Climate Future?

Climate Change has troubled me for years now. I remember back in the late 1970’s a huge hole in the ozone layer appeared due to the use of CFC’s (Chlorofluorocarbons) used in everything from air conditioners to propellant in aerosol cans.

As the years rolled on, I remember quite a few warnings about acid rain destroying our freshwater lakes and rivers. Then, in quick succession, it was nuclear accidents, oil and chemical spills, and PCB’s (polychlorinated biphenyls) polluting our drinking water, causing terrible cancers. The world seemed doomed as we realised the extent of damage we’d created. But suddenly, the media reports all went quiet.

I, like most people, didn’t give it a lot of thought at the time… But mainstream media dropped the stories about such problems and focused on the 1980’s with its rebounding economics, new music tastes and outrageous fashions. The world was focused on opulent, narcissistic living and corporations cashed in on the rush to buy, buy, buy. The madness of ‘material acquisition’ continued well beyond the 1990’s until abject greed caused economic collapse to start rearing its ugly head.

But the environmental  problems were, and are still there and worsening. Lots of hard working scientists knew it. So did the polluting industries. But until the whistle blowing by frustrated, (and government silenced), scientists began, the general public was kept intentionally, uninformed….

So here we are, nearly 40 years on and still nothing really constructive has been done to mitigate any of these pollution predicaments we have created. In fact, we have added more nuclear, more gas and coal, more oil, more chemicals and more aerosols to the deadly mix of atmospheric pollutants that now holds our planet in its grip. 

Scientists have suggested that we are now living in a different geological epoc, (The Anthropocene) and concurrently living through the sixth mass extinction period known in the Earth’s geological history.

We receive messages about clean energy and changing our ways…and that is great. Many governments are spreading the ‘clean up’ message.

Climate change scotland

Mission Climate Change

The UN is suitably worried and is encouraging everyone to keep with the game plan to reduce global emmissions.

10min climate change update
April 2017 by Scientists.

And CBS news reports on the climate trends seen so far in 2017
But is all this now just ‘arranging the deck chairs on the ‘Titanic.’
The most recent news is worrying…

Permafrost Thaw

Oceans warming 70% more than previously thought

So do climate scientists agree?

It would seem that most climate scientists do agree.

But one particular scientist says that we are not getting the whole story.
Guy McPherson, professor emeritus of natural resources and ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Arizona. He says that we have entered into the unknown territory of Abrupt Climate Change and predicts that Human Extinctions will come in as little as in 10 years. Yes, you read that correctly – TEN YEARS…maybe even sooner!

So generally, people are not really taking climate change seriously. There are so many videos, talks, news items, scientist speaking out (risking and even losing their jobs), but we just aren’t getting the message. Instead, we ridicule and berate their dedicated work of decades and reduce it to a number of clichés. How awful that we can be so arrogant. But we will pay a price for that. Even the renowned, bubbly Biologist, David Attenborough, is extremely gloomy about our future as a species. But we are not listening.

Instead, we rave about Artificial Intelligence and a robotics dominated world. Why? While those people developing these technologies are surely doing so out of some sense of helping humanity, can they not see the awful potential of these new technologies as powerful weapons against us by the future powers that would single us out as the enemy?
I recommend watching this next YouTube video by Guy, on his ‘Nature Bats Last’ channel (although you can find lots more at ). It perhaps sums up how we should perceive the sudden, and now abrupt climate change for the unknown and unstoppable force it has become. 

What can we do, if anything?

Guy recommends reading ‘End Game’ by Derrick Jenson Written in two volumes, it is an account of the end of civilisation.

And Guy also recommends an online resource for free download at written by Keith Garnish. The name here, ‘Underminers,’ implies the sort of anarchy we might require to adjust society to being one that actually serves our existence. 

These recommendations might appear extreme, and I cannot say if they give us any solutions (especially as I have not yet read them), so… I would say, live as kindly as you can, connect with your neighbours, try to be ecological, use manpower wherever possible (ride a bike or walk instead of using a car) and live simply, reduce your waste, but also reduce your purchase of anything unnecessary or wasteful. Try if possible to learn how to do things as if you were on a self sustaining camping trip with only the barest of essentials. This will all help you to adapt during the worst of the climate change events to come. You need to be resourceful and capable of surviving extreme and fast changes, especially if you have to move away from future flooded coastlines. As Guy McPherson says, ‘I do not know your personal extinction date.’ Make your life count now! Love yourself and everyone around you.

If we could do everything possible to mitigate climate change right now, this year, do you think we might just stop the worst? That we might just keep our climate stable? I like to think so, but what are the odds that it will happen? They are so slim as to be negligible. A hotter world is coming whether we like it or not!

What else can we do, if the climate is going to keep heating?
Well, let’s start being kind to the animals who will face these awful times with us! My previous post on ‘Why Do We Hurt Animals?’ gives some insights on the importance of learning to communicate with our fellow ‘Earthlings.’ The other species we live with have much more to offer than the objects of food and trinkets that we have turned them into for our own selfish pleasures. 

My previous post on ‘Vegan Future’ offers a dietary, and optional choice, but is it really optional? I think it is an inevitable and necessary one if we are going to survive. 
The current trend to factory farm animals is unsustainable, cruel, and contributes to climate change and ecological destruction. 

Consumption of factory farmed meat is also dangerous to human health. If you do not believe me, you would likely learn for yourself by watching ‘Lucent,’ a 2014 documentary on the factory pig farming industry in Australia. The scenes are typical of the factory farm industry in other countries like the US, Canada, Spain, Britain and many European countries. These are the high industry standards. You wouldn’t want to see the poor ones! I actually had to watch most of this documentary in 15 minute slots at a time. It was the only way I could make it through the whole (and tragic) life of a pig raised for our food.
‘Lucent’ by Aussie Farms

Warning, this is very Graphic Content!

Next post up will be about learning how to be better human beings…

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    1. Hi Debra – thanks for the comment. I think you would probably prefer the two blogs I did on animals (my main love really). ‘Why do we Hurt Animals’ is a piece I did on animal communication featuring the South African animal communicator Anna Breytenbach. The other piece ‘Bee All, End All,’ is on bees, their communication and importance.

      At some point, I might start another blog just on animals, but this one had a slightly different purpose (as you can see)…Wake up call to humanity perhaps?

      Thanks for your visit. I look forward to following your work too 😊

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        1. congrats on your new blog – you’re off to a great start! would love is you’d guest post for mine – if you’re interested in my readers getting a chance to meet you, type ‘call for writers’ into search bar here for guidelines 🙂

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  1. Very valuable information, but too much for me to absorb all at once or comment intelligently. 🙂 That said, I will give incorporate some of your thoughts into a future post on global concerns.

    Haven’t seen you for a few days … hope all is well?

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      1. Good to know! I had just realized you hadn’t been around and hoped all was well. Actually thought you might be traveling again … perhaps on the high seas in your boat! Enjoy your company! Hugs!

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  2. I am wondering on the same issue. How on earth can we let this go on? We can not be as intelligent as we are supposed to be. This is similat to smoking and other self-destructive addiction. I am sure that at home everybody thinks the same that nature must be protected. Then next morning they sit in the car, work for oil-industry companies, use chemicals, go shopping and produce piles of waste. Because they have to earn their livings, they need vehicles to be flexible, they have only one life and want to enjoy free-time by using the available facilities. Disappointing. Company owners and politicians could only take effective measures.

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    1. The situation is truly facing cataclysmic consequences. The best estimates are that we have three years to do something!
      Britain has just announced that all vehicles are to be electric by 2040…but they have not tackled the problem of how to produce the electric resources required. Still, it is something rather than nothing…

      But three years to point of no return!!!

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    1. Thanks for the link…I’m glad you were nominated. I do wonder though…doesn’t this sound remarkably like a ‘chain letter,’ or ‘pyramid scheme?’ Sorry to sound negative, but such things just collect data on people and then prey on their vulnerabilities. After a lifetime of spotting these sorts of activities (and getting conned into one or two of them), I have no desire to feed myself to wolves!


        1. A quick hunt on Google has more or less confirmed my suspicions that there is no real award here. In the early days of email in the mid 90’s, I remember many spam emails of ‘good luck’ or ‘financial windfall’ or ‘amazing miracles’ coming your way if you forward the email to 10 people in the next 10 minutes. These insidious postings preyed on superstitious people but were designed to crash the internet with the sheer volumes of material.

          While we would all like to think that our writing is of tremendous interest… The sheer volume of what is available, makes it unlikely. Most followers on social network platforms, (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumbler, and on and on), are only really interested in drawing you back as a ‘follower’ of their site. Many only post a ‘like.’

          In truth, we must write for ourselves, and if that is interesting to someone else, that’s great.

          If you really want to write with the idea of real exposure to an audience, joining one of the many writer’s guilds. This particular one gives many resource web sites and also warns of the scams that are out there.

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        2. Definitely it can not be a real official award as anybody can grant it. I think that it is funny to interact in this way. Anyway this award post do not promote any products or additional links.
          We can start to doubt this whole blogging platform, as it can seem rather unbelievable that people are really interested in totally stangers’ lives or ideas. I am blogging because I can find some interesting ideas or form new views instead of watching TV without any interactive communication. I think that these awards are similar to “like” button.
          If somebody asks your bank account number or PIN code on an award post it must be suspicious, though. :):):):


    1. Indeed they are… By the way, did you notice that you can edit any comment that comes in to your blog site? That makes it possible for you to be misquoted when the comment is live! We live in a rather blighted world, so WordPress does provide a few protections for people who really don’t want to be ‘totally out there’ posting to the big, wide, but often bad, world! 😋

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  3. Very informative and disturbing. There are so many factors, socio-economic, political, agricultural practices, religious beliefs that bind together with one common denominator of greed. We must involve ourselves in a love affair with our earth. Simple as that.

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  4. Agreed. We only have one earth, so it is up to us to keep it as we find it. Unfortunately, due to our ignorance, we have trashed our home. A lot of rebuilding to do!


  5. Guy McPherson does not get a good write up on Rational Wiki ; they suggest he is too much of a doomster and claim he has been predicting doom for many decades. I believe we will get fragmentation of the global set up as climate and other serious problems magnify. We have fallen in love with comfort and luxury and the enchantment cannot be broken. In a way it is understandable since we were born to create a nice snug place for ourselves even at the expense of our own kind let alone other species. The battle to climb the pyramid of wealth has been with us since the year dot and ambition is looked upon as a good quality. The scientists have got this all worked out but they cannot change human nature of which they are a part. Charles Murray famous for ‘The Bell Curve ‘ points out that in America the scientific elite are distancing themselves from the rest of us in earnings. He believes they are the future of America and we need to teach them virtue to level the vast disparity in earnings and hence lifestyles.

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    1. Hello Kertsen. You have a good point about Guy McPhereson being a doomster for decades. He lost his own prestigious professorship due to his views on climate change.
      This has been the lot of many climate scientists who have raised the alarm about climate change. Most skeptics have accused climate scientists of being climate warming alarmists to gain money from the ‘green’ energy business revolution and funding from governments who subsidise them. In actuality, most climate research scientists have received threats, abuse and often lost their jobs due to their work. They have gained nothing from their research other than satisfying their own sense of ‘duty’ to warn humanity of the consequence of unchecked greenhouse gas emissions.

      Guy fought the establishment for years, won awards for his work and received accolades for his diligence, but still he has been shot down. Only time will tell if he is right.

      We will constantly get all kinds of contradictory information. If the scientific elite are indeed distancing themselves from the rest of us, I don’t see that with Guy McPhereson or Jim Hansen or David Suzuki, or many others. That they are present in the media is just because they have discovered some profound stuff, but it doesn’t make them elitists or above the rest of society. Renumeration for services considered entertaining and TV worthy has always been on the higher scales…you only have to look at the salary of European Soccer (Football) players to know that there is a vast unfair wages payment that has nothing to do with intelligence, ability or much else.


      1. Thanks for those scientific experts I will look into their beliefs. It would appear that David Suzuki agrees with the consensus on climate but disagrees on genetic food modification. You are quite right we will get all kinds of information on these very complex issues. As a ordinary layman it’s not always easy to steer through the complexity.

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  6. Colette, this is well done. The impact of climate change is already costing us in monetary terms with more severe hurricanes, more severe forest fires and longer droughts. It is also having s major impact on making our global water crisis worse, impacting crop growth, and other industries such as ranching, fishing and shrimping, eg.

    I am reading a great book called “Rancher, Farmer, Fisherman” by Miriam Hord. It looks at the these three professions and two others regarding how they are dealing with the impact of climate change. They are already reacting to the changes on what they do. So, I would rather believe a Kansas farmer or a Montanan rancher than a litigious lawyer who heads the EPA or his non-studious boss who want to keep their heads in the sand. Keith

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      1. Colette, I misspelled her last name – it is Miriam Horn, not Hord. Right now, I am reading about a Riverman on the Mississippi in the book. He is the CEO of a very successful barge company. These are real stories in dealing with the old normal and now abnormal rise and falls of the river and impact on the bayou which consume land at a rapid rate. Keith

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  7. Very insightful and informative post, Colette. I, too have been concerned about climate change for decades now. I lived in the forests of Maine for 34 years on a beautiful fresh water lake that begin blooming algae due to acid rain. Fish populations were rapidly declining. Meanwhile a nuclear power plant was built in nearby New Hampshire. The woods, waters, and wildlife were once again being threatened by humans, though the scale of this was well beyond anything that clearing forests for agriculture or the rifle, knife or trapline had previously posed.

    And you are of course correct, we were insidiously being schooled to take our eyes off of what mattered and become engaged in distractions of all sorts, many to most contributing to the ecological destruction that is still mounting. Though I never would have imagined it would come to what we are witnessing today, I might’ve been hopefully naïve. I no longer possess that kind of innocence, for better or for worse.

    Thanks for a very informative post. I will be sharing some of your posts with my social media contacts in the future. Currently I have overwhelmed them with my own offerings, but this is so important to get out there. Aloha. 🙏

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    1. Thank you Bela. I think climate warming events will increase exponentially over the next few years. We all need to prepare ourselves for the outcomes. Most people are unaware or just want to think the events are normal fluctuations of our weather. And a few just don’t care. But we will all have to deal with the outcomes.
      Namaste. 💖

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        1. Ah, yes, The Sixth Extinction by Elizabeth Kolbert. I read it a few years back in 2015. Sobering stuff. I think it was a book that made the scientific community sit up and take notice.
          Just this morning, Natural England’s recent report on endangered mammal species in the UK hit news media outlets. 12 of our iconic animals are under serious threat.

          “Among native and naturalised species where change could be assessed with reasonable confidence, there have been decreases in the range of the following species:

          Red squirrel.
          Black rat.
          Grey long-eared bat. ”

          (The last in that list is likely to go extinct very shortly. )

          “Population sizes have declined for the following species: Hedgehog.
          Red squirrel.
          Hazel dormouse.
          Orkney vole.
          Water vole.
          Black rat.
          Wildcat. ”

          The fact that “rabbit” appears on that list is frightening.

          I have also noticed in the last two years, a serious decline in ducks, geese and swans. Where many once swam, there are now none. I don’t think statistics have been drawn up for them (overlooked for now). I don’t think anyone can even fathom the disappearance of our ubiquitous Mallard.

          It is a troubling situation, and people are just not sitting up and taking notice fast enough.

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        2. Deeply troubling, Colette. It’s difficult not to let this kind of data grab me by the throat and haul me under. I so love this beautiful earth snd all her amazing creatures. How is it that humans have managed to utterly desecrate so much of her sacred ground in so short a time span? Boggles the mind, just utter disrespect.

          Meanwhile our country has elected the most moronic of men, a dangerous egomaniac who is fast dissolving any and all environmental protections. I lost a dear sister friend two years ago, she just couldn’t stick around to witness the devastation. So far I still want to stay with my gardens and the rest, but I tell you, sometimes I understand just how she felt. Rabbits!! And the beloved hedgehog. I shake my head in disbelief. And send you a virtual hug. ❤️


  8. Hi Colette, thanks for this post. Very thought provoking.
    I haven’t checked out the rest of your blog yet, but it’s refreshing to see a discussion of futures that even mentions climate change! I am often bewildered to see that so many explorations of possible future scenarios are all looking at very high tech outlandish things but totally ignore the way climate change is likely to change our world.
    Best wishes in these crazy times!
    Tegan over at


    1. Thanks for the endorsement Tegan. I look forward to reading some of your blogs on your site.

      I may return to the subject of climate at a later date. For now, I am trying to resolve some issues of science vs belief on the subject of how we (human beings) actually connect (or not) with our planet. While some of my subjects might appear woo, woo, I hope the reader finds enough science within them to keep an open mind. I believe, that only by finding a balance with our natural existence in the world, will we stop destroying it.
      Many thanks for your comment.


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