Why Do We Hurt Animals?

If it isn’t bad enough, that we hurt other humans through wars, fighting, emotional abuse and so on, we are even more cruel when it comes to other animals that we share the planet with. But what if we could actually talk to them? What if they could tell us how wrong we are to hurt them?

To learn more about this incredible ability to really connect with animals, please visit Anna’s website. http://animalspirit.org/

We need to become better partners with our animal friends. We share the Earth. We do not have dominion over all animals… that is a fallacy created by man for man. We are abusers of our role on this planet and it is time that we changed!

There is a wonderful one-hour presentation on Youtube given by Anna Breytenbach at Findorn in 2013… a recommended watch and Anna has many other Youtube videos you can enjoy. Perhaps she will change your mind and your perceptions about our animal friends.




10 thoughts on “Why Do We Hurt Animals?

    1. I am trying myself to learn animal communication techniques. It is time to see all animals as something other than just food, slaves, entertainment or pets. They are independent creatures with independent feelings and needs. Thank you so much for your kind comment 🙂


  1. What a wonderful connection. For I came here to thank you for your recent decision to follow Learning from Dogs and dropped into this fabulous post. Wow! Want to watch the videos as soon as I can but I am of no doubt that I would love to republish your post over on LfD.

    Would you be happy with that?

    Even better, would you like to introduce it as a guest post? The readers would love that!

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    1. Hello Paul, I am happy for you to post this however you like. I do want to do more on animals (because I love them so much), but time is a limited resource for me. The videos here are well worth watching. I aspire to be like Anna, and have been called a cat and dog whisperer by people that have had me pet sit for them. It is amazing the responses animals make when you communicate on equal terms!

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  2. Beautiful post … more people need to think like you. I especially agree with the statement, “We do not have dominion over all animals… that is a fallacy created by man for man.”

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  3. Yes, I really think we (humans) need to evolve to become a less selfish species if we are to survive on planet earth. Animals that share the planet have been exploited unfairly during the rise of homo sapiens. We know that if we continue this trend, life will be destroyed on earth. I do wish that people would discover true ‘love.’

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