Ecological Future

Our Earth is losing more resources than can possibly be replaced. We consume far too much and it is unsustainable. Governments worldwide will do nothing about this because they are only interested in tackling economic growth, taxation and export income, to pay down equally unsustainable national debts. 

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Vegan Future

Seventeen percent of human caused greenhouse gases, come from meat and dairy production. It is actually a greater figure than all CO2 produced by global transportation!

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Where Do I Go From Here?

We are currently in illusory states  of the mind that feed a loop of constant fear, anger, war and destruction, greed and depravity on our planet. It is making us and the planet very sick! And these thoughts are paralysing our ability to move forward to create a better world.

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What Can I Do?

What can one person do? This TED presentation by Rob Stewart, director of ‘Sharkwater,’ and ‘Revolution,’ shows what can one person do… “What Can I Do?” So we have two choices as I see it! One can say these words with a negative shrug of incapability! That is the cowards way out! It is a […]

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Bee All: End All

When Anna Breytenbach (Interspecies Communicator) asked a Sunflower buzzing with bees collecting nectar and pollen, ‘how it felt?’ the answer she received was, ‘The bees kiss me with their awareness!’ Many varieties of bees have existed on the earth since the first flowering plants evolved millenia before humans ever walked. They are some of the […]

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Why Do We Hurt Animals?

If it isn’t bad enough, that we hurt other humans through wars, fighting, emotional abuse and so on, we are even more cruel when it comes to other animals that we share the planet with. But what if we could actually talk to them? What if they could tell us how wrong we are to […]

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