Why am I a Human Being

How did life determine I would be born as a human? I could have been a spider, a rabbit, or perhaps a tiger? Why did I manifest on Earth as a Human Being?

If we look at the work of Charles Darwin and various paleontologists around the globe, we come to the conclusion that we have evolved as a member of the great ape family. We consider ourselves to have more intelligence than any other species, but can we be sure of that?

What determines our life form on planet Earth? Many would say – ‘God,’ but that is a bit of a return to our search for a religion that works hard to answer questions about life that are difficult to answer. We go around in circles and indeed the world is constantly fighting over who has found the right ‘religion!’ And arguments break out over how ‘God’ made the world and for who. Religion seems to divide us rather than bring us together in harmony.

I think that we have to look to DNA and the human genome in a mix of all the other genomes to find an answer that might satisfy us. Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is the chemical building block of all life and determines what kind of lifeform we become through a series of paired coding with just four bases : A. adenine T. thymine C. cytosine G. guanine held together with hydrogen bonds. All life is made from these chemical building blocks, and of course I have simplified the description of how it works, but tiny variations in the coding create completely different species. We humans share 96% identical coding with Orangutans, which shows just how connected we are to other primates.

Why I am a human being is really just an accident of how the human genome has evolved over time. I am a human being because my parents, grand parents and ancestors were also human. I am a slightly different human being to them because I have inherited slightly different combinations of traits from all of my ancestors. So while my eyes are blue, and my mother had green eyes – I inherited my eye colour from another ancestor. I am a formed human unlike any other, but with lots of similarities to my parents and their parents…this is how all species evolve.

Life is complicated and simple at the same time. I am lucky that I am a self-aware Human; intelligent and able to ponder such questions as ‘why am I a Human Being?’

An interesting YouTube presentation by Sean Carroll on ‘The Meaning of Life,’ makes an interesting case for us, as human beings, individuals, to influence our own world more than we think…





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  1. I have asked this question. I do say it was God. I think about it this way. Everything in the universe is made of energy. Of all the things I could have been in the universe, I am me. I could have come into being as anything in the universe. A rock, air, oil, a spider, or one of a zillion things in the universe. If you take a drive, and you look at everything that goes buy. Tons of concrete, thousands of cars, millions of tons of dirt, air, billions of bugs, etc. Your brain makes a tiny bit of all those things. All odds were against the energy contained in us, manifesting itself as a human brain. If you take the atoms in our brain, and you compare them to the amount of atoms in the universe, the odds of us being us, and not anything else, is astronomical. Right now, look at your surroundings. You could have been anything around you. Anything. But you aren’t. You are a mind looking at all of those objects. How unique and special are you, that not only are you living, but you are human. This is not blind chance. Absent of God, you should be something else. If we were anything else, we wouldn’t be discussing this.

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    1. Thanks for your comment Kelly.
      It is true that the work of Charles Darwin has recently been questioned as to the validity of the ‘evolution theory.’

      ‘Chance’ is as unlikely as ‘evolution’ in our reason for existence in our human form… As are many of the in between theories with all sorts of connotations on the theme that we are an experimental species devised by alien intelligence from beings who visited earth millennia ago.

      For each of us, it is still the case that we must find our own answers.

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    1. I am trying very hard to make sense of my ‘existence.’
      Humans have developed what they consider to be ‘rational’ thoughts about human existence, needs and wants. It is becoming increasingly clear to me, that we cannot separate ourselves from the animals. To believe that we had a divine purpose to be here is rather egotistical, but to believe that we and all other life forms are here as an expression of intelligent energy and that we all interconnect to preserve the nature of ‘living energy’ fascinates me. If that is near self-actualization, then yes, perhaps I am almost there.๐Ÿ˜‹

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    1. Hello again Daria,
      I really enjoyed the talk by Rupert Sheldrake…and find it quite persuasive.
      I have recently been thinking something similar, although by no means am I a scientist. I like to think of myself as an observationalist, or at least someone who questions everything and tries to find answers. The answers might change, indeed will, as more information comes to light.

      You might be interested in my post called ‘Factual Humanity’ – my recent revisit to my first posts. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’•

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