Light Being?

It is, I think, no coincidence, that James Cameron created light emitting beings for his successful movie, ‘Avatar.’ Light, how it is generated, and for what purpose, is under specific scrutiny by the Scientific Community. Certainly we use light in the form of laser beams for surgery, or cutting steel, and light shows of astounding […]

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Fractal Humanity

  What does it really mean to be human?   I am returning to the subject of my first post here because I think Humans have the ability to understand how the Universe works and therefore how life itself works.     Fractals are the Fibonacci discovery of a pattern that applies to all life […]

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Climate Future?

Climate Change has troubled me for years now. I remember back in the late 1970’s a huge hole in the ozone layer appeared due to the use of CFC’s (Chlorofluorocarbons) used in everything from air conditioners to propellant in aerosol cans. As the years rolled on, I remember quite a few warnings about acid rain […]

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Ecological Future

Our Earth is losing more resources than can possibly be replaced. We consume far too much and it is unsustainable. Governments worldwide will do nothing about this because they are only interested in tackling economic growth, taxation and export income, to pay down equally unsustainable national debts. 

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Vegan Future

Seventeen percent of human caused greenhouse gases, come from meat and dairy production. It is actually a greater figure than all CO2 produced by global transportation!

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Where Do I Go From Here?

We are currently in illusory states  of the mind that feed a loop of constant fear, anger, war and destruction, greed and depravity on our planet. It is making us and the planet very sick! And these thoughts are paralysing our ability to move forward to create a better world.

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