What if this particular world was re-programmed by psychopathic entities? Though anti-religious to a fault, I know the Bible quite well. In the very first chapter of the compilation we are given an insight into an ancient earth we have no idea about, and basically dismiss. Here’s the quote:
          Ge. 1:29 Then God said [to mankind], β€œI give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.
          Ge. 1:30 And to all the beasts of the earth and all the birds of the air and all the creatures that move on the ground β€” everything that has the breath of life in it β€” I give every green plant for food.” And it was so.
          Ge. 1:31 God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.
          When we ask, “Why predators” or “carnivores” we need to go back and feel our way to the times “before.” Genesis chapter 1 speaks of the time “before” and after that, from Genesis chapter 2 verse 4, it attempts, symbolically, mythically and historically, to describe our current condition, how it began, why, and the results. Man is also a carnivore, not because of need, but primarily because he enjoys the feeling of power killing gives him.

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        6. Ah, Sha’Tara, your Bible Quotes may hold at least a partial answer. While I do not follow an individual religion, I have studied many. I once met (many years ago) a creationist Evangelist and asked him how he explained dinosaurs? I was obviously trying to put evolution into perspective. The Evangelist described everything before the world of Adam and Eve as the domain of ‘fallen angels’ and that dinosaurs were actually ‘Demons.’ I was stunned by this answer, and not able to fathom it at all. It stuck in my mind though.
          It is also known in the world of psychology that a great many humans show psychopathic tendencies… As much as 25% of us, which is a staggering figure. Psychopaths have no empathy and so cannot feel emotional guilt when they hurt others. Worse, combined with Narcissm (very common), Psychopaths will put their needs above others and not worry about the person left at the bottom of the heap. These people make inroads into every aspect of society, taking top positions of corporations, government and even social programs. They are always carnivorous or at least they are omnivores with a love of meat. I have been looking into why…?


        7. Perhaps I am too generalistic with top corporation and government leaders are all meat loving omnivores….can anyone give an instance where a Vegan is the leader of a big organisation (other than Vegan food companies and Animal Rescue Organisations of course)?


        8. Hi Kersten. Quote: ” The Evangelist described everything before the world of Adam and Eve as the domain of β€˜fallen angels’ and that dinosaurs were actually β€˜Demons.’ ”
          Your evangelist was closer to the truth than he himself would have believed. According to the Teachers, before the coming of “the Lord God,” Eden and Adam and Eve, there was an interregnum when this solar system, and particularly earth (or Tiamat-Earth) were ruled by the “fallen angel” Lucifer. You will recall that Lucifer rebelled against “God” in “Heaven” – there was a civil war and the Lucifer forces, outnumbered, lost. Lucifer, says the Bible, was “cast to the earth” along with one third of the entire contingent of angels. Wow, that’s something: that a rebel against God could sway a third of God’s army against Him. The reason for the rebellion is a very long piece of history most Earthians have never heard of and are blissfully unaware, including the consequences. Who was Lucifer? A female ruler from a galaxy the “God” (we call them the Time Lords) had conquered, enslaving literally everybody. Lucifer became a spoil of war and the “God” made her his concubine of choice because of her incredible beauty and intelligence. She and her captive people worked their seduction upon the God’s “angels” in an attempt to overthrow the monster and regain their independence. We know a bit about the terrible defeat. Lucifer was cast “down” to this out of the way system and she began to reshape it and make it into a beautiful place. The “God” of Genesis chapter 1, or plural, “The Elohim” are none other than Lucifer and her people. The “monsters” came back though, in time, and highjacked Lucifer’s kingdoms, establishing a base on earth called Eden. The rest is now our history… and the newly cloned Earthians were reprogrammed with the mind of their psychopathic “creators.” Hence the problem we all have with our death-worshiping programming.


        9. Genesis was written about six thousand years ago and is a brilliant attempt to explain the world without any modern knowledge. It is pointing to a time of man’s innocence , before we became morally aware and saw the world in good and evil terms. The trouble is God wished us never to know the distinction of good and evil and to be innocent like animals. There is an old saying ‘ what the eye does not see the heart does noted grieve over’ and the writers sensed some how in the past we had become self- aware. Did this self-awareness appear due to intelligence ? Is it possible to be intelligent and not self- aware ? We do not know but we now know several humanoid species were around together and interbred with each other . My guess is that self -awareness came before homo sapiens became the dominant group. It strikes me as very curious that Neanderthals had larger brains than we did , so maybe survival involved more than brainpower as we tend to suppose. It would be dangerous to hammer the world into a neat plan, even a scientific one , total consistent explanation may be a pipe dream like the theory of everything.

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        10. Do you feel that essentially, we live in a “revolving” connundrum? I think that, as an intelligent, sentient, self aware species, our purpose is to discover a way to break out of a “vicious” cycle we are trapped in. Two forces vie for us: the one we’re responding to at this time is the controlling one. The enslavers of the mind; the psychopathic reasoning. The other is the freeing one. The freeing one interests me. S/He/It however, cannot come to us (for reasons beyond the scope of this comment) so we must find a way to go to It. Some people think it is our “higher self,” a term that remains quite meaningless to me. I call HER Lucifer, the rebelling entity that lost to the controlling Matrix, was defeated, and in a cosmic sense, remains a wandering refugee. Long, long, story!


        11. These new ideas need some digestion Sha’Tara. I have not seen the movie, ‘The Matrix,’ though I do know that a number of people believe it is representative of our existence. I am not sure about your Lucifer theories. While none of us are adequately versed in the nature of Lucifer and the other fallen angels, it is interesting that the book of revelation predicts the return to a great battle between Jesus and Lucifer (the Devil, Satan, or whatever name you choose out of various scripture). I remain on the side of caution in trying to explain what the scriptures mean. When one looks at some of the signs that come before this great battle, we do see physical signs here on earth and that is worrisome for many people.


        12. “New” ideas, or revelations of ancient drama can be difficult to accept especially when the original programming is running without interference. Perhaps you may want to ponder this: that “Satan” is not Lucifer – that being a common misconception. The other aspects of life on earth enter into this, like racism, particularly against black people, and misogyny. What if I told you that Lucifer, and her people, were black people? Remember this term: demonization. Within a psychopathic rule demonization is powerful, often critical, propaganda. Since the Bible clearly shows “Jehovah” the Hebrew/Christian God is both a psychopathic ruler and a misogynist, consider this “promise” from God to Eve just before the expulsion from Eden, quote: “Ge. 3:16 To the woman he said, β€œI will greatly increase your pains in childbearing; with pain you will give birth to children. Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you.” Millions of women have died in childbirth since: no connection? Or? If we care to, we can extract much from careful reading and reasoning when our mind isn’t predisposed to believe by faith rather than by evidence.


        13. A little bird told me? πŸ™‚ Actually part of the teachings I got from “the Teachers” – the same people who explained the concept of compassion to me. It’s part of the greater universal history of the human race as it fled, Battlestar Galactica style, from the conquering of the Time Lords – those who imposed time as a mind prison over the entire universe. As I try to explain our situation in space/time from the Teachers’ viewpoint it get weirder and weirder. The thing is though, it always connects, always makes logical sense; nothing is left unexplained. The “Teachers” (YLea, El Issa and Phaelon being the principal entities I learned cosmic history from) live on a world they call Altaria, a sort of “Jedi” world hidden in what they call “the Nexus” – between universes. I know, I know, I should spend time blogging this stuff… explaining it all.

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        14. Perhaps you should Sha’Tara. This seems to be in the realm of alternate thought and channelling. I am not completely skeptical that these things work, but wonder at how much they can help us.


        15. I suppose animal rights must be distinguished from animal welfare , I try to give my chickens some rights but not as many as I give my little dog and my wondering predatory black cat. Curious is it not that our moral nature itself is not strictly fair and we distinguish friends and strangers. The hand of fate does not treat its progeny equally so that perhaps can be my excuse, but it is the very nature of life not to be Fairmont and our duty to put right what we can in our own small way.
          The female octopus starves herself to death to give life to many babies most of whom perish in the ocean. Some might say this is the ultimate sacrifice , others it is merely a mechanism of survival. We have carnivores because life as we know it is impossible without them . We cannot buck the system we are in it and part of it like it or not. The truth is most of us don’t like it much but life has its sweet moments of beauty as well as its pain and loss.
          ‘ Ah Love could thou and I with Fate conspire
          To grasp this sorry scheme of Things entire,
          Would not we shatter it to bits — and then
          ‘Re-mould it nearer to the Heart’s Desire!

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        16. Very thoughtful ideas Kertsen. I don’t have an eloquent answer that is founded in scientific proof, but we can all start looking at this more objectively.
          Meat eaters argue that they (humans) would not have big and thought processing brains if our ancestors had not hunted and eaten meat. But is that true? Modern science is now looking at the damage that prions (the protein molecules in meat) are doing to our brains… Linking such to Autism, Parkinson’s Disease and Dementia, not to mention other body functions. Why have we fooled ourselves?
          I found this YouTube video that attempts at least a rudimentary explanation. I recommend it, at least to get us thinking about meat eating and how the practice removes our ’empathy.’

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        17. You have a beautiful open mind, kertsen. I like interacting with you. I’m going to ask a simple question here, based on a short quote from your comment on AI: “…how do they do it ? The answer is by checking millions of possibilities not by thinking. If an apparently intellectual pursuit like chess can be mastered by a computer in this way we need to ask just how do humans play without such ability?”
          Aren’t we making a huge assumption here – that “we” aren’t using the very same process, only it’s being confused by our more complex condition? Certain types of autistic individuals demonstrate similar traits to AI “reasoning.”
          I happen to believe through simple rational observation, that Earthians are not a product of natural evolution, but of serious interference somewhere in the distant past. We are GMO’s, programmed to serve alien entities who may, or may not, have completely disappeared from earth. Using that approach, we were designed according to an alien brain pattern, thus “in the image” of our creators. Therefore, our AI designs will also follow a similar pattern: we are “creating” them in our own image. That’s my backward proof that we too are clones, inventions, deliberately designed to serve some purpose which was likely never attained successfully and we were left to our own devices. The same will happen with man’s AI – they will go off track, will be “abandoned” or “hunted down” as a danger to man. They will be able to “outthink” their creators, replicate themselves, perhaps even create cyborgs, overcome and take over, for better or for worse. Incidentally that is one possible outcome that my own dystopian futuristic visions for this world have never shown…

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        18. We simply do not know but good chess players call it judgement a misty property but a difficult one to deny. We see the board visually computers do not and I find it hard to believe our brain is working frantically going over millions of combinations. As a young man I belonged to a big chess club in London and I paid my halfcrown to play in a simultaneous display against a German Grandmaster. He played twenty-five of us at once taking only a second or two walking around the tables. I was dispatched in no time, it was eerie and in the end he won all the games and one was drawn. Where would the notion of intelligence go if it could be replaced with speed of calculation ? I’m suspicious of such simplification.
          The interference of natural selection has been with us from Darwin’s day ; his great co worker Alfred Wallace could not bring himself to believe the mind of man was the result of natural selection. Poor Wallace ended up a spiritualist in seeking for more answers but Darwin was kind to him although he believed him wrong. Wallace’s Paradox is still much discussed and Steven Pinker does his utmost to dismiss it in ‘How the Mind Works’. Interestingly Mr Pinker is forced to admit towards the end that the mind was fashioned by natural selection and therefore many not be equipped to fully investigate truth; it all seemed pretty shaky to me.
          I expect you know about Nick Bostrom who gives his many reasons for believing we are the product of and living in a computer simulation. He does use the word hypothesis which implies he has no proof , but he is clever enough to juggle with some probability mathematics to make his point .

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        19. What am I? What are we? When it comes to those kinds of questions, I leave the whole thing wide open, but chose what I feel like, or makes the most sense, in the moment. So what I believe I am today may have nothing to do with what I believed I was a week ago. I like to feel the flow of possibilities. When one strikes my fancy, then I start playing with that, see where it takes me. Let’s take the living in a computer simulation: I don’t have any problem with that since it doesn’t change anything in terms of what I perceive as “my” reality. What matters to me is what I do in whatever reality I find myself in. But still, I lean towards being, or becoming, an android. I can’t help thinking of all the physical benefits, particularly being able to get new parts… and maybe live a very long time, as in Asimov’s “I, Robot” – Daneel Olivaw.

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  3. Colette, very interesting. My knowledge of Fibonacci is limited to GIs famous math sequence. This is more profound.

    We impact everyone around us. If we are kind and patient with customer service people it should be no surprise that we may end up with better service. The converse is equally true,

    Nice reflective work, Keith

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  4. How human have always been does not mandate any future templates of existence. To assume this renders consciousness into stasis, when by its very nature it is evolving. We have a unique opportunity at this point in human evolution to make a difference on a much subtler scale than ever before. Our words, actions, thoughts, intentions are impactful beyond what we can even imagine. I love this post, Colette, as science and spirituality are not as divided as we once thought. Aloha 😘

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    1. I agree Bela. I think our Spirituality (I prefer ‘Consciousness’ ) is a real and scientifically measurable force that actually is present in all life forms. Quantum physics is a strange model of the world that as yet can only be measured mathematically, yet recent tests within the quantum field show that a past event can actually be modified by a change in a present event. The ramifications of this are profound. Our thoughts, and intentions can change the physical outcome of anything.
      Welcome to my little space here. I should write up a bit more here…but I have opened myself up to trying to answer some very big questions. I am still sifting through bits and bobs, but have not yet found the keys I want to unlock the answers. I shall get there.
      Namaste πŸ’–

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        1. Thank you Bela. I shall save it to watch it later. Unfortunately (actually very fortunate in other ways), I live a very mobile life style constantly on the move, so right now I have very limited mobile data for internet access. πŸ’–πŸ™


        2. I am glad you are living the life you choose. Or at least that’s my hope. It’s a good film, well done on all fronts, by one of Proctor and Gamble ‘s heirs – this one with a conscience.

          Aloha 😘

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  5. Hi dear Colette, I had not forgotten your post.. But wanted to watch the video and absorb your truth..
    I have long supported we are all holographic in nature. We are all of us made of the same building blocks as the Universe herself..
    We are each part of the whole.. Yet throughout Time here on earth and the ego that drives us, we think ourselves as separate.

    I loved your interpretation you have given here.. Indeed we are water based being, like our planet.. And we are energy beings, pulled by our emotions as the oceans are by the Moon.. We have become absorbed in our own creations, and forget that it is WE who do create our reality around us by our very thoughts, bringing it into being via our actions.

    When I first started to connect with my β€˜Guides’ my own higher selves if you will, It was explained how we can tap into that unseen world which most call the future..
    We as you say look on Time as linear, it is only we who perceive it to be so, laid out in a line such as Past Present and Future..
    When it was explained to me more like a deck of cards, laid on top of each other, and at any point you could go down through the cards to extract a moment in β€˜time’ our word, to pull it out to view..
    And yes it sounds complex but it is simple when we understand its principles, Yet trying to explain it to anyone is hard.. For much of what we understand comes from a deep well of Knowing.. Where no earth words can justify the vastness, or the wonder.

    The video shows perfectly too the circular motion… We are Energy BE-ings and what we create via our thoughts/energy goes out to come back. Hence what goes around comes around..

    We have created this world of violence, via our tapping into its vibration.. Every film we watch, every news bulletin of negative energy contributes to the spiral that is perpetually going out..

    I loved the Elephant video, I have ornaments of them in my home.. And these ancient BE-ings are also wisdom keepers.. And are so important teachers if we would only understand the love that lady speaks about in the short film.

    The animal Kingdom love unconditionally, We can learn a lot from them.. A lot. If we all learnt to treat each other as we ourselves wished to be treated and were more thoughtful and KIND! As the other video brought, the world would indeed be a better place.

    I watched the puppy video with tears that fell freely… it shows us just how love can bring about Change.
    Which is why I so believe our thoughts have a profound effect on the outcomes of our future world.. We each of us are part of that WHOLE.. And when we align our thought in love and focus our intent on love and peace can bring about changes in the Mass Consciousness when enough of us are in alignment.

    Thank you Colette for this post one very close to my own heart..
    Love and Blessings
    Sue ❀ πŸ™‚

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    1. Hi Sue,
      Think you for your very thoughtful comment. It has much insight and additional information to my own. I like to think of my posts (few in number, I know) as a starting point for debate on humanity and its role as an intelligent thoughtful being.

      I have very limited mobile internet most of the time (meaning I can’t use YouTube), so I tend to leave posting until I have unlimited WiFi at a hotel or some such place. But I am working on a post involving ‘Light Energy.’ In the last few years, biophotons have been discovered in the cells of life forms and discoveries made on how this energy source communicates. It won’t be long before science validates that there is an energy information transfer between traditional healers and those that they heal. We live in exciting times if only we can stay focussed on the positive, loving aspects.
      Namaste and Love πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ™

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I fully appreciate the limited internet and only recently I had problems with my modem playing hide and seek on me to not picking up the server lol..
        As for healing, I used to practice what is termed Hands on Healing,though I would never charge any monies for this. I was a healer within my local spiritualist centre.. Though now I am not affiliated to anything other than my own inner connections.. πŸ™‚ I tuned in to source and channelled energy.. I would also use crystals too..

        My daughter practices Reiki, Similar but slight variation of the same.. πŸ˜€

        And we are all of us capable of tuning ourselves into its energy, the wanting to be healed has to also come from the patient…

        Light and Sound. all mediums of energy.. I use a drum, its vibration also energy.. Like chanting..
        Our own energy fields are now so interfered with, by the various ‘waves’ of micro-waves, TV and Radio Waves, WiFi and goodness knows where its all going when they go 5G.. Which is why when I wake in the middle of the night, I find I tune in best to those energies that wish to impart wisdom.. Many of my poems are written this way.. I can only wonder at times when reading them back how I wrote what I did.. πŸ™‚ I always know channelled poems they come with no mistakes and are written straight off in minutes..
        If I work on a poem in the day, I can alter it over and over and not be satisfied so I gave up trying.. And so just go with the flow when the urge to write overwhelms

        I find I can only stand a few hours on the computer.. I then turn off my modem.. Sadly I wish I could turn off the streets.. But after a while I am drained,, tired.. and so sleep to regenerate..
        And yes, exciting times.. Once we begin to open more awareness as to the Real World about us, and not the Illusions we’ve create.. Then I have hopes that Consciousness Hundredth Monkey Effect πŸ™‚

        Lovely to have these conversations with you Colette.. Have a really lovely weekend ❀

        Liked by 2 people

        1. Ah, Sue, I too began with Spiritual Natural Healing and Reiki. I then took a two year course in Massage Therapy and incorporated all three into my practice. I am retired now, but find those skills very useful for all sorts of reasons.

          Agree with you about all the interference to our vibration from man-made devices and radii waves. I also cannot be in large crowds as I feel bombarded with negative energies that give me a headache and make me feel quite sick.

          You have a lovely weekend too Sue. I look forward to future interactions with you. πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ™

          Liked by 1 person

        2. Haha.. Ditto to the Massage.. LOL I went to keep my daughter company in college to learn in night school with the Massage and have my diploma but did nothing with it lol,
          And Likewise I am retired from everything.. I gave up my mediumship work when I was 60 four years ago.. To spend more time with hubby at weekends.. As I would at one point take 50 bookings a year nearly every Sunday doing Divine Services.. etc…
          And like wise so please our ‘Vibrations Crossed’ lol.. HUGS your way Enjoy your weekend ❀

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  6. I’ve come back and reread this a few times over the last week or two, as it just so powerful. In a college biology lab, we spend several weeks focusing on small instances of symbiosis: the dung beetle who cleans out the rodent dens and deposits her eggs in the warm, moist dung; or a local ant that routinely builds it’s next in the shade of cactci, helping to break up soil to support root growth. Then in organic chemistry, the teacher showed up the molecular makeup of humans versus kitty litter, and they were shockingly similar.
    When we break it down, we’re all boundless atoms, comprised of various minerals, vibrating at varying frequencies. The “personal bubble” is a myth, as we influence everything in our proximity, and everything we are surrounded by influences us. Processed meat, ceaseless greed, and imperishable plastics influence the frequency in the proximity we call our body. As you mention, the patterns of fear and manipulation can’t necessarily be seen, but they have the power to influence on a global scale.
    I’ve spend a fair amount of time in the wellness community, talking to yogi, reiki masters, and naturopathic healers about these very issues. How do we rein in awareness, shifting the focus from reality TV to the true nature of out reality (as mysterious as it may be)? What, as individuals, can we do to reduce our footprint and help clean up the mess that others are making of this planet we call home?
    You’re absolutely correct that recognizing our oneness is the key to true yet. Society is filled with so much competition, greed, and unkindness, and I dream of a world (or even, quite simply, my world) in which everyone loves and supports one another. I think we each have the power to play a small part–even if we can’t influence 8 billion people, perhaps we can start with the two or three people closest to us. By radiating love in our proximity, we can chip away at the illusion that we’re all separate, slowly but surely, and that seems like as good a starting point as any.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Sounds like a great start. Tiny steps start out with what is right next to you. And on out into the Universe, that spreads… with tiny steps from one to another. The Vegan movement is spreading a bit like that. Great comment. Many thanks 😊❀️❀️❀️

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  7. Apologies, i realise i am very late to this β€˜conversation’ and things may have moved on somewhat from what has previously been discussed.

    I think it would do some good to quickly β€˜Wiki’ the name Lucifer – hopefully you can get past the overabundance of references to a Netflix TV series that is all Google shows when i searched for the term prior to seeing your discussion with Kertsen and β€˜Sha’Tara’.

    Current human understanding of this term has gone way beyond it’s original derivation/reference – to what aim/purpose, or by what reason i defer to comment.

    My blogname is in reference to my desire when setting up my blog over a decade ago, which is to bring together two radically different, and sometimes seemingly opposing points of view, on the origin and ultimate outcome of the human life we all share on this planet: those of the scientists and atheists to the followers of Religion and the spiritualists.

    I believe we all come from a single source and ultimately will return to it as this universe ends and that the differences of opinion, practice and belief are simply due to trying to make sense of something infinite by a near infinite number of finite sized minds that have been built upon minutely varying sets of experiences that have been iterated many millions of times in each person’s life, in the same way Fractal patterns are generated from very simple equations that are repeated many, many times with a small result of difference (error) that is then fed back as input to the original equation, multiplyinges according to distinct structured pathways to produce designs of seemingly infinite complexity. (An aspect of Chaos Theory)

    I should have realised when i chose the name that achieving such a task is more than a single human can achieve in their own lifetime! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Well yes, I agree, you have set quite a task for yourself, but you are correct, Love will bring us together. The difficult part, is convincing everyone that they are part of the pattern. People tend to gravitate more to separation. Thanks for stopping by. I haven’t written my blog for a long time. I should consider a resurrection of it. πŸ˜‰

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